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South Sudan Formed Technocratic Government Of National Unity To End Two And Half Years Of Deadly Conflict

By Kuet Toaloari,

South Sudanese leaders: President Salva Kiir Mayardit, Dr Riek Machar Teny and James Wani Igga shake hands after the formation of Transitional Government of National Unity in Juba, April 30, 2016(Photo: File/Nyamilepedia)
South Sudanese leaders: President Salva Kiir Mayardit, Dr Riek Machar Teny and James Wani Igga shake hands after the formation of Transitional Government of National Unity in Juba, April 30, 2016(Photo: File/Nyamilepedia)

May 01, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- South Sudan had been at war with the successive Khartoum regimes for nearly 21 years. Looking back at civil wars in Sudan, bullet would have not permanently solved the fundamental problem of united Sudan. The peace partners Intergovernmental Authority on Drought and Development (IGADD) for instance and other external actors in peace implementation initiated the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA-I) in 2005. This CPA-I later brought the south succession on 9th July 2011 on peaceful referendum votes.

South Sudan being the world youngest nation, immediately turned into turmoil after two years of independence. The ruling party SPLM-IG under President Salva Kiir plotted fake coup against his rival deputy which turned rebel. The chairman of SPLM-IO Dr. Riek Machar took up arms against the south Sudan Government which escalates into full-scale war. The African and world youngest nation abruptly engulfed by conflict similar to first civil war in Sudan in terms of bloodshed, casualties and far more worst in properties destructions. Both parties SPLM-IG and SPLM-IO had observed the law of destruction (Herem).

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The ordinary civilians both the cattle keepers in the villages and the soldiers loyal to SPLM-IG and SPLM-IO endure the hardship much more than their masters. However, “the sower is not always the harvester”. The SPLM/A had fought harder to liberate south Sudan from the Arab north regime. The south Sudanese civilian contributes materials for SPLM/A movement in the bushes during struggles cows for instances. Demise is now the best rewards for SPLM/A soldiers and common civilians in south Sudan while the big fishes continue enjoying their luxuries mansion in juba. Although poor citizens are very impatience for peace to prevails, the stooges wants to maintain status quo.

The two disparaging principles both Dr.Riek Machar and Salva Kiir Mayardiit reached a compromise agreement (CPA-II). They previously tried harder to use a forceful means to get rid of each other which ended up in stalemate in the battle field. “Bullet had never been the solution in any political settlement”. The two SPLM/A factions engaged in an armed combat leading to creation of many UN projects in monetary terms. Refugee camps in Kakuma Kenya, Kule 1 and 2 in Tharpam Ethiopia and Arua Camps in Uganda is the pervasive force of country political unrest. These camps mentioned above approximately made up of 90% South Sudanese political refugees. They narrowly escaped the uncounted deaths in what the world described as fail state.

The Transitional Government of national unity (TGONU) on the Agreement on the conflict Resolution in south Sudan (ACRISS) is currently formed on the technocracy governance. I think the new Government has taken shape to change the face of this war-torn nation. The new government selection, representation and viability met the citizens’ anticipations. The sycophants, oligarchic and plutocrats were all left out and never had the golden opportunity to served their interest in the national Government of national unity (TGoNU).However, 3/4 of south Sudanese’s citizens allegedly accused both Dr.Riek Machar and Salva Kiir of being bias on their ministerial selections and representations. Do you think there is independence on a silver plate? .Even in the Bible James said, “People who did not works should not be allowed to eats”. This has now been the rumors on social media like Facebook for instances. I would like to impose this on their mouth and primitive thinking that south Sudan is no longer a looting cake as you and your uncle think (Dundu nyieth). I am from Ulang County of chie-lang and never had a representative in the New Government of national unity and am still proud of my country. But I will soon complain if my expectations are not met by the new Government (TGONU). You have no genuine reasons neither to create division nor talk grudges against the two leaders of new Government Dr.Machar and Salva Kiir. We must shun divisive politics. According to my perspective, politics is about policies to win compact majority and not on tribal bases.

We need people who can deliver basic services to the poor south Sudanese. Developmental infrastructure like roads and schools must be the top priority before the uncles know their nephews and nieces in the villages. Some of us never had relatives in the Government. We are saying “Enough is enough “we are now a civilized nation based on reform of institutional semblance of technocratic governance. The current Government will take towns to the people and villages which will lessen the rapid migrations of poor citizens to Juba seeking learning institution and modern medical facilities in order to materialize the vision of Dr.John Garang.

The formation of new Government should be the end of suffering of south Sudanese. we hope that our leaders will take it upon themselves to protect the constitution of this country; citizens and sovereignty of south Sudan. We ought to protect our nation as portrayed in the national anthem. On the other hand as citizens, we must be cohesive and cherish our beloved country south Sudan. No needs to kills our very own brothers for the sake of ruling and lion share in the national cake. We must not tolerate injustice in our country because injustice in south Sudan will be threats to justice somewhere in the world.

Under the able leadership of the two previous destructive leaders Salva Kiir and his Brother Dr.Riek Machar, we are optimistic that the recently formed Government will bring the long lasting peace in the country. We have the second chance again to develop our economy, strengthen our security sector and develop our beautiful country south Sudan. We must learn to coexist with one another (tribes) for us to build admirable country where multi-ethnic tribes exist peacefully to build strong nation that can protect itself from foreign conquerors.

South Sudanese leaders must shun from dirty politic that dragged the country to senseless civil war. As the first class citizen and very proud citizen of south Sudan, we must not be ashamed of our country. Gone are the darks days of our lives. No more tears, Hunger and brutal Killing of innocent civilians. The new Government of National Unity (TGONU) will follow a rule of thumb to treats all citizens with egalitarianism. The Ministers are experts and more experience in their field of department. They all deserve to be in their respective ministries to the best of my knowledge .Let’s accept the past the way it was and live the present as new beginning of hope and restoration of what was destroyed.

The entire leadership of Unity Government SPLM/A should conceptualize the fact that south Sudan is bigger than individuals. Without them it will exist and prosper as well. Never squandered, ruins opportunity to leads the country in the name of ethnocentrism. Peaceful coexistence amongst the hostile tribes of south Sudan starts with you. We must embrace peace to develop, prosper and to emerge stronger economically, politically and militarily in the continent as well as in the whole wide world.

The author is a concerned south Sudanese citizen living in Nairobi Kenya, student at St.paul University Nairobi and can be reached by Kuettoaloari@gmail.com

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Beek May 1, 2016 at 9:09 pm

It wasn’t a fake Coup,but it was a real. Morally, I have nothing to do with TRIBALISM,but president Kiir still has a human Value when he allowde Dr. Riek Machar to escaped. He shouldn’t have been allow to run away with out feeling a bloody pain. Hacking, Phones Listening and playing with everybody phones.

Beek May 1, 2016 at 9:18 pm

Everybody was blaming Kiir for allowing Machar to leaving with harm while he has use many illiterates Nuer soldiers to Hack system. I was shock when they talk about compensations. Actually who will compensate those he had killed 1991 and 2013?

Beek May 1, 2016 at 10:05 pm

I think CENSORS are out in force,but good.

Beek May 1, 2016 at 9:45 pm

Dear Kuet Toaloari
How government going to function when all Networks system had being Hacked. I think you have not been Hacked and Listening through your mobile phone or home phone. Do you know where is Edward Snowden? John Garang and his few cronies thought they were messiahs and now Machar and Mabior’s Mum. Do you know the secret of Riek Machar and Mabior’s mum? I think those Hacking things should have been use to protect national security,instead of personal use.

GatNor May 2, 2016 at 1:21 am

Mayardit was once legitimate as per the blessing of & endorsement support given to him by splm’s liberation councils to be the one to replace Dr. Garang after Garang’s death. Prior to entering the office of the ENDORSED presidency, Kiir didn’t waste time deligitamizing his presidency by enduldging in dictatorship tendencies creating divisive policies of using tribes against one another. To list a few, freedom of speech and expression become CRIMES in South Sudan, corruption, lawlessness and impunitive acts by government institutions and their high profile administrators such as the governors of various states operates unchecked or unsupervised and only listens to orders from Kiir himself in disregard to their constitutional and moral obligations to be ethical and lawful, the National Banks operates without checks and balances, the National Security’s abusive behaviour towards innocent citizens of perceived tribal enemies spiked(encouraging the national security personals to ultimately behaves badly and or unlawfully towards citizens with directive orders from Kiir himself) All unfortunate symptoms of a bad governance tipped the svale under Kiir’s watch. At some point bad governance led to the civil war with WORLD RECORD unimaginable atrocities and crimes against citizens and humanity created by non other than members of South Sudan’s governing institutions such as the president’s illegal guards and South Sudan’s constitutional violators, the national army(spla)
If the so called president of South sudan commits such crimes unpunished why should any other citizen be punished for having committed a lesser crime or similar in nature. What would make the status of such president any different from a foreigner who happens to invade South Sudan and starts mass murdering citizens indiscriminately. Would the people not unite to fight against such external mass killings fiercely and never allow them to rule South Sudan. Oh but Kiir is ofcourse goes on the category of South Sudan’s spla liberators even if he is a killer and not a foreigner So we can’t think bad about him even if he does the unimaginable of indiscriminately mass murders the citizens. I think it’s just wrong thinking. It is unfortunate the Kiir is even part of the government of national unity, a unity he actually destroyed a significantly destroyed a better fabric of.


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