Do not take it personal (a borrowed word from Dr Wani Tombe )

“When the life of Man is threatened, he processed all the rights to fight back in self defense” an assertion from my own word.

By Malek Cook-Dwach,


Malek Cook-Dwach….

Oct 05, 2014(Nyamilepedia) —  The following influential factors such as histories, beliefs, and experiences of opportunity or oppression, wealth or poverty, freedom or tyranny, as well as beliefs about the best forms of economic, social and political expression are vital roles to create differences in the societal.

Looking critically beyond the impacts of division among people, the negative influence derived from super egocentric by those of self-doubting individuals low capacity minded with mental envision an obstacles in a foundation of achieving tangible solution of problems.

Individualism a dangerous behavior in society builds up. The rule of using bribery and dividing techniques are the tricks employed by such failed leaders to capture the heartless politicians to deny other from the national cake.

Nothing positive come out from their leadership except suffering of entire nation, degrading the expected development, corruptions, nepotism, tribalism, and others malpractices in higher rate.

The positive influence derives from asceticism by those who are self-confident, inventory and organize these qualities into definite plan to achieve a certain objective. The driving force is enthusiasm that gives one contagious well defined desire and giving out thoughts of openness to wisdom from other prospective thinking. Processing traits lead of self-control demonstrated by unselfish habit and desirous of services to others. A leadership is blessing to the entire nation because it is high categorized by development, equal distribution of wealth and services delivery.

Fragilization of states is a total vulnerability as a consequence of poor implementation of democracy, mismanagement of public fund by ruling leadership whereby tyranny and nepotism would hit the country progression.

Good governance has a role for promotion and to protect right of individual and their properties, a case South Sudan contrary in favor of dictatorship rule of government that denied citizens access to freedom of expression.

In Africa continent homage of rights abuses, corruptions, nepotism and tribalism due to its leaders who prepare seating on power than offering chance to new generation, which has created mess up in the Africa’s continent into conflicts zone.

The gap created by selfish leaders contributed to negative part in the continent’s progress, as a result of failure for cultural fruition that may engulf new ideas in the minds of individuals regardless of natural resources such as minerals, mining, livestock, agriculture, oil and gas still continent faced lack of advance growth in development due to poor leadership among African head of states.

An author is South Sudanese commentator in variety of media houses that can be reached at malekcook75@gmail.com

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