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South Sudanese Activists Call for Public Rallies Across USA on July 9th!

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June 30, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — A group of South Sudanese activists across North America, under the umbrella of South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights (SSIAHR), urge the South Sudanese communities and friends across Canada and USA to take at least four days off to rally for peace, sanctions and arms embargo against the warring parties in their native country, South Sudan.

According to the Chief Executive Director of SSIAHR, Peter Gatkuoth Kuel, concerned South Sudanese-Americans should request for four days off work to participate in a peaceful rally in Washington, DC.

“This letter serves as an honest request for all South Sudanese citizens in United States of America and Canada to please be released for four days in their workplaces in order to participate in a peaceful rally in Washington DC” Gatkuoth said.

“The purpose of this rally is to support sanctions against the South Sudan government” he continued.

The human rights organization explains the genesis of the conflict, holding Salva Kiir government responsible for the genocides in the capital city which sparked the civil war that has devastated the young country.

“South Sudan civil war has created the worst suffering and gross human rights violations where over 20, 000 innocent civilians of  Ethnic of South Sudan were massacred on December 15 – 19, 2013 by the current regime of President Salva Kiir”

According to the latest reports by the United Nation Mission in South Sudan, South Sudan army has rapped, abducted and burnt girls alive in Unity State within the months of April and May, 2015.

The credible source cites, at least 120 children have been killed in Unity state, and many eyewitness accounts of atrocities.

Read: South Sudan army raped, burnt girls alive – UN report

The South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights, a US based organization, will be holding the rallies at Washington DC for the fourth time in two years.

In 2014 the organization hosted three peaceful rallies at the White House and three other rallies at the General Headquarters of the United Nations in New YORK.

The organization urge local South Sudan communities across the 50 states in the US and the ten provinces of Canada to request between 2 to 4 days off work, depending on the distance from Washington, to participate in the rallies.

Many other South Sudanese-Americans, headed by the political activist Simon Deng, are on hunger strike behind the white house in Washington, DC.

Deng is on his 47th day of hunger strike in attempt to persuade the Obama administration to restore the most needed peace and stability in a country the Americans have invested in to secure its independence from Sudan after more than five decades of civil war.

“70,000 dead, 2,000,000 refugees, 1,000,000 more left for northern Sudan, 4,000,000 more threatened by starvation…The best case scenario is for America to take the lead and be a peace broker: this is what I’ve been calling for the President of the United States…Southern Sudan is an American baby. If it wasn‘t for the United States, we would not have a country called Southern Sudan today. It is incumbent on America to save the baby it brought into the world.” Simon Deng say.

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ALONEWOLF June 30, 2015 at 12:30 pm

Mr Peter Gakuoth
you are conflicting your information to the people. you said to the south sudanes to request four days off to Washington DC for rally for peace to support sanction and arms embargo against the government of south Sudan. Mr gakuoth you’re not the activists you’re the rebels. as you said the oppose of letter is to support the sanctions and arms embargo against the government definitely you’re rebels supporter in American.


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