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Nuer Community USA Condemns Creation of New 28 Tribal States

By Goaner Bok Tut |Secretary information

Members of SPLM/SPLA Youth Leagues during the first conference in United States of America(Photo: Komach Deng)
Members of SPLM/SPLA Youth Leagues during the first conference in United States of America(Photo: Komach Deng)

Jan 05, 2015(Nyamilepedia) —- The Nuer Community in the United States of America has condemned  Salva kir’s ethnic base/tribal creation of new 28 States. We are disappointed by Salva Kiir for behaving irresponsible for not make peace attractive so South Sudanese people should enjoy their self determination they earned, once again.

This creation of new 28 States within peace process, is a violation of signed peace . IGAD -PLUS peace must stop Salva Kir now before the country going back to war. We (Nuer communty ) are not surprised for Salva Kiir’s once again his reckless move because he doesn’t committed to implement peace. Salva Kir should have been working to rallies the country behind him to implement peace ASAP so South Sudanese people should go back to their homes.

Now, he’s busy threatened & intimidated South Sudanese people that they would face consequences should they not approved nonsense 28 States. IGAD & international Community must make Salva Kir face the consequences if he go ahead for this unexplainable order to create 28 States. Nuer communty supports implementation of peace agreement but would hold Salva Kir  responsible he violated peace agreement & make it. The long-awaited peace by South Sudanese people.

The  NCDS-USA president Nyanguok Gatloa & the whole Nuer  community are call on IGAD- PLUS to take action now for suspension of Salva Kir’s unreasonable new 28 States,which comes in violation of peace agreement signed august 16, 2015 . Salva Kir is better to be serious for implementing peace instead for him tryng to diverted it to second round of conflict.

We (Nuer Community ) are fully supported implementation of peace agreement even though we had been ethnically targeted & massacres by this president & his malitias, we still accept the peace to come in the country; however, Nuer Communty would considered all options to deal with Salva Kir, including International Criminal Court case be filed against him.

He may left us with no choice but proceeds the genocidal case to the ICC if he’s not committed to implement the peace agreement. As a president of NCDS, I still need accountability in the next transition national unity government as a key to prevent second genocide in South Sudan.what he done to the Nuer Community & the destruction to the country as a whole can only be forget by only he (Salva Kir) committed to implement this peace.

Signed by:

Nyanguok Gatlou Riek,


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