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Poem on Revenge: For how long?

By Paul Ruot Bayoch


May 20, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — For how long shall you enslave and keep us captives in your ugly cycles? For how long shall you rob us of our joys and ambitions? For how long shall you be traumatizing us?  For how long shall you make our mothers and sisters widows? For how long shall you be making our sons and daughters orphans?  

For how long shall you be making great teachers, doctors, and humanitarian staffs flee our villages and towns for safety? For how long shall you be keeping our people in the IDPs camps?  For how long shall we be perpetrators and victims in our own villages, towns, and cities? For how long shall we be fearful of each other because of you?

Revenge, you’re finishing my people. You’re destroying my country. You’d disintegrated our communities? Why are you so interested in the death of our youth? How long shall we be your victims?

Are you not satisfied being our symbol of trauma? Haven’t we made you fame as we mention your name at Churches, markets, schools, and workplaces?  How long shall you be mocking at us?

Revenge, why are we not realizing that you’re finishing us? Why are we not realizing that you divided us? Why are we not using our rational brain to make rational decisions to disown you?

Revenge, I just received a call from my dad last night that you killed my cousin. The cousin I met yesterday. Why are you doing this to me?  I am speechless, fearful, worried, and depressed. I felt sorry and terrified. My tears couldn’t roll down my cheeks as the news overwhelmed me. 

 Revenge, do you want me to go for revenge? 

Well, I have a message for you. I refuse to be your slave. I refuse to victimize my fellow brothers to please you. I’ve decided to break the bondage and work for peace. I choose to be a resource for peace. I have a vision and mission to destroy you.

I promise to destroy your temple so that I would no longer worship you. I am inviting love into my heart to connect me with my friends and families you’re dividing.

Let peace be my motto and truth be the gate to mercy, justice, and reconciliation. I am a driver for change. I shall work to demote you and upgrade unity, harmony, and prosperity.

Let peace and unity reign over you! 

Written by: Paul Ruot Bayoch

                 Master trainer, Morning Star Trauma Awanress Program in South Sudan.

                 October, 26, 2017                

Paul Ruot Bayoch is an artist, lawyer, author and humanitarian worker in wartorn country South Sudan. For more information you can reach him at paulruotbayoch@gmail.com,

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