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Statement of Collo Community in Diaspora on the Appointment of  Governor for Upper Nile State 

Newly appointed governor of Upper Nile State, Budhok Ayang Kur(Photo credit: courtesy image)
Newly appointed governor of Upper Nile State, Budhok Ayang Kur(Photo credit: courtesy image)

Feb 8, 2021 (Nyamilepedia)Unity of Agwelek: We, the undersigned, Collo Community leaders in Diasporas, take this  opportunity to appeal to you our brothers and sisters in Agwelek, under the leadership of Lt General Johnson Olony Thabo, to keep the rank and the file united. Bear with each other and  forgive one another to prevent divisions among you. We very much appreciate your wise stance  and decision regarding the governor. By that you have demonstrated much wisdom and  understanding and avoided the trap of divide rule that wanted you to fall into. Having come so  far please keep your eyes on the ball to abstain Cassandra wishes. Stay focused on that same  course and cause for which you took up the path of struggle for justice and equality. Don’t be  distracted from that noble mission. 

Building trust and confidence: We call upon Lt Gen. Johnson Olony Thabo and Hon.  Governor Obudhok Ayang Aney to coach and mentor each other by sharing their strategic view  and vision through regular communication for enhancement of teamwork to serve the best  interest of Collo nation as well as people of Upper Nile and South Sudanese at large. 

Repatriation of Collo people to their ancestral lands: We urge the newly appointed governor  Hon. Obuthok Ayang Aney to prioritize repatriation of illegal settlers from Collo lands to their  original lands and to arrange for a secure return of Collo people to their ancestral lands.  

Chollo men in traditional attire (Photo/extracted)
Chollo men in traditional attire (Photo/extracted)

Congratulation to people of Upper Nile: Equally, we seize opportunity to congratulate dear  people of Upper Nile State and the entire South Sudanese for the appointment of their governor,  Hon. Obudhok Ayang Aney. 

With this appointment it is our sincere hope that a new era, has been ushered in, an era of  mending of the broken social fabrics, reconciling our people ( who have forgotten that they  belong to each other), and of the return to normalcy and peaceful coexistence. Most important  also the return of our people in the IDPs, refugee camps and POCs to their original places who  have borne the brunt of the war and suffering.

We urge the peace partners to cooperate with new Governor to provide security and stability  in the Upper Nile State to expedite return of the people of Upper Nile to their areas as per 1956  border. 

It is a matter of great urgency that our ethnic communities learn to live together side by side in  a spirit of mutual respect. 

Peace is not unity in similarity, but unity in diversity and in tolerating and accepting of each  other. 

Long live the people of Upper Nile 

Long live the Collo people 

Long live Agwelek 

Long live SPLM/IO 

God bless Republic of South Sudan  


Dr. Chol Giel Obwony, Chairman, Chollo Community in Kenya 

Aban Akwoch Kur, Chairman, Chollo Community in Egypt  

Nyibil Amum Okiech, Chairman, Chollo Community in Australia  

William Dak Goldiet, Chairman, Chollo Comminty in Canada

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