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National Youth Union Calls On the SPLM in Opposition to Boycott IGAD Peace Talks

The National Youth Union protest the selection of civil societies, believing that the vulnerable populations in UNMISS camps are not represented. In the photo is Mawich Jacob after he was elected in Juba.(photo credits: George Steinmetz)
The National Youth Union protest the selection of civil societies, believing that the vulnerable populations in UNMISS camps are not represented. In the photo is Mawich Jacob after he was elected in Juba.(photo credits: George Steinmetz)

June 15, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — A report released through the office of the president of National Youth Union calls on the SPLM in Opposition to boycott the opening ceremony of IGAD peace talks that start on Monday in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

“As president of National Youth Union, […] and a consortium of organisations representing victims and family of victims killed in Juba by Kiir, I personally welcome and commended the historical decision of the SPLM/SPLA-Resistant Movement to boycott the opening ceremony of IGAD peace talks schedule for tomorrow Monday 16/6/2014 if the demand of fair and just inclusion of all stakeholders to peace is not met.” said the Nation Youth president, Mr. Puoch Riek Deng.

The national youth leader believes that the selecting process that selected the civil society was not fair and transparent. The report further indicates that the selection process was rigged by the government delegation.

“The processes of selecting the representatives of civil society, political parties and faith-base organisations was rigged by the government before it could started. People who were not part of the symposium and who were not officially invited by IGAD, were transport to Addis Ababa and took part in the selection of the civil society representatives. The process was flawed, incredible, unfair and unjust.” The youth leader continues.

In protest, the national youth calls on IGAD’s special envoy, Mr. Lazarus Sumbeiywo, however, very little has been done to reverse the process.

“We rejected the disgraceful processes and protested to the General Lazarus Sumbeiywo right away after the process but to our surprise nothing materialized at all.” Puoch added.

The National Youth Union believes that they are the voice of the internally displaced persons (IDPs), in the UNMISS compounds, and for such, they deserve a post in the civil society, something that did not happen.

“The victims in UNMISS camps across the country need to be represented. They need to be heard, consulted and listen to. They need to participate for a genuine reconciliations to be achieved. You can not represented buy valtrex us those who participated in the killing of innocent civilians in juba, those who destroyed and looted homes of the victims who are now in UNMISS camps and leave out the very victims who have suffered and bear the brunt of this war.” part of the Youth report reads.

Puoch, who also represents East Africa as the Deputy Secretary-General in Pan African Youth Union, reiterates that the political parties that form the civil society do not represent the suffering population in UNMISS camps allegedly because they are in support of the government that victimizes these vulnerable populations.

“These civil societies  these political parties and the faith-based organizations have not come out clearly condemning the dreadful, inhuman, barbaric and unjust killing of the innocent civilians in juba by the Kiir regime and it militias. They have actually participated in this massacre by keeping silence and not denouncing and condemning the dreadful and inhuman act. These organizations up to today are singing the same song of the government…coup….coup….coup which was dismissed by the government court and the whole world.” Puoch said.

Puoch believes that the civil societies, currently formed, represent the government and for such the IGAD should nullify the process until a representative civil societies are formed.

“These civil societies do not represent the interest of the public but regime interest. I am requesting the IGAD to cancel the whole process and use credible and proper criteria to select the representatives of all these groups with the participations of all stakeholders or represent the civil society, political parties and faith-based organisations with equal number of 6+1 each.” Puoch continued.

The National Youth Union rallies behind the IGAD to establish an interim government without Salva Kiir and his comrades, claiming that such decision would expedite peace and reconciliation in the country.

“We reiterate our genuine commitment to the IGAD peace process and the peace and stability to prevail in the country without Kiir and all his cohorts who have taken part in the killing of over 20,000 civilians in Juba and elsewhere in South Sudan.” The youth leader added.

cc: The Office of the President
National Youth Union
Republic of South Sudan;
Deputy Secretary-General for East Africa/Indian Ocean region.
Pan African Youth Union.

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