Dr. Riek Machar, a passionate true Leader!

“The truth will set you free”

By Jul Khor,

Opinion article NO: 01, the revised version.

Dr. Riek Machar, Vice President of the Government of South Sudan, presides over an all-southern-parties meeting in Juba, Sudan, Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010. The meeting, which spans three days, aims to foster internal dialogue among southern parties and counter mounting criticism that internal southern divisions might trigger conflict before, during or after southern Sudan's independence referendum scheduled for January 11, 2011. (AP Photo/Pete Muller)
Dr. Riek Machar, Vice President of the Government of South Sudan, presides over an all-southern-parties meeting in Juba, Sudan, Wednesday, Oct. 13, 2010. The meeting, which spans three days, aims to foster internal dialogue among southern parties and counter mounting criticism that internal southern divisions might trigger conflict before, during or after southern Sudan’s independence referendum scheduled for January 11, 2011. (AP Photo/Pete Muller)

 June 15, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — To all my lovely citizens of South Sudan, please, allow me to give you some facts on Dr. Riek Machar’s vision to rule South Sudan as a president. After my research , analysis and evaluation of Dr. Riek Machar Teny’s style of leadership, his behavior, how he carefully handles situations, and how he forecasts the unforeseen future, I’m convinced to tell you the truth and only the truth on Dr. Machar’s effective qualities of good leadership and why he deserves to lead South Sudan at this critical time to unite and reconcile all our communities.

Before mentioning his qualities and values of his style of leadership, I would first shade a light on 15 December 2013 incident. As the world knows today, a misunderstanding happened among the presidential guards ( Tiger battalion) on the eve of December 15. This should have been contained immediately if it were accidental and if Salva Kiir was a competence president. Unfortunately, the president decisively announced that a coup was attempted by Dr. Riek and his groups, something that has shocked the world.

First and famous, Dr. Riek Machar is well educated, with a PHD in strategic planning and philosophy. Besides, Machar has more military experience than any living general in South Sudan . Machar was a zonal commander of Greater Upper Nile within SPLA; he led and managed SPLM/A Nasir on his own without foreign support and also led the Sudanese army as the chief of staff after the Khartoum Peace Agreement. With all these experiences, Machar can never plan a coup against less equal president like incompetence Salva Kiir Mayardit. If he does he would never fail. This is a fact, Machar has resisted and defeated many rebels groups and two well equipped governments that have ground and aerial troops.

Machar never intended to return South Sudan to war. The country has suffered and witnessed bloodbath for more than fifty five years before it attained the Self Determination that was championed by Dr. Riek, himself. He can never drag the country back to senseless war. Machar only wants to contest for presidency in 2015 election, which for sure he was going to win given that Machar doctored many senior politicians from across the country. This created panic in Salva Kiir and Museveni circles. That was a wrong perception. Dr Machar was patiently waiting for 2015 election, peacefully. He was advocating for a peaceful democratic transfer of powers.

Let me tell you the truth my people, our African leaders value positions more than the lives of their people. If you can see what happened in African countries, you will realize that leaders want to remained in power indefinitely . That is what triggered fighting in our new nation, because our president want to compete with African leaders, whom some have spent 30 – 40 years in power. Our president want to adapt the same manner, he was expecting to spend 30 – 40 years in power, but he has forgotten that our people fought to build a democratic state.

Let me tell you the truth my lovely people.  I know some may agree and others will not. Dr. Machar was expecting a peaceful solution between him and President Salva Kiir Mayardit to sit down together as a senior SPLM leaders to solve their differences, as a minor internal conflict, amicably . But because of wrong advisers to president, those who valued positions than the lives of South Sudanese citizens, they rushed, and instead pushed the president to announce a failed coup hoping to get rid of Dr. Machar in order to prevent him from contesting the 2015 elections. This was the only reason of forging a coup. Look how it turned out to be a massacres of Nuer civilian, intentionally. Even if it were a true coup, it could never have turned into the onslaught of civilians that the world has witnessed in Juba. It should have been a military or politicians problem. You can see how the world dismissed and denied that there was no coup attempt by Machar and his group, including Mr. President Museveni of Uganda, the closest ally to Salva Kiir. But Juba government still insists that there was a coup.

Dr. Machar was targeted but escaped to save his life. Did Dr. Machar attempt a coup at this juncture? Or did you expected him to sit and wait to be  slaughtered? All his 21 body guards, who allowed themselves to be disarmed, hoping for amnesty, were murdered instantly. Family members and civilians, including women and children were instantly killed by the Gengweng militia. To assure you, my countrymen and women, all those accusations against Machar are false and useless. If you do not know, God knows. Let’s tell the truth, and truth will set us free.

Dr. Machar is a Visionary leader

If you go around and look at Dr. Machar’s background, career, vision ,attitude, you will be satisfied that Dr. Riek Machar is God Given gift to South Sudanese people, regardless of all nonsense accusations against him. Dr. Machar in his livelihood, has grown as a true passionate leader, who sacrificed himself for the sake of his people, the South Sudanese, to set them free from marginalization; to let them enjoy the beautiful resources of our country and to let them live happily like others citizens in the World.

Dr. Machar proposed and championed self determination and fought the old Sudan and resisted the SPLM leaders like Salva Kiir who wanted to imposed the United Sudan against the will of our South Sudanese people. Today we are enjoying an independent state, although a tribal dictator is messing it up again in an attempt to keep tribal extremists in power to serve the interest of a few.

Machar is going to lead us to a democratic South Sudan state, le’st support and stand behind him.

The charismatic leader, Dr. Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon possess the following 27 leadership style and more than 33 leadership values.

Dr. Machar possess the following leadership qualities.

> Vision – he has the capacity to see beyond one’s natural eyes, it is a picture of purpose.

> Wisdom – he has the capacity to apply knowledge effectively .

> Decision making – he has the ability to study consequences and make sound decisions without fear, a willingness to fail rather than avoid responsibility.

> A positive attitude -he has the ability to see people and situation in a positive way.

> Courage – he has the ability not to be controlled or paralyzed by fear; the effective management of uncertainty.

> High energy – have strength and stamina to work hard and not be worn down.

> Personal wrath – have a manner and attitude that draws people.

> Humility – being in touch with oneself, accepting oneself.

> Righteous Anger – has a capacity to resist and stand against injustice and abuse.

> Integrity – consistency in one ‘s words and actions; trustworthiness, true character.

> Responsibility -he has an ability to always come through; a lack of excuse; job delegated means job done.

> A good self image – feeling good about self, others, and life.

> Friend Ship -have the capacity to welcome and embrace others without friction.

> Mental horsepower -have the ability to keep learning as the job expands.

> Authority – a highly positive influence over others.

> Absence of personal problems – personal, family, and business life in order.

> People skills – have the ability to draw people to one-self and help them develop their gifts and characters.

> Inspirational power – have the ability to communicate one’s passion to others.

> Sense of humor – have the ability to laugh at oneself and at life and to not take life too seriously.

> Resilience -have the ability to bounce back when problems arise.

> Track record – he has the experiences and success in pervious situations.

> Self-discipline – he has a willingness to “pay the price” and handle success.

> Creativity – an ability to see solutions and fix problems.

> Flexibility – not afraid of change; fluid; flows with growth

> See big picture – able to look beyond personal interests and see a global view.

> Initiative – the ability to discern what needs to be done and commence action.

> Executive ability – the ability to get things done; the drive to finish an assignment.

Others Values of Dr. Machar including:- Accountability, achievement, continuous improvement, cooperation, courage, courtesy, curiosity, dignity, empowerment, fairness, faithfulness, generational planning, goal orientation, hard work, honor, honest, love, loyalty, no compromise, persistence, professionalism, promise keeping, punctuality, quality, reliability, respect, responsibility, service to others, spiritual maturity, steadiness, teamwork and trust.

The above qualities and values qualify Dr. Riek Machar to lead South Sudan without hesitation for us to achieve Democracy, Unity ,Equality, Justice, prosperity and a Peaceful country known as the Federal Republic of South Sudan.(FRSS)

Jul Khor is a South Sudanese Citizen, living in Juba, he can be reached through this email: khorjul@yahoo.co.uk

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Daniel Chakuoth September 8, 2014 at 10:02 pm

I like macher is good leader to united south sudan people together and tell them what good for country no self-interest. that why i said that. we need good leader like Dr. Riek i like is word that is I said good leader


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