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The Cerebral Giants Step In Now!

By Bramatali Wani Lo-Lipo,

Lo-Lipo Lo-Lisi
Bramatali Wani Lo-Lipo…

Oct 05, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — My Country South Sudan had been forced to terrifying political morbidity by the mental dwarfs of our Society those who have unfortunately grabbed positions of decision making hence top echelons of power and authority in my beloved State. Come what may the cerebral giants that are at large must now step in and reverse these abysmal trends of events by judiciously devoting to tackling the underlying conditions which generate the systemic and deep seated illness in the Country.

All must recall that government is central to the creation and distribution of power, wealth, effective, highly qualitative and accountable public services, regulation of markets for the public good, and a fair taxation system. Then, that is one single asset that you must popularly seize and expeditiously to avert total decay of the Country.

If you just did that, then, be certain that you will transform her to indeed become central in ensuring that all men, women and children enjoy basic human rights, including the right to a home, to an adequate standard of living, to proper levels of health care and education, to employment and that such rights shall not depend on income, power, relation or privilege.

I have no doubt in my salient mind that Government must habitually be a preserve of the genuine wise so that an enabling environment is invented and innovated as a bastion of a civilising and bonding force for expression of the democratically determined public good throughout the breadth and length of South Sudan.

Yes, let the scientifically proven sage of Society remain steadfast to shepherd through to tangible fruition the dynamic, positive role of government that then shall work through responsive, effective, transparent and accountable public institutions at local, national, and international levels. Rise to the occasion you truly wise man who is customarily a political animal son and daughter of this great Land South Sudan – the time is now!

For you and me to Seek and hope for our treasured Country peace, justice, prosperity and individual freedom, individual respect, and individual rights for each person with no regard to race, religion, color, creed, origin, political aisle or gender.

Beware though that such is a demystified possibility only when politics as the mother of all human faculties is securitised and tops the list and must be practised in association with common nationalist recruited from all socioeconomic levels of life within our Country and represent every race, age (if of voting age), gender, religion, disability status, economic status, ethnic origin and gender identity.

Furthermore, you the real intellectual giants you must  truly aspire to lead but while acknowledging that you must listen to those you would lead, and conversely, recognizing that on occasion some of you may not at all times reach agreement with the total body politic, but constantly consider the corresponding rights of each member prior to reaching decisions which the majority of you must make in order to lead our cherished South Sudan both now and in the future.

Absolutely, you must remain determined to help law abiding nationalists and all citizens who care in every geographic area of the Country to join you in the fold and mission to deliberately answer to the conduct of public affairs and public office in every well-intentioned and truthful way conceivable so that our Government and Society may continue to deliver freedom and justice for all persons in our State under your best leadership which embodies the best of our Country’s heritage.

Therefore, all the Cerebral Giants in South Sudan you must duly accept on this day hereof to choose this sacrosanct patriotic call and thereupon commit to work on a daily basis at local, national and international level to advance the real purposes implied herein and be totally committed to promoting these explicit objects, values and principles in all your parliamentary activities and in all governments in which you may participate thereon.

You can reach the author at freedomsouthsudan@yahoo.com

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