James Wani Iga: Status Coup Vice-President of the Dinka Genocidal Government Cannot Be Aggregate with People’ Revolution.

By Mak Banguot Gok,


The South Sudanese Vice President, James Wani Igga, has sleepless nights as he opposes the demand of his people, the call for federalism, which is strongly backed by his main opponents in the opposition and also in the states (Photo: file]
The South Sudanese Vice President, James Wani Igga, has sleepless nights as he opposes the demand of his people, the call for federalism, which is strongly backed by his main opponents in the opposition and also in the states (Photo: file]

July 09, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I’m a bid portended of an alleged penitence of Salva Kiir’s Status Coup Vice-president James Wani Iga’s envisioned decamping of Juba block and, join Dr. Machar’s justified revolution to topple primitive warlord Salva Kiir. To me, it give the impression that, nothing like this commentary ever published on any social media with an exception of the topical discernment made by Wani himself on the mass media followed his homecoming from China. He was carrying on an abortive attempt to convince Chinese government which still reluctant to any longer alliance with failed government.

I whispered, If there has been indeed a remorse on social Medias about James Wani Iga be set to join the Nuer-lead rebel movement and, deserted his status coup Vice-president seat of Salva Kiir’s faltered genocidal government after substituted Dr. Machar last year, such allegation would have been the unsubstantiated of all that particular media proliferation.

He (Wani) was set off for what his groups contemplated to be a government high level delegate to the People Republic of China. None productive voyage to so many countries by Juba which, always produced naught to convince those nations about the future of their approximately folding government. Chinese government doesn’t want any stretched alliance with a government which has a dark future and, given the fact that, the only reciprocated relation by Chinese people with country likes South Sudan in Africa is all about the natural resources.  Hence! With the oil being the only source of contentious to the rival parties in the South Sudanese conflict and, the reality that, progressive advancement of the Nuer-led revolution against Salva Kiir’s tribal government will inevitably topple the dictator and, Chinese don’t want to be caught in the midst of hostility by the real owners of oil in South Sudan who are the people taking arms today.

Coming to the rumored defection of the status coup Vice-president James Wani to join up the people’ revolution against genocidal government in Juba; his ambition to join the revolutionary movement is nonentity giving that ineffective state of leadership influence over the people of South Sudan and, particularly,   his own Bari tribe and the politicians of his close acquaintance.

When James Wani Iga on his returned back to Juba from China, and, at the arrival terminal at Juba International Airport, a group of media reporters approached him to give comment to the public about what is the hope on his visit to China. The only nation which, its interests in oil industry of the South Sudan are extremely high has to contribute on rendering solution to the ongoing conflict in South Sudan. Because nothing sounding necessary to say about the upshot of all these wastage and unproductive visiting to China, and, nevertheless, he is decide on to reaffirm to the Dinka behind in Juba that, he is remaining stance supporter of Salva Kiir’s faltered leadership, despite always coming back with nothing pledged as an offer to their government by every country he set off for, including the Chinese government.

He thought that was how you make yourself be heard.  He was the one who talks of what he says ‘’ an allegation on his defection arena to seam the rebel movement is not true’’ who have originally posted the comment and, and through which media house the story ever attested such defection remorse. It was unceremonious info with no lucidity of which media perpetually published an article about Salva Kiir’s Vice-president James Wani Iga in context to the current mass defection of South Sudanese political figures to the rebel?  He (Wani) alone intrigued the remorse to give sense of himself as anything visible in this up-to-date political crisis in South Sudan.

In the recent situation on whether Wani absconded or not, a well-informed South Sudanese legal resident cannot entertains the eagerness of Wani castoff Salva Kiir in of any kind the cause might be. Wani watched as less important constituent part in genesis and the current situational portion of the South Sudanese affairs because of his lower status to affect decision made against his will by his manipulators.

Briefly about James Wani Iga, it is doubted to reach one meter in elevation of normal matured human structure. He is below one meters height and the shortest political comedian in contemporary South Sudanese history as unmistakably well-defined passive animal with no his own affirmative position in his political career. Wani, a 60 year old man from Bari tribe of Lainya County in the Central Equatoria State has been well-thought-out as the stumbling block for the present-day and yet to come Equatorians’ political stance.

This little operative individual has abundant to says about his being  kept as the symbol of ostracism for the people of the Greater Equatoria region by the erstwhile and in headway  groups of Dinka who wanted to exploits  the country’ resources in the appellation of the SPLM political party since liberation time. He ( Wani Iga) ever known of his being a kind of political comedian in Garang/Salva Kiir camp during the national independent liberation era as songster who composed numbers of jingles of praises to both the top leaders of the Sudan People’ Liberation Movement ( SPLM) since bush time. And, therefore, Equatorians repute this man in every walks and characteristic as the quisling who spoiled Equatorians’ contemporary political unity throughout his self-benefited allied with Dinka and exploits him in expense of the people of the greater Equatoria. Systematically, he (Wani) has been projected with deep-rooted interests and made to stand as leader in the middle of tallest and wiser politicians at the decision-making tables. He cannot vacated Salva Kiir and till they all together reaches the hell.

Mak Banguot Gok can be reached via makjohnson2005@yahoo.com

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