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South Sudan: FDP/SSAF Welcomes Deployment Of 4000 Strong Force To Provide Security and Protection of Civilians

By Hon. Gabriel Changson Chang

Chairman and C-in-C of FDP/SSAF

Ethiopians troops returning recovered children from South Sudan to their parents in Ethiopia. The mission was successful that the Ethiopian troops recovered South Sudanese Children abducted and held hostage by Murle Raiders from 2012 (Photo credits: UU Dialy)
Ethiopians troops returning recovered children from South Sudan to their parents in Ethiopia. The mission was successful that the Ethiopian troops recovered South Sudanese Children abducted and held hostage by Murle Raiders from 2012, something South Sudanese are now looking forward to restore security and protection of their civilians in the capitals (Photo credits: UU Dialy)

11th August, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —– The Leadership of FDP/SSAF welcomes the IGAD-Plus communiqué dated 05th August 2016, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as a step in the right direction for ending the on-going conflict in the Republic of South Sudan.

We strongly support the deployment of 4,000 IGAD-Plus protection force as soon as possible to protect civilians, local NGOs, INGOs sites and personnel, JMEC, Monitory personnel and TGONU cabinet members. However, we would like to underline the following:-

We would like to know where the IGAD-Plus placed the other fighting armed groups (e.g. FDP/SSAF, Agwelek-faction, SSDF, Tiger faction, Arrow boys etc) visa vis articles 12, 13b & 16 of the communiqué. Many of these forces are not party to the ARCISS (An SPLM three factions reunification agreement –SPLM/A- IG, IO & FDs).

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We think that an all-inclusive sustainable peace can only be achieved if all the armed groups are incorporated into the peace agreement and security arrangement and just not only concentrating on SPLM/A-IG & IO forces alone.

For how long will the internal displacement and massive exodus of refugees to the neighbouring countries continue. The displacement and refuge have serious negative effects on the people and the region-notably:-

  • Lost of education and health services to the displaced persons & refugees especially the children.
  • Heavy financial burden on the international community that funds the IDPs and refugees.
  • Big burden on regional services and security threats to regional stability as a result of huge influx of refugees.

When an individual country fails like South Sudan to maintain law and order, respect for human rights and freedoms, etc, the International Community especially the UNSC should act decisively and massively to stop the suffering of the people by protecting innocent civilian lives and lost of their property through a UN deployed forces under chapter VII, articles 39, 41, 42 and other relevant articles of the chapter VII to stop the government from killing its own people.

The IGAD-Plus and UN system should constitute a Hybrid Court to try those who have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity so as to deter the leaders from committing such crimes in the future.

We strongly think that demilitarization of Juba and other major towns would help restore hopes among the civil population that peace is at the corner. The warring forces should be stationed outside Juba at 90 KM radius. Juba and other major towns be policed by IGAD-Plus protection force to avoid possible clashes between IG & IO forces similar to the Juba 8th July, 2016 fights.

We hope the IGAD-Plus will be very keen to see that the Regional Protection Force is deployed and allowed to conduct its mandate freely without restrictions from the government. However, if the government does not cooperate with the protection force, the only way to protect South Sudan from drifting into chaos and failed state status is to transform the Regional Protection Force to “Regional Intervention Force”

Signed by Gabriel Changson Chang, chairman and C-in-C of FDP/SSAF and a former national minister who held many portfolios in Salva Kiir government until his defection in 2013-14.

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Deng Matok August 11, 2016 at 10:53 am

UN IGAD and AU should just ignore the squealing from Lueth, his overinflated ego and vitriol is not more than bluster and the sign of a weak mind. No vision of a better future at all. a roadblock to any form of success.
Just ignore this ranting and raving figure, make the un resolution and deployed to 4000 (more are also very welcome).
save the South Sudanese from its opressors and killers.
we have had enough of the “unknown government”


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