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Nuer people from South Sudan perform for people gathered following rehearsals for independence celebrations in Juba, South Sudan, Tuesday, July 5, 2011. South Sudan declared independence from the north on Saturday.
Nuer people from South Sudan perform for people gathered following rehearsals for independence celebrations in Juba, South Sudan, Tuesday, July 5, 2011. South Sudan declared independence from the north on Saturday.

October 5, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The Chairman of the Nuer Youths’ Union (NYU) has warned the international community, IGAD and the south Sudanese people to resist calls for President Salva Kiir Mayardit to lead an interim coalition government as a result of the conflict that has blighted the country over the last eleven months.

John Puol Chuol Jiech, the chairman of the Union made the recommendation in Khartoum during the community prayers for the souls of the people who perished in South Sudan conflict.

President Kiir accuses the deputy he sacked in July last year – Riek Machar – of attempting to stage a coup on December 15, after fighting broke out between soldiers in the Presidential Guard following weeks of tension within the ruling party.

Machar and other opponents of Kiir’s rule are currently at the negotiating table in neighbouring Ethiopia, in a bid to end the conflict that has claimed an estimated 10,000 lives and displaced almost a million people.

One of the suggestions from talks is to form an interim government and president Salva Kiir to take the country up to the next elections in 2015 as the president. However, Puol rejected this suggestion on the grounds that Salva Kiir who lost legality as the president should not be rewarded.

“President Salva Kiir has no different with Charles Teller of serialioun, Ghadhafi of Libya, Saddam Hussein of Iraq, who killed their own people, therefore I don’t see the reason for him to be the president again”

However John Puol strongly called for the withdrawal of all foreign forces to give peace a chance

“ UPDF of Uganda, J.E.M of Darfur, SPLA_N of Blue Nile and Nuba mountains, M23 of Congo and all the unmentioned foreign forces who forgot their cause in the name of protecting the failed president Salva Kiir must immediately withdraw from South Sudan soil to give peace a chance””

Meanwhile, Weirial Gatyiel Puok Baluang, a political commentator for Juba base newspaper (Juba monitor English daily newspaper) and member of the Nuer Youth Union (NYU) speaking to Sudantribune exclusively in a rebel controlled town of South Sudan has strongly warned against Salva Kiir to lead the interim government.

“Any attempt to make Salva Kiir lead the interim government is a red line and we will not tolerate it by all meant. Our former president Salva Kiir has killed 17,613 innocent civilians in a cold blood, therefore there is no reason for the enemies of peace to allow him resume the power which he lost on 16 December when he planned a failed assassination against the reformist” said Baluang

Baluang blamed the west for standing with Salva Kiir in every step he take

“” if there is a country I can blame is the west (USA) and not the poor UPDF, or any other blood trading forces presence in the country. The west thought that the 17613 killed in South Sudan were chickens and not human beings because if they know that the murdered were human beings than they would not have invited Salva Kiir to attend the international forums.

“”Had it not the west and the help of foreign forces, Salva Kiir would have gone since last December when a popular uprising took place in the country against his government”” Baluang Reiterated.

The union urge all south Sudanese across the country to join the rebellion against the president who murdered south Sudanese citizens for the sake of everlasting post.

“” some people do not want to join the rebellion simply because the people that were killed in juba were from Nuer tribe. But are Nuer not part of the beloved south Sudanese for you to fight for them? The Nuer Youths is fully committed to taking up arms or spears to fight any president or leader should he/she kill people from any tribe whether Acholi, Baria, Dinka Morle, Shiluk and the list goes on.

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Akol C Akol October 5, 2014 at 9:45 am

Who cares for nuers youths in Khartoum, they are bunch of betrayers. Come and swallow your vomits, or stay in exile in your slave masters’ houses, rabs.


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