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Breaking News: SSAF/FDP Members Plan to Assassinate Gen Dhoal Larjin

Dhoal Larjin,

Dhoal Largin, the author ...
Dhoal Largin, the author …

Dec 31, 2015 (Nyamilepedia) —- I am the leader of the newly formed SPLM-IO Two. I want to report to news media that I am being threatened with death by bodyguards of generals who have signed peace with GRSS. The attack comes as we split with SSAF/FDP in December 24, 2016 after some of the generals signed peace deal with GRSS. We split because I rejected to join GRSS, and those who doubted the signed deal are standing with me. Gen Gathoth Gatkouth and Gen. Gabriel Gatwech Chan are dismayed by my defection. They are upset because I told them that I am not going to Juba with them. Their bodyguards have been threatening me of killing in Kenya. Top Nyarew and Kuel Jiek have verbally threatened me to organize with security personnel from South Sudan embassy to attack me. They say they will kill me, and my dead body will be carried to the Republic of South Sudan. They are linked with South Sudan securities to attack me. They are ordered by the generals to humiliate any of my supporters in Kenya because I defected from their camp. They seem angry because I have decamped and they cannot have a good spokesperson like me. They feel upset because I have revealed they are betrayers signing with GRSS and eventually go to Juba.

I receive phone calls on December 28, 2015, that lured me to come to meet them. A person called me by the name Kiamba told me that South Sudanese men came to him at the police station and accused me of inciting people. I try to ask, and he was upset and ask me just to come or face arrest. I give his phone number to the government of Kenya when they tried to call, it was not answered. I also forward his number to the office of SPLM-IO in Kenya. We are finding out whether they are the real police or kidnappers. We have traced their numbers and concluded that they are not real police. They are using gangsters and kidnappers to kidnap me from Kenya and take me to South Sudan to hand me over so that Juba regime will kill me.

We have learned South Sudanese gangsters are abducting people from East African countries to South Sudan. The same happened in Uganda in 2011. Gen. George Athor was killed with two American citizens; one of Kiir’s victims killed in cold blood as the result of kidnapping was late Maj Thomas Duoth Makuach Mat. We are aware of all criminal activities that have been happening. I have informed the US embassy and the Government of Kenya on the matter. We are conscious of the events these guys are doing in Kenya. They left South Sudan to kill people in Kenya instead of joining the war. These generals forget the fact that they live in the country not like South Sudan where they kill everyone. They don’t know the world is becoming too small. The random killing by gun power must be abolished because it is a systematic terrorism. They should abandon killing. I am urging the generals to stop threats because it is a terrorist act and they should leave me alone.

I have now formed my political party and armed Movement. I don’t need them so that they may look for their spokesperson. I will never write for them anymore. I defect because I cannot see a reason they refuse the peace with SPLM-IO. Their claim that the direct peace with Kiir is better is better than that of Kiir with Dr Riek Machar is baseless. They were the first to demand that Kiir should step down, but now they accept peace while Kiir still in power. I cannot stand with them in the movement because they are betraying our people and giving up our position. I believe they don’t have a vision because they cannot see tomorrow. They told me that Riek surrendered to Kiir by signing the peace deal, but they are now surrendering to Kiir through Tut Kew Gatluak. I told them better go with SPLM-IO than GRSS. Because it’s internationally supervised through IGAD whereas their peace deal mediated through Kiir’s tray.

Here are the names of the generals and their bodyguards who have threatened to kill me and my supporters.

Gen. Gathoth Gatkouth number 0790943049

Gen Gabriel Gatwich Chan number 0729378438

Col. Reangyian Paan Deang number 0708624322

Bodyguard. Top Nyarew number 0724677288

Bodyguard. Kuel Jiek number 0722886893

My concern is the same generals who criticize Riek of signing peace deal GRSS are signing an agreement with the Kiir. A president who kill the people. He is still in power. It is a shocking stand that why I decided to distance myself from their preparing to surrender to Juba regime. I am standing firm because I stand with the people. I am going to merge with SPLM-IO. We are monitoring their activities, and they should stop terrorism act else they will face the law.

Gen. Dhoal Larjin is now the Provisional leader of SPLM-IO Two and can be reached by dtuolual@gmail.com

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Editorial Team


idiot December 31, 2015 at 4:27 pm

this article is a mess and nonsensical.

Gat.darwich December 31, 2015 at 5:17 pm

Gen. Dhoal,

thank you for making public the imminent threat on your life.

These individuals will be contacted and sternly warned of serious percussions should they unwisely dare to touch you period

Iual deng December 31, 2015 at 11:12 pm

I thought you are going to joint those of spla io under leadership of machar and now you saying, you will lead a different group , I think that is silly because no one will support you. You either join those of machar or return back to group of generals because you did not understand what they mean by memorandum which mean communication with government there is nothing wrong to communicate with your enemy even if you fight them tomorrow and communication with enemy have been around for century but what we saw from you is striving to slander those generals to make them look bad in front of their supporters.

Loju January 1, 2016 at 12:41 am

It amazing for me to blieve that nuer are stomack thinking it clear becouse the people whose killed in
juba are nuers killed by nuers directed by master Dinka and now your directed to finised the remine shame shame

nikalongo sanduksanduk January 1, 2016 at 4:55 am

Another Nuer curse in the making. How many armed movements are the Naath going to form?

David Gai January 1, 2016 at 10:55 am

Gen. Dhoal,
For how long ‘re we going to divide movement after movement? Better to join to join the Senior Generals. Be South Sudanese, be a Nuer-Naath what is wrong with it?

AMEN January 1, 2016 at 9:54 pm

Nuer rebel have no Aims and objectives for their movement, defection from group to group will not help you completely. Nuer is uselss community in south sudan


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