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Political Opposition Parties Leader Wants Minister Makuei Lueth Held Responsible!

Updated at 1:10pm, Oct 5, 2014(PST)

Dr. Lam Akol, the chairman of SPLM-DC and the leader of the political oppositions parties who has been prevented from peace talks by the regime in Juba(Photo: file)
Dr. Lam Akol, the chairman of SPLM-DC and the leader of the political oppositions parties who has been prevented from peace talks by the regime in Juba(Photo: file)

Oct 05, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — According to SPLM-DC Chairman and the leader of the political opposition parties, Dr. Lam Akol, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Michael Makuei Lueth, should be held accountable for the remarks he made on the BBC focus on Africa programme.

Dr. Lam doubts if Makuei’s statements serve the interest of the government of South Sudan or just a slip of a tongue.

“While he left all of us gasping, we have the right to ask: is this another of Makuei’s characteristic loose tongue or is it Government’s official policy?”

Lam believes that peace is a serious matter indeed, and therefore the opposition parties will reserve their comments until they hear from the Government whether indeed this is its policy.

Makuei, a member of government delegation, who serves multiple roles in Salva Kiir’s regime, made the aggravating remarks that shocked his listeners on the BBC Focus on Africa Programme on Tuesday the 30th of September 2014.

According to Dr. Lam the minister aggressively stated the following:

  • The Chairman of the mediation, Ambassador Seyoum Mesfin, is biased;
  • Ethiopia is not neutral ground;
  • The Troika countries (USA, UK and Norway) are directing the talks through the Ethiopian mediator;
  • The Troika countries plus the European Union are responsible for the current conflict because they wanted to see regime change in Juba;
  • The IGAD heads of state and government did not ask the Troika from the beginning what price they were to pay in return for the money Troika was paying for the mediation;
  • For the above, the peace talks must be relocated from Ethiopia to Nairobi;
  • That his information is first hand as he is privy to inner knowledge of what is going on.

Makuei also denounces the “lack of giving” from the armed SPLM, claiming that the government has given up enough powers to the proposed Prime Minister, however, the SPLM/SPLA continued to demand executive powers.

Makuei also decries the proposal that the armed opposition shall retain its army under a competent Commander in Chief until the situation normalizes in the country. To Mr. Makuei such a proposal is just unbearable.

The warring parties failed to agree among themselves on power sharing protocols. As a result, the mediation has been adjourned for another two weeks until the mid of the month.

Although Michael Makuei blames Ethiopia, TROIKA and Amb. Seyoum Mesfin for lack of progress, the sixth round of mediation was shared on rotational bases by the South Sudanese negotiators without or with minimal interference from the bloc and partners.

“I want to sure our people that this time round [ Arabic..the stakeholders are rotating the sharing of discussion, which resolved many problems/obstacles put forth by mediators…] so there is a general understanding and general consensus that to take over the process, we have to discuss among ourselves as the parties involved, we have to negotiate directly instead of other people shattering between us, that is why it took a very long time to reach an agreement” Martin Majut Yak, a member of government delegation explains.

The regional mediators will consult the  leaders of the warring parties, Dr. Riek Machar Teny and Salva Kiir Mayardiit to seek alternative ways forwards.

Salva Kiir in the past has bowed that he must remain the leader of that country, which to Dr. Machar was another unfortunate statement.

Salva Kiir has too drawn a few red lines for the opposition, however, the determined reformists pledges to accept no less than an executive Premier that would lead the proposed Transition Government of National Unity.

The parties have agreed on the principles of federalism, which Salva Kiir and his “internal front” has protested several times in the past.

Government supporters in Warrap state protest the agreement on federalism, however, the success of its implementation depends on the success of the overall agreement.

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