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T.T Shaka,


February 23, 2020 (Nyamilepedia)Thank you Professor for summarizing all we have been talking about since Kiir started bulling the South Sudanese people. Can Kiir deny how he has made our young nation bled all these year for reasons best known to him and some of the Jiengs who blindly supported him? Please Kiir and Machar could you make this lost nation to realize its full potentials by creating a real nation for everyone should be proud of? I didn’t expect any intellectual or those who love the South to be hurt when the Professor never did anything wrong to be penalized by the enemy of peace for talking the truth for the voiceless. Prof. should be restated as soon as possible to continue the development of the academic structure.

Do I give credit to Kiir for accepting to go back to 10 states? No, because he didn’t only impeded our happiness after war but hundreds of thousands died displaced, land and properties of people taken and many more for a war that shouldn’t have been there. Is the war over in your program, if may ask? I know you and the Jiengs with you knew how painful this war has been to this young nation from birth but you wanted to buy time and to loot as much as you could which resulted to sending our nation back to the start of development and making everybody to have friction within them which will take years to resolve.

The ten states solution hasn’t solved the endemic problems in the country but may enable us very carefully to addressed the issues throughout the building a lasting government. There is need to hear the voices of the 64 tribes in building a system that will remain stable, unshakable and that shouldn’t be broken by successive governments. Don’t think a rigging government is a healthy one to remain in the government. We know it is the case with 99% of African governments today. We shouldn’t be one. As a virgin nation, we have the change to be unique. Why can’t we do that? Please, President Kiir, don’t follow the footsteps of you brothers Museveni and Kenyatta?

The fastest way I think to heal some of the wounds is to immediately move people to their respective regions and homes. This definitely will start the healing process. No one should think it is okay to live where they are because they have assets there? What about the assets the government has destroyed over the years? Do you think people will take it easy for someone sleeps on his/ her ancestors remains?

Remember, unity, love, forgiveness, forgetting and many more can’t be dictated. It comes from the heart. Thank God, Christ has taught us all the above but it isn’t like breathing Oxygen without giving time to process the message. It is time those Jieng who think South Sudan belongs to them, that they fought alone for it, that they are born to rule and more, must begin to educate themselves, that the war is over until it is over. Occupying other people’s land, rape, killings because one holds power isn’t a solution and can’t be one.

Today, we should always remember, Kiir and Machar are dancing in the field; tomorrow will be others if we are myopic to see what lies ahead of us. If we have grown out of this war, I am sure South Sudan can compete with other nations in anything after the formation of the today’s government.

Good luck countrymen.

You can reach the author of this letter through his email at hicksambira@yahoo.com

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