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By Justin S Kwaje,

Juba, South Sudan,

Obama welcomes Salva Kiir at the Whitehouse...
Obama welcomes Salva Kiir at the Whitehouse…

May 1, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– South Sudan Liberty news has gained a rare look at Kiir’s successful advocacy team and maneuvering in Washington DC at the seat of the worlds most powerful nation. As politicians were rallying to make peace agreement attractive here in the country’s capital Juba and the former SPLA-IO headquarters in Pagak, meanwhile in Washington DC, a group of south Sudanese –Americans in US, Minnesota state capital Minneapolis had sneaked into the US capital Washington DC, sponsored by Kiir, to lobby the Obama’s administration, successfully which resulted into Washington DC laying the blame on Dr Riek Machar, for Kiir’s deliberate and obvious obstructionism to the full implementations of the peace he had signed while kicking and squawking.

It explains how the unsophisticated Kiir managed to fool the worlds most learned and experienced nation in democracy and political science.This also explained how he starved off sanctions sponsored by the United Nations through similar vudu he unleashed against Russia and Angola.

The group goals was to get the US state department through the US congress/senate to impose harsh punitive measures to make Dr Riek to bow to Juba’s pressures with the hope if peace were to be realized, this is to include Machar accepting the 28 Dinka Centric states.

It was after the group of individuals opportunists spearheaded by Lado Jada  Gubek met with Ambassador Booth and other state officials in the state department , John Kirby the assistant secretary of state for public affair came out publically and made his despicable, one sided and ill informed condemnations of Dr Riek. Kirby’s life endangering move emboldened Kiir and his unfortunate utterance came while Machar had demonstrated beyond doubt his commitments to peace and dispatched all his big brain to Juba to include his very deputy.

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The individuals whose identities were made available to this news site include members of the SPLA/M- Juba chapter in the USA Lado Jada Gubek, who is the chairman and coordinator of SPLA-IG in USA, he was accompanied by Santino Deng who is his adviser, both Lado Jada and Santino Deng are residents of Minneapolis.  Santo Deng is married to a Fojulu wife, and Lado Jada hails from Bari, but he is pro government who always hold anti peace and Nuer rhetoric views. The choice of Lado is strategic and calculated as he is an Equatorian; to shield Kiir from being looked at as Dinka Centric, well at least to fool the Muzungus/Khawajas, which worked.

The group of selfish individual opportunists consists of 37% Equatorians who were leading the charge while 63% are mainly from Kiir’s Dinka tribe including some individuals women whose group photo is published here, went to state department with clear purposed to tarnish the image of Dr RieK Machar and the SPLA-IO.

Sources close to the group revealed to our correspondent that the trip of the group to lobby the Obama’s administration was directly sponsored by the South Sudan’s Embassy in Washington DC. The same source revealed that the group has managed to convince the US to withhold the funding for the charted plane, which was supposed to bring back Riek Machar to Juba on Tuesday.

Our informant added that the individuals have anti peace view and working to sabotage the peace agreement by lobbying the state department to condemn SPLA-IO chairman who is the vice President of South Sudan and to give Kiir a pass as Washington has being doing all this time.

The individuals comprises of some influential women from Dinka tribe living in Minneapolis, who are also looking to be given opportunities to serve in the current Government of National Unity [TGoNU], according to our source in Washington majority of the self proclaimed SPLM-IG chapter in USA are unemployed and now with the coming of the peace they hoped to be given chances by Kiir to serve under different level in South Sudan US Embassy in Washington DC and South Sudan UN mission in New York.

Despite all the obstacles created by the government by refusing to issue landing permission for the now Vice president Dr Riek Machar, under intense pressure president Kiir eventually authorized his NSS director to accord Machar’s return to Juba finally returned to Juba with heroic welcoming by his supporters and peace lovers all over south Sudan and internationally.

He was immediately inaugurated as the 1st vice President and during the swearing ceremony, the incumbent President Kiir apologizes to the nation for the chaos the leaders/He caused while Machar outlined his priority to take the country forward among which includes the final implementation of the peace agreement as well national reconciliations and healing of our peoples.

We at south Sudan liberty news urges the State department to realize they have real power over Kiir, he listens to what you have to say, He love America because he realize without America, South Sudan would have not achieved its independent. His admirations of America are symbolized by his permanent Cowboy Hat first given to him by President Bush.

So if Peace fails in South Sudan it is because America fails to correctly guide and be firm with Kiir and hold him to the guns.

We also urge the state department to make every effort possible to talk to south Sudanese various groups in the USA not just the Dinka Centric groups who have the money from corruptions to travel to Washington DC and given them their twisted views about south Sudan and Dr. Riek Machar.

There are very many organized South Sudanese groups in Washington DC who probably hold the true views of the situations in their homeland, why will the state department not engage these people from time to time? Some of these people are highly educated but they do not have the resources to travel from their respective states to go lobby in Washington DC.

The Obama Administrations must use the natives of South Sudan who are right there in his backyard and should not wait for them to come to him in Washington DC, for those who can do so, do it because Kiir sends them and are using our national money that have been looted. We denounce such people. We are very concerned that if the US does not learned the right lessons, Kiir will derail this peace with Washivngstons blessings through blaming Kiir’s Victims and the South Sudanese people will be the ultimate free sacrificial lambs.

The author is a South Sudanese journalist. He can be reached at j.kwaje@aol.com

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Tolio May 1, 2016 at 2:58 am

Justin S Kwaje

You personally hate the President and his people, for they are Dinkas.

If the president’s aim is to derail the peace by disallowing Riek Machar to come to Juba by using a lobbying group he sent to Washington with objectives to tarnish Machar’s reputation and ensuring the US withdrew airfare for him, then why would the same president authorized his NSS force to grand Machar a landing permission and clearance?

You contradict yourself and my advice to you is to stop writing negative things that no long matter given the fact that the president and opposition groups are now on the right track.

Don’t stirrup and orchestrate the bull’s fight from which nothing can be gained.

Since you are a diehard supporter of Machar,I assumed you will have been well off financially and now celebrating his return with hyped US dollars he has to turn this country’s economy around from plummeting, rather than you sitting in your god knows ass-rotating chair and writing a whole bunch of bullshits against the President and his supporters.

You are tribal and don’t make your being in association with Machar a privilege for your prejudices.

Tolio May 1, 2016 at 10:59 am

No body gives a fuck if you delete comments but you can’t delete what people think of you.

John A. M. Kernyangdit May 1, 2016 at 11:09 pm

The best track is to give a valid cautions in a way which will not led people to evil living style; evil living styles such as tribalism expression/ or commenting on negative objectives ending in deadly manner.

Mr.Justin, your comment is very advisable to the sons born and created wisely by God. Let the evil sons, blood thirsty and tribal minded sons proclaim further differences and they will be rewarded for their deeds.


John A. M. Kernyang


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