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First Anniversary of the Juba Massacre of the Ethnic Nuers Ordered by President Salva Kiir Mayardit!

Gatluak Ter Thach, PhD


Dec15_2014December 16, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — December 15th, 2013, JUBA GENOCIDE is a year old today. I struggled to think of how to personally ink and define this horrific, terrible, dreadful and horrible day. This day had not only robbed me by taking my beloved families, relatives, friends, community and country members, but it had mugged the last hope I and my people had to leave for our kids and their children after our fathers and grandfathers dearly contributed their souls to ensure we and our children and their children have something to call home.

The first anniversary of the Juba massacre of ethnic Nuers ordered by President Salva Kiir Mayardit remains a challenging day since those escaped deaths in their homes are still living in limbs at the UN concentration camps across the country, including the so call capital city camps. The instigator of this severe crisis in Juba, South Sudan, who provided and used banned weapon for mass destructions (cluster bombs), still refuses to listen to anyone including those that believed to have sent him to the mission of “get them out.”

This day remains the saddest day in the history of South Sudan for it “triggered the worst animal instincts, dehumanized us,” borrow from Dr. Nyaba. It is still the saddest day because orphanage kids are endured enormous pains in those concentration camps with no hope for education, enough food, peace, and/or reunifications to their remained relatives while children of President Kiir and Paul Malong Awan, who unwisely planed this horrific crime of ethnic cleansing with help from Yuweri Museveni of Uganda, are enjoying our oil revenues brought about by the blood of heroes and heroics from all South Sudanese communities, included the parents and the grandparents of these poor children that are dying in these concentration camps in Juba and other areas while the world is silent.

What a world my people! Chur, Nyawal, Lam, Tut, Nyachuol, Gai, Nhial, and rests of relatives, friends, and community, as well as country members rest in peace my people! Though perpetrators will be forgiven when peace arrives, you will never be forgotten! A day like December 15th, 2013, in JUBA, South Sudan will not be allowed, not only in South Sudan, but it would not be allowed to happen again to anyone all over the world. It will be remembered as the darkest day in our struggle for peace, democracy, rule of laws, good governance, development and socia-economic prosperity. This day will be inked in the historical book of South Sudan struggle! May God receive your souls!

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Charles Brister December 16, 2014 at 1:20 am

There where will always be an excuse for Southerners to kill each other. Most of the world doesn’t know or doesn’t care about Southern Sudan. Two Jews get killed and it’s world news. 2,000 Southern Sudanese kill each care other and there’s no news. So you have two choices, kill each other off or work things out.

John M Chol December 16, 2014 at 12:59 pm

no one happy about what happing in Juba that day so now need to bring peace in country and we put past behind us and open the new one that is solution . and for get old wound and now Dr machar busy to cut new one


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