My grief for my motherland South Sudan

By Emmanuel Turo Evans


South Sudan independence celebrations 9th July 2011 (File photo)
South Sudan independence celebrations 9th July 2011 (File photo)

May 18th 2018 (Nyamilepedia) – Motherland, what has gone wrong with your children?. Children that you bore after a long and excruciating pain. look, look at what the children are doing now, look at motherland again… Although you bore your children after a long suffering, you inherited more than enough resources to rise them. Ooh but look, look at motherland’s health and state of mind now.

This  children who are born miraculously at the same time are now turning against each other , each claiming that he is the eldest, hence the heir to the wealth and power of motherland, and they are fighting now, there fight now resembles that of dwarf each claiming he is taller than the other yet they are all dwarf.

Oh look at this greedy children, greedy because they forgot how motherland and the their forefathers were generous to people and other nations to secure their healthy growth, because of the warriors and opportunist who wanted to killed them at their infancy and take the resources.

Ooh but look at this children now, their home resembles a muddy play ground and they are now subject of laughter and mockery among other nations, while others say hmm with all they have they still fight; others went ahead and misinterpreted or maybe they are right in saying our predicament is from God, quoting a bible verse that says: ” God will Punish Cush (Sudan)”. Isaiah 18.

Motherland regardless of her old age was bitterly raped the other day by her grandchildren, and when she screamed ooh my grandchildren what you are doing is an abomination/disgraceful to the land, instead the response was more aggression to the inhumane act leaving motherland unconscious.

As if that is not enough to inflict pain they went ahead and raped that beautiful daughter of motherland who was eight month pregnant and to add salt into the wound they killed her, open her womb and remove the unborn child and cut the child into pieces, woe to them.

Look motherland,  is it true now the words in the play BETRAYAL IN THE CITY, where Moses one of the characters said: ” it was better while we waited, now we have nothing to look forward to, we have killed our past and are busy killing our future”. Motherland as the white people one time scramble for Africa, so is the scramble on you now.

Look at the so many people and nations wanting to be part and offer solution to the crisis that was started by your children, is it not true that your children are the one suppose to wake up from there slumber and rescue the situation???. or let us leave it to the outsiders to solve your children mistake?.

Because your children are too divided, or too deformed to be reformed, hence they could not solve the crisis???. Motherland it is painful to see some of your best sons and daughters been forced away from their motherland, and they find themselves refugees, others recalling the bitter past life of refugees and finding that this time is more worse than before, all this, is because they simply decided not to drink and eat from that pot of impunity, injustices, corruption, murder, and tribalism.

But I can see hope motherland, i can hear through the wind the whispers of our ancestors, saying it will come to pass, it will come to pass soon. but we are asking how soon will it be our ancestors?, or indeed  as the English say: April showers brings May flowers.

The Author is a South Sudanese student pursuing master of arts in International Relations and Diplomatic studies at Cavendish University in Uganda and can be reached via turoemmanuel@yahoo.com

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