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Makuei and Dr. Lam Twitter Battle goes viral on social media, Lam Denies

May 20, 2020(SSNN) — For the last few days, a few fake tweets, attributed to Dr. Lam Akol and Hon. Michael Makuei Lueth, have gone viral on Facebook, WhatsaApp and Twitter, forcing Dr. Lam to go on twitter, leaving his alleged counterpart in the dark, to clear the air.

The fake tweets, which some are dated to as far as 7 years ago, claim that the two politicians have been trash-chitchatting on twitter over political events in the world’s youngest nation.

One of the oldest tweets began with the fake Dr. Lam twitter handle claiming to have sensed something fishy, referring to the December 15, 2013 events that led to Nuer massacres, and in response Makuei trashed back at Dr. Lam, threatening him and Dr. Riek Machar, that they will die as rebels as long as he [Makuei] remains in the government.

Another fake tweet, dated to March 24, 2020, claims that Hon. Makuei threatened to arrest people who would have lied to public that there was Coronavirus in South Sudan at the time, and in response Dr. Lam threatened that he would have sent Makuei back to school if he were the president.


Another similar tweet in a similar tone claimed that Hon. Makue apologetically appealed to public this morning, May 20, 2020 for people to stop stigmatizing those who have tested positive like himself and in response, Dr. Lam pleaded with Makuei but reminded him to remember to sanitize his brain whenever he sanitizes his hands.

Although the memes are based on a real world experience that mimics the real personalities of Michael Makuei and Dr. Lam Akol, these twitter handles are not managed by the said politicians.

The Real Lam Akol and Michael Makuei,

While Dr. Lam Akol is both a tech savvy and a dotcom politician, Hon. Michael Makuei is an old school with no Twitter or Facebook accounts.

Hon. Makuei is currently battling COVID-19 under a tree in Juba and might have been informed about these fakes tweets; however, Dr. Lam Akol has seen the tweets and responded.

Dr. Lam has used different accounts on twitter from as early as September 2012, however, he does not seem to be managing all the twitter accounts under his name.

Meanwhile no twitter account exists under @MakueiLueth username on the internet.

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