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Could the Peace Collapse, God Forbid!

By Gatgong Thany,

JMEC Chairman, Festus Mogae, welcomed in South Sudan's Upper Nile Statet capital by grieving IDPs(Photo: supplied)
JMEC Chairman, Festus Mogae, welcomed in South Sudan’s Upper Nile Statet capital by grieving IDPs(Photo: supplied)

Jan 27, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- Remarkable signs of Hopes are observed on the tired faces of South Sudanese in response to the slowly, hesitantly returning calms and stability in the Country, there is some noticeable degree of calm and stability in most parts of the Nation, especially in Upper Nile region which the conflict affected the most, there seemed to be a voluntary assurance among Citizens that this peace is real, not only because it seem to carry global support but also because it seems to have nationwide blessings, a localized support as evidenced by the following prospective

Amazingly! despites the horrific experiences they had been subjected to; South Sudanese’s respond to peace is all been but positive, their determination to rebuild, reconcile and forge-on is ever unyielding, the huge and hilarious celebrations witnessed following the Historic inking of the peace document by the warring SPLMs faction is a clear demonstration of their patriotism, the calm witnessed hereafter is a confirmation of their confident and readiness to uphold and honour the agreement regardless of its numerous shortcomings,

Many Months after signing, despites initial resistance and violations in the beginning, the Nation had witnessed a reduced confrontational combat activities between the Major warring parties i.e. SPLA/SPLA-IO, other than the surprise Helicopter attack on the SPLA-IO cantonment areas in Western Equatoria which lead to the demise of two Generals and scores of Soldiers, and Western Bhar El Ghazal Respectively there had been significant reduction of incidents of actual ‘large’ scale fights especially between the main warring parties,

On Political fronts, a remarkable progress had occurred as symbolized and demonstrated by the return of the SPLM-IO Delegates (advance team) to the Capital of South Sudan after two years of forced absence, the heroic and courageous visit of the –IO’s Advance team under the leadership of 1st Lieutenant General Taban Deng Gai, who is also the Chief Negotiator of the armed Opposition signaled the greatest good will gesture and strongest assurance to South Sudanese and the World at large that at last peace had been secured for the Country.

Other milestone steps are among other things; the appointment of SPLM-IO’s fifty (50) allocated members of the would be transitional Nation parliament and their subsequent appointment by the President on a televised Republican Degree, the warring factions also agreed, and selected their Ministerial fort polios as agreed for and required by the accord, these steps brought the parties inches closer to forming the eagerly awaited Transitional Government of National Unity (TNGU),hence heightening hopes among Citizens that Peace was finally attained and war ended, thus a remarkable stride had been taken despites the tremendous abstractions, and obstacles being intentionally, repeatedly and determinedly thrown at the eyes of the peace by anti-peace actors.

From the Humanitarian viewpoint, the United Nation’s mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) had in its security Assessment Report for last Month indicated significant improvement in security situation especially in the war ravaged Uppernile Region, noticeably in Unity State, which witnessed some of the worst atrocities, appalling and unimaginable human rights abuses throughout this year (2015),

On the same note, UNMISS and her humanitarian partners had reported a noticeable exits of the IDPs particularly from the Bentiu, UNMISS Civilian protection Site (POC), many IDPs, in response to improved security situation in their villages are heading back home, there is also noticeable reduction in the number of new-comers in to the POCs across the upper-Nile, meanwhile outside the protections sites Survivors of the infamous, systematic, State coordinated depopulation exercise in Bentiu’s Southern Areas, who had been hiding in depth of swamps and thickets of the bushes are slowly and hesitantly returning to the dry areas and are said to be in appalling and heart wrenching humanitarians conditions, these particular population had not only lost their loved ones, subjected to inhumane abuses including rape, physiological and psychological torture but they had also lost their entire sources of livelihood .

humanitarian Agencies had resumed their life saving humanitarian activities, in Southern Areas of, Unity State for example; Health agency lead by Medicine Sans Frontiers (MSF) had returned to their former work locations to reestablish their life-saving health activities though in small scales for now, vital Nutrition services for the severely malnourished children in the displaced areas are also resuming slowly, urgently needed food assistants are in the process of being delivered to the overwhelmingly hungry and angry population affected by the war throughout the Country, and should this spell of calm and stability persist , things could only get better and better.

Unfortunately; Despites the numerous, milestones steps taken to put an end to the suffering of the Citizens, return the country to a correct path of normalcy and peacefully close this bloody chapter and open a new clean sheet based on Democratic principles, unity, Harmony and progress, our nation’s known peace obstructers, acting under influence of none other than Jieng Council of Elders (JCE), the shadow parliament of Juba, are determine to scuffled, jeopardize and tear the peace part. Through their delaying tactics, the peace is already so far behind schedule, as the group struggle with South Sudanese to maintain their chaotic state-of-affairs in expense of the current predicament of the whole Nation, in the process prolonging the suffering of the people,

The surprising 2rd December Republican Order Number thirty six (ODER No.36) in which the President unilaterally expanded the number of states from current Ten (10) to twenty (28), a problematic, tribally-induced decision which would without a doubt place the nation under protracted, bloody inter-tribal feuds and scrambles over annexed Lands and boundaries, this is but just one of JCE’s tricks to suffocate and drawn the peace agreement.

The government’s total disbelieve in the accord ‘remember the not Quran, not Bible statement’ is expressively demonstrated by her attachment of huge reservations, coupled with its unyielding desire to settle the crisis through barrel of the guns ,political Manipulations, trickeries and bribery, this is the greatest impediment to speedy implementation of peace agreement , note that it took, intense Pressure and even threats from the international Community on the Juba regime to sign the Accord in the first, it may therefore require even harder pushing to implement the same.

With continued ceasefire violations, as indicated by reports of military confrontations lately, though at small scale in some front-lines for instant, in Western Bhar El Ghazal’s Bazia Payam, Wau Shilluk as well as Nyiroal County of Jonglei state where at least Four unarmed Civilians were Reportedly Killed by the Government Forces, plus, the Security arrangement, which is the most sensitive and critical angle in the whole agreement is yet to take shape, though Foreign Forces are said to have withdrawn as provided for in the accord, there has never been an independent verifications from the relevant bodies, for instant from the Join Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) or the UNMISS to confirm if indeed, complete withdrawal of Foreign troops chief among them UPDF, various Sudanese rebel factions that played the role of mercenaries throughout the conflict and any other foreign troops had indeed taken place.

joint interrogated Units which would guard the structures of the TGNU are not yet organized, furthermore instead of demilitarizing the Cities, the opposite is happening, and like it’s said in English Proverb ‘behind every clouds, there is a silver lining’ therefore the latest ‘rumor’ that a new Force ‘Last Rain’ similar to the Militia that carried out the December two thousand and thirteen (2013) Juba Massacre is being deployed to Juba and other Cities could not be simply ignored,

in short, all South Sudanese need to pray and do all they could at their individual or communal level to enhance the peace implementation Processes, on the other hand the IGAD, TRIOKA and the international Community at large need to keep their ‘eyes’ on South Sudan peace process, their positive intervention, and constant pressure are imminently necessary if the peace is to survive. Given its slow and uncertain pace, coupled with some of the partners’ great desire to see the peace sink down the drain, divine intervention is required besides Political good will and global support to realize South Sudanese’s dream for Peace.

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