With Dr. Riek Machar Teny guiding South Sudan Transition to Democracy, we are Certain that we will restore Peace and Security

By Bang Teny Wang,


Former Vice president, Dr Riek Machar in Jonglei State, after fleeing Juba, 2014(Photo: file)
Former Vice president, Dr Riek Machar in Jonglei State, after fleeing Juba, 2014(Photo: file)

August 12, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The latest violation of Cessation of Hostilities Agreement which was signed early this year by the warring parties, is a big blow to Inter-governmental Authority on Development efforts of finding lasting peace in South Sudan.

The government is in it again recruiting miltias across the country to fight in defend of this faltering regime. It is quiet disturbing for a government to fit tribe against one another. The deputy governor of Jonglei State had unleashed plans to mobilize his tribemen against the Nuer people inhabiting Greater Akobo should peace talks in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa failed. It is laughable that certain politician with no base at home would think of mobilizing people whom he could not protect even when his help was needed the most not long ago.

In the same token, on arrival to Juba international airport from the United States of America on his capacity as supposedly life time president, Salva Kiir Mayardit told a handful of supporters that he would accommodate Dr. Riek Machar Teny by creating a second Vice president position. For him, demoting Dr. Machar and promoting his comedian-like politician, James Wani Agga will make South Sudan “one people, one nation” again. At las! Is this man really in his right mind? Does he thinks that all those who are internally encamped in the country would go home if Dr Machar magically accept this unattainable offer?

Should Mr. Mayardit talked of practical ways or plans forward so that peace is restored?
IGAD and international friends of South Sudanese must look into this power-consumed president. Incompetence, diplomatic misscarages and lack of political will by the president speak volumes. It should be assumed by now that those who didn’t know who Mayardit was, have the tools and knowledge at their disposals that South Sudanese had fallen into the hands of the world’s most dictator whose eyes are fixed on the highest seat of governance in the land.

History and reliable records has it that most dictators managed to manipulate people using tactics such as, divide and rule, false constitutional defend claims, bribery, murdering as many as possible and sadly used national defense forces to safeguard personal interests. These characteristics are all true with Mayardit’s behaviors or political strategy. The rivers of South Sudan could overflow with blood but this insane president won’t give a Dan! In his eyes, he is a legitimate president elected by the people to kill them whenever he can as long as an election is years away from happening. His best counsellor, president Yoweri Museveni of Uganda said he would resign his position if he could not protect his people. That was direct reference to the president himself who by virtue of choices assigned himself as junior to Museveni which is absolutely shameful considering the fact that we are independent sovereign state.

The down-to-earth president failed miserably to protect the country national capital which forced him to hiring foreign mercenaries to fight on his behalf just few days after December 15, 2013 and yet, claimed legitimacy.

Now the youth are dying in their thousands, the widows, the wounded, and the elderly are struggling to survive in their oil rich land because somebody is using the money on expensive foreign troops/rebels so that he can hang on to the presidency.

As I predicted back in March 2009, in an article entitled
The Politics of Family Pact: The experience of the old age in Southern Sudan” which was published by Southsudannation.com and couple other websites, I argued that Southern Sudan system of governance had a bad blood running its affairs and so I called peoples’ attention specially the youth that

“Sneaking in through relatives holding government post is equally as bad as sitting back and watch the game of politics. Somebody somewhere has to do something to bridge the gap which is currently widening. My colleagues and the younger friends should not just show a nice sheen of respectability hiding a non-functioning mechanism that is designed to appease, but is really beginning to breakdown. Patience, cooperation, justice, sincerity and a heart for our people regardless of where their family hail from, are some of the few techniques badly needed for our nation unity, reconstruction recovery, peace and prosperity. The age mentality will only bring divisions which will affect tomorrow leaders’ chance of inheriting leadership skills from the founding fathers.” We now more than ever need a change of leadership for our people to live peacefully again.

The future of the country with Mayardit at the helm of power is so bleak. That is why, we asked all peace loving people particularly the world leaders to heed our call to restructure state institutions which is in the best interest of people of South Sudan. The South Sudan People Liberation Movement in Opposition aspire to change this nightmare state of our people by having an inclusive public-oriented servants in charge of state affairs. The peoples’ movement leadership is well versed with daunting task ahead but with Dr. Machar guiding South Sudan transition to democracy, we are certain that we will restore peace and security in the country.

Bang is a leading member of the SPLM in Opposition on Social Media. He can be reached at bangteny@yahoo.ca

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