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Nuer Community in Uganda Deems Nyoat Biliew as Government’s Agent For Destruction, Not A Leader Of Nuer Community In Uganda

By Stephen Gai Kak,

Nuer community in Uganda holds commemoration event in memory of Dec 15 Juba genocide(Photo: file)
Nuer community in Uganda holds commemoration event in memory of Dec 15 Juba genocide(Photo: file)

Dec 31 2015 (Nyamilepedia) —- Nuer Community in Uganda under my leadership, Gai Kak Gai, wishes South Sudan in general and Nuer Community in particular a joyful festive season and may the peace of Christ and the love of God be with you and your families during this festive season.

I wish you a happy and prosperous year 2016 and may it be a year of peace, love and unity for Naath, South Sudan, D.R.C, Sudan, C.A.R, Syria, Iraq and the larger world.

First, the Nuer Community in Uganda, under uncertain terms, has rejected the Presidential Decree appointing Governors of 28 states in which this leadership refers to as total breach of the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) signed by both parties to the conflict in August 2015.

This community under my leadership strongly condemns appointment of 28 Governors and calls upon all south Sudanese to stand against it. We also call upon IGAD member countries, AU, Troika US, EU, UN and all peace-loving countries to work collectively to bring about peace to South Sudan while urging our communities in South Sudan to remain calm in the midst of sharp difference the newly created 28 states have brought, Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (ARCISS) must be respected because South Sudan as a country needs it.

Second, I want to bring to the attention of all Nuer community and every South Sudanese worldwide that a small group of government agents, that operates a parallel organization in the name of Nuer Community in Uganda rather than the one under my seal and signature, is bogus, sham, and illegal group not endorsed by the Naath in Uganda.

It’s an illegal group of Government’s supporters formed specifically to destroy well established communities such as the Nuer Community in Uganda, the people that formed it forged license and stamp through the help of notorious Government’s Military Attaché Mr. Gai Chatim Puoch. Their mission, vision and plan is to cause fear and disunity among the Nuer and other South Sudanese communities in Uganda.

These people are here to implement the government’s objective that purposely divides Nuer community where ever they are on the globe and make them forget the death of their loved ones and as well to fail the objectives of SPLM/SPLA that’s fighting for peace, justice and equality for all Sudanese people. The Nuer Community in Uganda under my leadership will protect, by any means necessary, the Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan which is on its implementation phase. Any community operating under the dark in distortion of ARCISS must be condemned in strongest terms possible and must be weeded out in the society.

With their devilish objectives, they went further to prevent the community to commemorate the Nuer Genocide in Juba set for December 15, 2015. Gai Chatim Puoch.group funded by Juba Genocide master-minders set its own date as December 16, 2015 to make an invalid case that the SPLM/SPLA made coup d’état that day and it was the same day the falsely claimed coup was foiled. The collective effort of the Nuer community in Uganda thwarted the intention of that particular group to commemorate the day on a different date. This community under my leadership is ready to forgive them and welcome them back as members of the community once again in spirit of the signed Agreement only if they realize their illegitimacy.

Who are they (Government funded clutch):

  1. They are hired by the Government to divide the community and the Government also funds all their occasions. A good example was their celebration of a fabricated failed coup of December 16.
  2. Their living expenses and studies in Uganda are illegally funded by GRSS so that they carry on the Government’s divisive objective.
  3. They are Government employees, and to make the matter worse, the self-proclaimed group leader Nyoat Biliew, is a government employee in the South Sudan Ministry of Wildlife and Tourism. A person of his caliber has no legibility to lead a Diaspora organizational community.
  4. Nyoat Biliew’s group in corporation with the GRSS blocks the Members of Nuer Community in Uganda to have acquired other legal Memberships of other institutions that coalesce with all south Sudanese; South Sudanese Students’ Union in Uganda is the case in point.
  5. They have refused to work for the unity of purpose in and outside this community, and instead incite violence and preach hatred everywhere. The spirit of peace that brings together the warring parties to the table can be embraced, and urge my community to forgive the traitors that were misled by Nyoat Biliew; the group’s bullying and threatening activities will lead to its loss in the thin air.

Forged License: Without the constitution, they went with the grantee of the Embassy to the Uganda Law Society and forged the License that is contradicting the legal Procedure as well the Rights of Nuer community. The patent has been counterfeited gravely, that’s a step to rob what belongs to the Nuer community. One does not need to be a rocket scientist to determine the behavior of the GRSS and its anarchic supporters, and what correlates the two distant Governments (GRSS and UG) to dehumanize a peaceful community is tribalism, corruption, lust for power and greed. I am here to ask the members of that particular group to surrender the License to the leadership of Nuer community deemed as the legal organization.


Stamp: With their forged License they went ahead and forged a stamp that allowed them to authorize illegal business; this should be surrendered as well for the purpose of the peaceful community.

Constitution: Legally, there would have been amendments of the Constitution that would be passed through the consensus of 2/3 of the Annual General Assembly and be signed into law by the duly elected Chairman Gai Kak Gai so that it would help the community process the License. But the leadership of Nuer Community is on that process now and the process is half way to the end. And the question that remains is: when and where have they come up with this process to help them process the License? The GRSS acted as the constitution!

There are various communities that operate in Uganda under different banners, and if that illegal group wants to do its peaceful business under any name that has nothing to do with confusing the Nuer community in Uganda, it’s an idea worth granting. The fact that the GRSS and the Government of Uganda corporate to dehumanize the mourning Nuer in Uganda is mocking, painful and nerve wrecking experience. Nobody knows what the government of Uganda will gain if Nuer fight among themselves in Uganda; the help that the Government of Uganda offered to GRSS in fighting the SPLM/SPLA has no relations with the community differences.

Nuer Community worldwide will also have a take whether the illegal destructive group led by Nyoat Biliew is to be forgiven and be welcome back to the community, you can be on your own without disrupting the common cause of Nuer community in Uganda.

In summary, this community condemns the creation of 28 States and rejects the appointment of the governors for newly established 28 tribal states. We call up on South Sudanese worldwide to stand tall in rejecting the appointment of Governors of Kiir’s tribal states desisgned to kill the IGAD-Plus mediated peace deal.

Finally, the Nuer Community under the leadership Gai Kak Gai want to to bring to the attention of everyone that any other Nuer community in Uganda run by Nyoat Biliew is illegal and is managed by forged documents acquired by Salva Kiir;s agents and enemies of peace. Nyoat Biliew as the chair of this illegal group owes the Nuer Community in Uganda an apology for the pain caused during the Juba Genocide Commemoration Day; we are ready to forgive them.

Stephen Gai Kak Gai is the Chairman of Nuer Community in Uganda and can be reached by nuercu@yahoo.com or by Tel: +256-717-721-302/ +256-701-261-002

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Gat.darwich December 31, 2015 at 5:25 pm

Gatdarwich knew it because Nyoat’s treacherous action of hiring Ugandan police to prevent Naath Nation in Uganda from commemorating the 20,000 Nuer women, children, elderly, and the sick, massacred in Juba in 15, December, 2013, undeniably proves that he is an agent of Killer NyanKiir period.

Iual deng December 31, 2015 at 11:28 pm

You guys need to be very careful, because we are in stridently time where everyone among us may be suspected to work in favor of government because money make typical things to attract people who want to betray his brothers sisters and those who betray us they did not think about what happened to nuer community on Dec 2013. Please! Please! Be vigilant all the time to avoid and isolate person like that guy.

David Gai January 1, 2016 at 11:11 am

The really curses with consequences are at your door brothers if you begin disgrace some of your community members. The government you disown sometime is the government which Nuer leader signed peace with, and if you intense target other Nuer members in the government than sometime wrong occupied your mind. Just in few years to come, you will regret with high exploitation Nuer Leaders exploited community for their own interest cemented as the interest of the community blindly.


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