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The Notion Of 28 States As a ’ Popular Demand’’ Is Fictitious And Bogus.

By Boum Tap Thong.

South Sudanese leader Salva Kiir and his army chief pray at a local Catholic Church in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: file)
South Sudanese leader Salva Kiir and his army chief pray at a local Catholic Church in Juba, South Sudan(Photo: file)

Jan 27, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- To shade the light on the occurrence and the recent development which basically surprised everybody, we have to base our arguments on the facts and scientifically proved. Just to understand the vocabulary ‘’popular’’, it’s simply to adapt to the means of the common people, possessed or obtainable by many. To demand is to ask or call for with authority, to claim or seek from as by authority or right. I believed when the government of South Sudan embraced those two words to defend their filthy idea of 28 states, they must have known what they mean and stand for.

To my fellows who have been residing in Kenya since 2005, I can honestly attested that you must have witnessed the referendum which was significantly entailed as ‘’Orange and Banana’’, which eventually lead to devolution and the current organization system with 47 counties. It was a process preceded by the development of a new constitution which came to life during the precious time of former President Mwai Kibaki. This can be term as’’ popular demand’’, because a referendum was carried out and majorities have their way while minorities have their say.

The same scenario happened during our golden referendum when we parted way with our brothers from the republic of Sudan, we had to waits for exactly 6 years even though we knows that majorities were die heart of separation, we never assumed and extremely perceived it as popular demand until that wonderful moment when the referendum was won and that for sure was popular demand. The notion of 28 states as popular demand as per me does not hold any water, there must be a driving forces and ill intentions from the people who initiated the idea. A popular demand cannot surface when the quarter of the population are in the UNIMISS camps. A popular demand cannot be champion in the middle of the peace implementation which of course was signed based on the current 10 states. A popular demand can also wait until the most important and the badly needed peace implementation is completed. If we waited for 6 years for that referendum that gave birth to our lovely country, why can’t the so call popular demand wait until we embraced the peace and championed it among ourselves?

When we critically and intensively looking at the repercussions and loopholes of the so call ‘’popular demand’’, if only we are genuine and honest to ourselves, we cannot denied that a worst scenario is awaiting and is going to backfire because of that ill intention of 28 states unless it is reversed. As a proud son of unity state which is divided into three states as far as the 28 states is concern, you would realize that a third state which is a Ruweng state surfaced from nowhere. Ruweng state comprised of Abiemnom and Panerieng which are never adjacent nor bounder each other. In between the two counties of Abiemnom and Panarieng, laid the territories of Mayom County, Guit County and Rupkotni County and that land traditionally and historically belong to the three counties. Even if the boundaries have not yet been demarcated as some of you pertained, does it need a rocket science to strongly stress that the land will be annexed so that Ruweng operate as the state they want it to be? That may look as simple as it sound but unless you are delusional and somebody who distorted the reality, it will cause the intensive flame and guess who are going to be the victims, Of course the vulnerable communities who will feel the heat of the everlasting war because of the territories or the land. It’s not only in Unity state where this volcanic erupted but it’s also applied in Jonglei state where Lou Nuer are the victims as part of their land is annexed to Bor and Upper Nile state where the Chollo community are crying up to date and promised to resist the so call 28 states which give away their ancestral land to Padaang community.

These are just but the few repercussions without mentioning other victims like Rajah community who had swear with their ancestral graves never to give in into the so call ‘’popular demand’’. As I mentioned earlier at the beginning of this article, there is a different driving forces and ill intention to come up with this so call ‘’popular demand’’, it has nothing to do with the population and the poor civilians of South Sudan. I am not in any way against the Dinka community but to be honest and precise, the very people who have been dancing and celebrating the so call 28 states are only Dinka. I haven’t heard any Chollo community, Equatoria community and Nuer community celebrating and feasting because of the so call 28 states, so where on earth can this be popular demand if only one community that can barely make up the 20% of the population be happy about the development while the rest of the communities which make up the 80% of the population are gloomy and mourning about it?

I am not against the celebration of 28 states by dinka community, in fact I recommended them to celebrate it more because they honestly have million reasons to celebrate the so call ‘’popular demand’’. All the lands that have been annexed and given away are in the favor of Dinka all the way from Rajah, Unity state, Jonglei and Upper Nile. The lands from the other communities have purposely been annexed and given away to the Dinka community like Ruweng and Padaang communities. As if that is not enough, with in 28 states, 12 states are possessed and belong to the Dinka community who are barely 20% of the south Sudan population while the rest of the communities who make up the 80% of the population are subjected to scramble and overcrowded in the remaining 16 states, that, as for me is marginalization. As per my analyst, for the Dinka community to own 12 states out of 28 states have numerous merits because all the states will be represented in the legislative assembly and the other organs of the government. This will favor any decision making from the Dinka community as they will only need to ally with few communities and there we go, any decision they intended to approve in the parliament will go through even if it is not in the favor of the county and the entire population of South Sudan. These are what I term as ill intentions and driving forces.

We all along knows that the government of South Sudan and the Jieng council of elders (JCEs) are persistently against the peaceful resolution of this man made crisis that engulfed the betterment of this nation and placed us in the state we are in, that is why they signed the peace with ‘’reservation’’ and consistently infringed the commitment they shown in the watched of the whole world. The Jieng council of elders have really proven to us that they will spent the sleepless nights driving the country into the state where only Dinka interest are fulfilled and satisfied, how am so indignant by these negative forces which have shown no passion for the development and the interest of this country. That is the very reason why they shameless created this so call ‘’popular demand’’ with the aim and passion of championing and protecting Dinka community interest. This notion was created to obstruct peace which is the dream and the hope of any poor south Sudanese.
The notion of 28 states as a ‘’popular demand’’, is nothing but an ill intention and negative forces from the Jieng council of elders and the desperate government of South Sudan. It should never be entertain by any patriotic South Sudanese, it should be scraped and throw in to the dust bin.

The writer is a patriotic South Sudanese; you can contact him with these emails
boumtap@yahoo.com or boumtapthong@gmail.com

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Beek January 28, 2016 at 2:17 pm

28 States are real and not Chimerical,Ersatz or capitalism because we have the right for development too.That’s the beginning of a civilized South Sudan.

Beek January 28, 2016 at 2:36 pm

Bouw Tap Thong
For those who have been residing in Kenya are politically Asylum Seekers who have been living there for years,it is their choice to go back or stay aboard. How can they go back to people who don’t even care and those who only wanted to use youth in order to gain Top Positions.

Beek January 28, 2016 at 3:00 pm

Your name sounds like a bricklayer or building Tap.

Tolio January 29, 2016 at 1:20 am

Twenty eight states are authentic. What is fake are claims that some lands have been annexed from some tribes to other tribes.
No tribes are landless to be resettled in the lands of other tribes in the first place.

People forgot that most lands are a property of governments whose resources and revenues generated are public funds that can be used to develop the same land for the benefit of all.

Only traditional sacred sites, cultural heritage landmarks, an individual’s: home,business proverty,grazing paddocks and farm lands are the things which the governments shouldn’t take away from the citizens.

Referendum isn’t needed for everything. There are many things that can be done without a referendum and 28 states are one of them.

The percentage of Dinkas is 34, not 20 which the author claims. Being 34% doesn’t mean they are a majority to 66% of the rest.

There is no mistake that most citizens are satisfied with 28 states. New governors are welcomed to their states with celebrations. This is an indication that the states are a popular demand.

DINGIT NA TUGGÖ January 29, 2016 at 11:13 am

tolio, beek and amen.

foolish and idiot Citizens see the 28 tribal states exactly the way you see it. But wise People have culculated the jenge plans in advance. Give any reason for only 1 tribe to own 12 states and 63 tribes to share 16 states? Why don’t you reason before jumping into urgement. I tell you straight forward that the jenge has calculated to Control the Parliament but we know it before all these plans. And if you refuse to swallow your 28 states, we will force them through your anus. Keep these Words and ask me after few days.

It is good that you are tearing yourselves like dogs. The jenge Council of awirin are busy arranging selling abiyei while the abiyei sons are busy joining Malik Agar of SPLA-N. What a good News to us who demand for reforms in this country.

tolio, beek and amen. I know kiir will sell of you to us if he finds out that you do not follow his cows like cows following a cow. Hahahahahha………………….


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