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The architects of South Sudan disintegration.

By concerned Equatorian intellectuals.

Feb 12, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — Before we delve into the topic of this article, we want to pay our attributes to our fallen heroine, leader and mother, late Honorable Mary Kiden who passed away on Monday 8th February 2021. May the Almighty God place her soul in eternal peace.

South Sudan is a country which was birthed after a protracted civil war which lasted near to 50 years of struggle. The fight was between Southern Sudanese and the successive Arab regimes. The fight was waged by southern Christians as part of a larger resistance  against forceful Islamization and Arabization. More than 2.5 millions lives were lost to the civil war and wealth equivalent to millions of dollars.

All tribes participated without exception and this brought us independence in 2011. How is South Sudan disintegrating and who are the masterminds behind the disintegration process?

There are namely three groups:

  1. The JCE (Jieng Council of Elders)
  2. Wartime SPLM senior commanders.
  3. Nhial Deng Nhial, the minister of the Presidency.

The JCE played a role in sending the country to war in 2015, 4 years after independence. The conflict which was estimated by international and regional experts to have killed an estimated population running between 400, 000 to 600,000 innocent people.

The JCE didn’t reflect on the negative role they played before, during and after the war but have relinquished the support to the president Salva Kiir Mayardit after misleading him into such disastrous war. The JCE group is currently scheming to replace president Kiir with Nhial Deng Nhial who is funding their activities in the multiple media outlets. Dr. Aldo Ajou Deng testified that he is not feeling sorry for saying all he said in the interviews, citing the leadership going to Nhial Deng Nhial protects the Dinka interest which is his ultimate concern and interest.

The senior SPLM commanders. These are; Daniel Awet Akot, Kuol Manyang Juk, Michael Makuei and few others. Kuol Manyang is saying Kiir Mayardit should peacefully handover leadership to him and Awet to decide who between them would take it up.

Although Awet Akot holds a different view which indicates he is not ready to share the decision of power acquisition from Kiir with Kuol whom he accussed of greediness, Kuol Manyang wants Kiir to handover power to him and to be Deputized by Awet. He wants to handle the transition for few years, and later allow Hon. James Wani Igga to contest the general elections as SPLM flagbearer.

As Equatorians, we have finally understood the games the Dinka are playing against us though we regrettably sided with them to ward off violence acquisition of power by Nuer ethnic group in 2013. By SPLM hierarchy, Hon. James Wani Igga is second to Kiir. If anything happens to the SPLM chairman, it should be Wani Igga to enter his position not Kuol or Awet. Unless the Dinka domination hypotheses are becoming apparent and clear. This means Equatoria is not valued by the Nuer and Dinka. We are not begging them to consider us. We have realised federalism, if not disintegration, is the only strategy for us to have our own rights respected.

Hon. Nhial Deng Nhial, since he took control of J1, all he had been doing are preparations to takeover power from president Kiir Mayardit. He knows in SPLM hierarchy, he isn’t near to Hon. James Wani Igga but through bribes and contracts which have increased his cash. He has bribed the SPLM national secretariats. The SPLM national secretariats appointed new SPLM cadres who are going down to work for Nhial. Nhial has two methods to get power.

A). He is using and manipulating the SPLM party structures to mobilize the base for him, so that when he is contesting after the interim period, a win is a sure deal. This is his long term strategy.

B). the short term strategy is more of a coup. He is making regional visits as part of his campaign to widen his influence. While he continues to tighten the flow of cash, soldiers might cause a riot, which shall be exploited by his allies in the organised forces to cause unrest on the streets. That move shall attract the street protest by the destitute citizens leading to civil uprising. At that time, the regional and international community will request or order Riek Machar and Kiir Mayardit to step aside and allow Nhial Deng Nhial to lead the transition as the nation prepares for an election which he will contest as president.

C). To achieve his short-term strategy in (B) above, Nhial is currently lobbying power interlockers to replace the Director General of Internal Security Bureau, Gen. Akol Koor with his maternal uncle, Gen. Maduot Parek so that his efforts to ascend to power could be smoothened and expedited. He believes that with the presence of Gen Akol Koor at National security docket, his attempts would be frustrated since Gen. Akol will not support any violence overthrow of President Salva Kiir Mayardit.

When you look at the whole game, it is a Dinka affair, strictly confined to Nhial, Kuol, Awet and Michael Makuei Lueth. You have Michael Makuei Lueth assigned to play a game behind the scene. Old Michael Makuei was expected to trash the JCE ultimatum if he weren’t compromised in the deal. Michael Makuei didn’t act as he had acted in many similar occasions. When President Kiir had come under attack in the media, he had rushed to trash the responsible persons. He didn’t do anything this time. He kept quiet, not bothered, because he is part of the whole game. As Concerned Equatorian citizens, we call upon our people to stay in touch with us and ready to declare an independent state of Equatoria (United Equatoria state) when the Dinka succeed in their project.

Hon. James Wani Igga is a dedicated national leader and bypassing him means the whole Equatoria is disintegrating from the rest of the country. The Dinka and Nuer are brothers with one objective: to monoplise power and dominate others. This is what they are doing against us.

Stand united, as Equatoria united states(UES).

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