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Gatwal Augustines,


Youth-Flickr-UNPhoto-TOBJan 17, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) — If a chance avails itself that you say a word to the country current leaders; President Salva Kiir, Vice president and most of the Government senior officials, representatives, ambassadors, and Supreme Court Jurists all at the same time, what would be your message to them?

I personally asked myself this very wishful question when I thought of unleashing these writings to social websites broad readership. Actually it is quite a daunting task figuring out an appropriate and meaningful message to convey on behalf of thousands downtrodden and regime troubled South Sudanese without a compromise. It is undeniable the regime has ten folds failed peoples’ potentials in all means. But should this de facto overshadow every bit and glimpse of hopes?

It is also true; there is no way to avoiding conflicting loyalties on controversial public concerns as this. In any way the equation hardly balances. And for every opinion the expectations seem high and quite obvious. One segment would obliviously expect sugarcoating on expenses of the other. I am here referring to the oppressed and the oppressors. But regardless of what the atmosphere dictates, disenchantment must be a choice and a priority to answering most thought provoking questions; that include the above. We can all unanimously admit that no miracles mysteriously happen before the dedications of faiths neither does magic work without a secret.

Our glorifications of self-indulgence, materialism and consumerism that stand in opposition to appreciation for philanthropy must be “a let go” in order to address a subject of discord and find a lasting amicable solution. One must not be a glory-seeking publicity hound at the first instance. Your sentiments may be subjected to judgmental menace, fiery responses and with an assortment of protests but the tone of righteousness should never mollify to callousness and rather superior. This is an important undertaking as a public issues’ commentator!

I would like to challenge these “rulers” to consider what I think is one of the most appalling crises befalling us all in our nascent state today. There is a quarter of our society that I am interestingly concern about, a group that seems to be the target and most affected by things that happen on daily basis in South Sudan. This particular group is youth whom we all know are the strength to every nation.

The youth and the tribalism! They have the dreams and the outrages but lack proper intellectual development. Many barely survive the depth rooted tribalism cultivated by their very leaders. The elderly actively are doing the mastery of dismay.

Before this current situation sparked off, some of our National leaders frankly and invariably used to assert, “I am not from X state, so what happen between X and Y tribes does not affect me. It’s never my problem.” They were completely indifference to what is now affecting majority of us. But because South Sudanese think that tribalism is a talent that must not only be discovered but also be practiced, they with blinders on; had to rally behind these rulers, with inscribed tribal slogans. What a miscalculations it was!

Our forefathers might have come to this country in different directions from different cradle lands in the past but we are all in the same land now and ever we shall live as people under one Nation. This logically implies we are in the same boat now. If part of the boat sinks, eventually the rest will go down too. We as a nation have to understand that.

So, leaders and elders need to emphasize and preach the right things. Enough of preaching water while taking wine. They need to emphasize intellect. Most youth in South Sudan today do not get that emphasis. When they do not find out until much later that tribal bigotry can never take them anywhere: what is left then? Hence, we will eventually have people who do things none of us can ever imagine a human being would do simply because they feel betrayed and misled by these leaders and elders.

Young people need to be fed with our history lessons from our two decades bloody struggle that would have thrilled their hearts and changed their lives as well instead of sloganeered hatreds. Let’s just point out those collective tremendous achievements and accomplishments to them in utmost good faith because we have all made enormous contribution in many different ways to this very country.

And we as South Sudanese should not see our differences as problems. Our ethnic diversity should not be a problem. It is a good thing! In my own opinion I think it will really be boring going to the National zoo and all the animals you can find are giraffes. How about visiting a National Aquarium where all fish are tilapias? And everyone in the world just looks like everyone else?

So, South Sudanese should praise heavenly Father for giving them diversity. I am talking about all the sixty four tribes. And they should never allow people with small minds make that into a problem. We have got to get it across to young people and the generation next, that it is okay to be nice to people, to care about your fellow man kind, to develop your God given talents to their utmost in serene atmosphere and friendly surroundings, and to have values and principles in life.

Let’s take as part and parcel of sociological involvement with collective mighty efforts. Should we acknowledge wholeheartedly that our diversity and ethnicity are never a problem, then I believe we can not only value and respect life as precious God given but also catch up with the rest of the world in terms of development and civilization.

Let peace, Love and Blessings triumph.

Gatwal Augustines
Chief Moderator/The Snoop Magazine
Associate Editor/Nyamilepedia


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