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Nuer Community Leadership In Bor UNMISS Camp Denounce Unlawful 28 States and Their Governors

By Gatluak luk | Revised.

Bodies of Nuer IDPs massacred by government allied militia in Bor on April, 2014(Photo: Nyamilepedia)
Bodies of Nuer IDPs massacred by government allied militia in Bor on April, 2014(Photo: Nyamilepedia)

Jan 05, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- Nuer community leadership and the public in Bor UN camp has strongly reject unilateral decision made by Mr. President and his group by grabbing the land of others and give it to his own tribe, dinka.

The newly created states under leadership of Jieng Council of Elders will cause more death and wars that shall never end.

Kiir’s decision is to destruct peace implementation which he signed in August 2015 along with SPLM- IO leader, Dr Riek Machar and leaders of other stakeholders.

Why would Kiir turn to shallow his vomits. A commitment is a commitment otherwise any of his other signatures whether on decrees or on payrols will bear no meaning if Kiir keep disowning what he signs. So IGAD-Plus need to Act against Juba to reverse Kiir’s unconstitutional order.

Kiir’s decision is targeting any tribe to be in their isolated area or tribal lines ,  Nuer in their owns states like western Bieh , eastern Bieh, Liech state, and more .

According to Salva Kiir and his Jieng Council of Elders, Dinka will take the ownership of some of the rich states without interference from others tribe in South sudan.  These states are not rich because God created them rich but because Kiir and JCE are robbing other tribes of their rich lands and award them to his Dinka Tribe. We denounced this in the strongest terms possible because it is evil and it will fuel conflict for many generations to come.

South Sudanese people never ask for federalism that would be imposed by one man and implemented through tribal lines as it is being done by the regime in Juba, creating 28 states along ethnic lines and giving all  oil-rich areas to dinka people. Our people shall resist this by all means until it’s reversed. So the earlier the better.

In an interviews conducted by Radio Tamazuj the public opinion stands clear that no single sound minded person support this tribal decision, no single person is supporting the presidential order. Instead many civilians are suggesting that the decision of creating more states should be left behind for now to allows peace implementation first and the formation of transitional government.

It’s completely nonsense to focus on creation of more states when peace is  all that is needed country wide. So president Kiir and the Jieng Council of Elders are just anti-peace who do not care about the nation and its people. Kiir needs to rethink!

Worse War Invited Again by Juba Regime .

We calls on IGAD-Plus  to solves South Sudanese conflict once and for all by mounting enough pressure on the government and individuals who violate the agreement to allow peace implementation for the people of South Sudan to have a new beginning and a chance to enjoy new life this year onwards instead of continuing the war.

Both parties have all sign the agreement and all of them must fully commit to implement the peace agreement.

Allowing Salva Kiir and his cohorts to create unconstitutional states only amount to inviting a war that could be worst than the current civil war because it will be fought in many parts of the country along tribal lines. This war must be strop by all means.

Current 10 States Have No Development Since 2011 Up To Date.

The so called government has not develop any of the ten states in the last ten years. Where will Kiir and his Jieng Elders now get the budget or funds for these 28 states while there has been no development in existence in 10 states; No road, no school, no good Hospitals to show up that government had works so far and give hope to create more states.

President Kiir need to leave behind the problem to the people of South Sudan because he would not be there as a president for some others more years.

Dictator Kiir needs to revisit his history of killing people. Nuer community are under Protection of UN. They are suffering from difference diseases, sleeping in opened tukuls with heavy wind blowing and causing air born diseases and death to vulnerable people because there is no peace in the country .

We can not go outside while there is No true peace shown up by the leaders . we were in the protection for our safety, many people had been kills and more women have been raped during the war up to now by the very government under Salva Kiir.

We remain under protection because of fear, we need peace to come for us to go to our places of origin and start better life and works by ourselves, not to depend on humanitarians assistance only .

South Sudanese must come together though some few individuals are against peace and unity of the people for their own benefits .

The author can be reached at gatluakluk@gmail.com.

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