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Survivor Testimony: How Nuer Soldiers and Bodyguards Of Nuer-Government Officials Were Killed For Being Nuer In Juba

By 1st LT Peter Majok Lual, SPLA-IG

Juba, South Sudan.

Forces of Lul Ruai Koang planing attacks on Lou-Nuer territory through Murel Land(Photo: supplied)
Forces of Lul Ruai Koang planing attacks on Lou-Nuer territory through Murel Land(Photo: supplied)

August 11, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– I want to register my appreciation and highest recognition to thank Gen. Paul Malong Awan for coming to my rescue after being attack by Tiger platoon outside Crown Hotel along the Juba Airport Road and by having a bold leadership decision to help me recover some of my properties looted by a group of Military Intelligence apparatus. Led by Lt. Col. Atem Mading

The incident that involved into the death of three people, including my cousin Tong Deng Agustino who is 13yrs and two body guards of Brig. Gen Lual Ruai, the SPLA Spokesperson including his driver, occurred on the 11th July 2016 at around 6:30 pm when I was stopped by one of the Tiger Platoon deployed outside Crown Hotel, a hotel situated along the Juba Airport Road, after picking thirteen boys, including 3 body guards for Brig. Lul Ruai, the SPLA Spokeperson, 3 National Security personnel from Lt. Gen. Thomas Duoth Guet, from Hon. John Luk Jok House, the minister of Road and Transport in the Transitional Government of National Unity (TGONU).

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13 children who stayed at the Hon. John Luk house were left alone in the house and feared of their lives. Hon. John Luk calls Brig. Gen. Lul Ruai to pick the boys. Brig. Gen. Lul decided to call me and instructed to pick the boys.

Because of those boys, I decided to take the risk to pick them at 6:30 pm. I put on my full combat attires in order to be identified by my comrades at each of the blocks created during the crisis. I pick the children from the Hon. John Luk house in Munuki to be able to drop them at the Crown Hotel were Hon. John Luk stays.

As I was approaching the Crown Hotel with the boys, we were stopped by the Tiger personnel outside the hotel. They asked me several questions pertaining to where I was coming from and going to. They ordered me and the boys to come out of the car which belong to the SPLA GHQs and lay down all our guns. We all complied with their instruction and gave them the guns.

They also pick all our phones as well. I told them that I am an SPLA officer; I went to pick these boys from the minister’s house, Hon. John Luk Jok, and am taking them to this hotel where their father stays. They asked me whether they are Nuer and where do I think I am taking the Nuer boys to. I told them, yes they are Nuer and I am also a Nuer, but am an SPLA officer. This talk between me and the Tiger took 30 minutes.

When I realized that things are not getting any better between me and them, I asked them if they can allow me to talk to their officer in charge. Then he said there is no any officer and the sergeant admitted that he was the one in charge. I tried to convince him to release me with the boys but he refused. He immediately ordered the platoon to shoot at us, I was shot in the finger, two body guards for Brig. Lul Ruai, including his driver, were shot dead and one 15 year old civilian, Tong Agustino Deng Aguek, Hon. John Luk grandson was also shot dead, all died instantly and four wounded.

The following day an investigation took place and Gen. Marial Chinuong ask me whether I could be able to identify those who attacked me with the boys. Yes, I told him because I had spent at least 30 minutes with them. A few minutes later Lt.Col Dut was sent by Gen. Paul Malong to see me in his house to know how such an incident happened. As I finished my talk, Gen. Paul Malong ordered his body guards to bring those who were responsible for the attack. The two sergeants who were in charge of the group were brought in and arrested at the military intelligence prison waiting for trial.

While at Gen. Paul Malong’s house, I received another call that my house was attacked and broken into by a group of soldiers who were driving in XII convoys. They looted my house, took all my everything including my Frame wall picture in my house headed by MR ATEM. They took my car and another car for a member of parliament who works for the national legislative assembly. They went further to dig the floor of my house thinking that I have earthed some cash in the house. Again the good general of all time, Gen. Paul Malong Awan ordered the arrest of all those who intruded into my house to bring all my cloths including my framed wall picture.

I want to say thanks to Gen. Paul Malong for having taken all these steps to make sure that those who were responsible for all the two incidents are brought to justice. This is an example to be followed. It is an example a leader should take during such critical times. In every country, there has never been a national army that identifies itself by tribe, only in South Sudan.

We all know that the army is the pillar of the nation. And in every country there are issues to do with misunderstanding within the political struggle or coup in the army always happened. But never ever been a single tribe.

We, Nuer, decided to be with the government felt that we are part of the government but our colleagues who are Dinka feel that we are just Nuer with the government. Riek Machar group is a combination of all South Sudanese not only Nuer. Why it is always Nuer in the government are being targeted every time there is an incident in the country by the army, the police and every other organized forces? The army should be the image of unity and should be part of the peace building pillar. I want to personally appreciate Gen. Paul Malong Awan for taking this bold decision to bring those who committed crime against their civilian and their fellow colleagues within the army to the justice. This will serve as an example for those who are hiding their faces.

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John Lead August 11, 2016 at 12:36 pm

You deserve that and you will soon be gone at the hand of jce men. Those men account for their action you happened to someone close to malong or John Luk. What about atrocities committed to innocent Nuer who don’t have such connections? Did anyone ever take responsibility? No.
You are idiots and go to hell

James Mulbah August 11, 2016 at 1:07 pm

This is a sad story. And this is what Reik Marchar and all those in opposition are fighting to correct. Why should a tribe died in the hands of those they have joined to defend?
The spokesman for SPLA lied that his body guards died fighting SLPA in opposition. He is next. And must pay for putting these boys in harms way.

Human Rights activist, Ter Manyang Gatwech August 11, 2016 at 1:38 pm

Dear Peter Majok,

What are you waiting now? Yet you know the Kiir’s tribes does understand the meaning of government in South Sudan. In world history it never happened army fought in the state house. If I were the President salva Kiir, I will resigned in time.

James Mulbah August 11, 2016 at 3:10 pm

Dear Peter Majok,

I am happy you survived to tell this story. And this is what Machar and others want to undo in South Sudan: Killing someone for the sake of his tribe.
Mr. Taban Deng Gai and Koang are pretending that all is well and have joined Kir to undo the progress that is signed in the peace agreement. What a shame!

United Naath August 11, 2016 at 3:15 pm

If you had survived first incident, last will be the last for you my friend. Get out now. Paul malong will not save you again.

warfive August 11, 2016 at 3:18 pm

Hey, yeah jaah what goes around comes around,so there’s no complaints bro, Dec 2013 genocide should be the wake up call but yet you Nuer still called it a Government when killing started from door to door so you would know it for sure. and Salva Kiir himself made it clear that this is about revenges of 1991 only fool have to forget that.

John wiw August 11, 2016 at 6:53 pm

Well, put in perspective and there’s will never be untied South Sudan if the greedy , reputation still in effective in charge of South Sudan..

Pajok Kong August 11, 2016 at 7:11 pm

What is the point of thank? When lot of life is intentionally lost. Your life and photo frame is not important that those people.

Warfive August 11, 2016 at 7:52 pm

I don’t think this testimony u gave is a worthy of hearing from being praising Paul Malong while he was being behind of all these messy goings-on in South Sudan man. U get be joking.

Edward Massimino August 11, 2016 at 8:45 pm

God has provided you another chance and that is why you survived that ordeal by the mercy of God. Do not think Malong will be there to protect you again once you fall in the hands of those criminals. Do not be convinced that those arrested will be persecuted by the law but they will just be released by their fellow tribes men at the right time.

GatNor August 11, 2016 at 9:21 pm

Jaang actions against every other tribes in South Sudan been tribal. Notice that whenever one takes a tribal tone with Jaang they hate it because it strips them of all means and resources that allows them to hide their hideous tribal agenda behind the agenda of the national agenda of South Sudan. everything they are doing become exposed for what it really is and that is tribalism. I personally don’t think approaching Jaang from a tribal prospective is what will break up South Sudan. As a matter of fact it is barely together because some tribe(Jaang) have the luxury of exploiting the sensitivity of tribal lines but took it up on themselves to use tribalism to advance their tribal agenda while other tribes are afraid of dealing with this sensitive matter less they are looked at as what broke up South Sudan which is a very naïve approach.

To get back to the topic of the discussion, Malong’s action display actions of a person in authority who swore by the book to do the right thing. Gets paid to do the right thing.

In this case Malong’s action appears to be the actions of a person who is only calming down the anger and fury of those close to him who loss loved ones in the hands of tribal extremists in which he happened to be member of..such tribe(Jaang).

Malong could be implicated as the head/boss of a powerful institution as the national army participating in tribalism unapologetically and he could also be linked to the perpetrators so at his convenient chose to show a gesture of sympathy and kindness forgetting that this will not exonerate him given his other tribal chess thumping events and recorded incidents.

Deng Malop August 11, 2016 at 10:58 pm

Who ordered the road blocks in the first place?
Dissolve national security immediately. Boos the police force everywhere. They can handle things much better than a murderoys secret police which has no oversigjt or accountability.

Michael George August 11, 2016 at 11:21 pm

Tell your nuer guys to stop war language much more by your so called spokes person in Nairobi if you continue your rubbish the result is what you experienced it always had a cost so take care

abandior August 12, 2016 at 3:31 am

stop preaching hatre,embrace peace and love.you just talk because of being in exile.

Nationalist August 12, 2016 at 10:01 pm

Mr. Peter Majok Lual,

It’s very clear that you are a close friend or relative (may be an in-law) of Mr. Paul Malong! Otherwise why is it only you (victim) who is benefiting from this service (arrest and investigation) from Paul Malong? In many parts of South Sudan, there are hundreds if not thousands of victims of different crimes like murder, rape, looting, torture..ect, and yet in almost all the cases we have not heard about any arrest, investigation or compensation. Your case is very exceptional!


Chuol M Nyuot August 15, 2016 at 8:49 pm

Of course, Paul mallong must show a difference since you’re his barking dog.


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