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SSNMC Rejects The Khartoum Brokered Peace Deal.

Press Release,

By the SSNMC Secretariat,

Juba, South Sudan.

South Sudan President, Salva Kiir, right, and opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar, left, signing a preliminary peace deal in Khartoum, Sudan, (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)
South Sudan President, Salva Kiir, right, and opposition leader Dr. Riek Machar, left, signing a preliminary peace deal in Khartoum, Sudan, (photo: File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

April 21st, 2019(Nyamilepedia) — The independence of South Sudan, took the entire international community by surprise, the way the people of South Sudan contacted themselves during  the referendum.They lined up on the hot sun for hours to cost their ballot believing that this is the most expensive freedom that along its path million have given their lives and they ready not to take any chance. The shocking facts about the uniqueness of this referendum is that,  the fact that majority of the South Sudanese people have never in their entire life experienced democratic such a process of decided their future. Though this might be new to them, they is one thing in everyone’s mind that final freedom is about to land.No matter what takes place, whether it rains, becomes too hot or any other unexpected situations, The South Sudanese people have already said enough is enough its time to be totally free.

The result of the referendum was received with jubilation by the South Sudanese people in particular and international community in general. For South Sudanese, it’s time for them to be first class citizens, to enjoy equal rights to Social services, and enjoy the nationhood. The expectation of the South Sudanese people is very high but within the reach of the government based on the resources at hand at the time. But the leadership of president Kiir failed to seize this humble opportunity, because of this to date our country is still paying the high prize of his mismanagement.

The government of president Kiir, instead of building the nation, by embracing the rule of law, developing the democratic institutions, promoting nationhood whereby South Sudanese people are one under the law regardless of ones background, embracing the co-existing of the South Sudanese people by deriving the national policy that accommodates everyone began to promote corruption, tribalism, nepotism, lack of clear road map where he wants to take the nation. These are clear ingredient  of conflict.

The ruling party (SPLM) knew, South Sudan is sliding down fast in a wrong direction, they requested president Kiir  to address the issues of corruption, nepotism, improve that justices system and adopt major reform policy that will save the Country from falling apart. Any leader who has some little statesman spirit will have seized this opportunity and implement the needed reform and move the country in the right direction. Unfortunately President Kiir and his close elites did not take this reform request positively; he saw it as a way to topple his leadership. As a result he framed   those who moved the motion of reform with attempted coup notion and consequently plan to climate them. This was the birth of SPLM –IO, Former detainee group, division among the SPLM party and the total destruction of South Sudan.

Both the international community, IGAD and African Union coordinated and orchestrated the peace talks which ended up with Machar as the first Vice president of the South Sudan. This peace deal never follow through with the issue of accountability, corruption, tribalism, nepotism, and respect to rule of law. These are the core reasons of the conflict to date. SSNMC believe in core norm of conflict resolution that is identifying the main issues that resulted into the conflict and addressing and bring to book those who participated in any unlawful acts so that the healing process will start for those who were hurt in one way or another. This is the main remedy for the national reconciliation hence brings back the spirit of nationhood.

Since keen attention was not paid on the reasons of the conflict whether during the So called peace negotiation and during the matrix of the implementations gave president Kiir and his close elites to plan  total obergition of the peace deal and reorganize the status quo. This time again they framed Machar for attempted coup. Though no one believed them but the fact that the peace grantors never seriously questioned president Kiir’s motive, gave him all the tools he needed to keep the status quo.

The government of President Kiir over and over again has dishonored the agreement, because Kiir is not serious about the peace deal he wanted the status quo to continuo. This current peace is not exceptional, it’s  rather a deal of positions. All the issues that resulted to conflict was not addressed at all. We believe our people needs genuine peace, peace that address the root causes of our conflict, peace that comes with accountability,peace that have clear road map to tackle corruption, nepotism, tribalism, peace that all South Sudanese are treated equal under the rule of law. Above all we need peace the embraces our democratic birth right that is given by our Father in Heaven and it’s the very peace our fare fathers fought far and millions have paid with their lives.

SSNMC will continue to reject any peace that does not address the very root causes of the conflict, because such peace deal is not genuine and will tangle our nation into cycle of conflict and bloodshed.Our people are peace loving people and they need true peace…

You can reach Wesley Kosa, the Secretary for information of South Sudan National movement for Change (SSNMC) for more information on this press release at wbkosa@hotmail.com

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