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Is there peace to celebrate in International Peace Day?

By Tito Anthony,

A banner image of Salva Kiir, Riek Machar Teny and Wanni Igga shortly before Machar returns to Juba in April 2016(Photo: file)
A banner image of Salva Kiir, Riek Machar Teny and Wanni Igga shortly before Machar returns to Juba in April 2016(Photo: file)

Sept 20, 2017(Nyamilepedia) —— This year 2017 the International Peace Day is in the same year as 6th anniversary of the independent of the Republic of South Sudan, offering a chance to honor the contribution of the South Sudanese citizens who proudly vote for their independent in exercising the rights of self-determination. South Sudan today independent but it citizen are not exercising the freedom instead of celebrating this day 21st, September every year is mark as day of peace not only in South Sudan but in the world as whole. I greet all our martyrs who their blood shied for they fought for our freedom and liberty for without thy contributions and sacrifices South Sudan will not stand as independent country today. Let all of us work for peace and build civic state as said by Justin Marona in his presentation of solution to South Sudan conflict with theme “to unity is our strength to maintain our national identity to build civic state”.

In 6th year of independency of South Sudan nothing has been achieve and as independent country we should have better trained and equipment army that protect South Sudan, our troops and police by now should be carrying out ever more complex mandates while being held to the highest standards of conduct as professional army and police. We supposed by now have stronger political parties that are competing peacefully and strong diploma relationship with supper power country and contributing to UN peacekeeping missions worldwide. Instead of all I mentioned about our country is now belong to certain group whom are calling themselves first class citizens and to them the main problem is other ethnic group presence in the nation. Our army has become village of cowboys and are there not to protect nation but to protect one person which is the President, army name have being change to ‘DUT KOU BANY’ which mean “Rescue the President”. Not only that but also our elders their gray hair has turn to evil rather wisdom as it used to be. Is there peace to celebrate in International Peace Day?

Today South Sudan is among the most danger countries where most of the countries in the world advised their citizens not to travel to our beautiful land South Sudan, are we still peaceful nation? Is there peace to celebrate in International Peace Day?

Today, I honour the memory of those who gave their lives to the cause of peace, and pay tribute to all men and women who carry on their legacy rights from the beginning in 18th, August, 1955 revolution led by Joesph Lagu and to Anyanya Two led Samual Gai Tut and Abdalla Chuol Deng and to SPLM/A led by Dr. John Garrang and the high command council for without them, our independent will be possible today because they fought for us in the field, and today we are still fighting to liberate ourselves and marginalization still going on. Is there any peace to celebrate in International Peace Day?

As I commemorate decades of war in the country, let us all do our part to ensure effectiveness and achievement of peace for in our nation South Sudan to celebrate next International Peace Day in peaceful South Sudan.

I want to end my opinion by defining democracy because people are limiting democracy to majority only. In my definition to democracy I define democracy as rights, reason and logic.

Tito Anthony

You can reach me via tito.zechariahkom@gmail.com

Note: This article does not represent Centre for Peace & Justice, all the responsibility of the above statement is purely my personal opinion as concerned citizen.

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