Magok Rudial brings dishonor to Parliament.

By Gai James Kai,


Manasseh Magok Rundial, Speaker of the South Sudan National Assembly – “The UPDF saved our country."(Photo: via London Evening Post)
Manasseh Magok Rundial, Speaker of the South Sudan National Assembly – “The UPDF saved our country.”(Photo: via London Evening Post)

July 09, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — The many years of tribulations should have taught us as a nation to indulge in politics with integrity.  But unfortunately,  history has not taught us and we illustrate utter contempt to learn from history.

Clearly,  the events of 2013 that are likely spilling over to the end of 2014 need us to pay keen attention to our situations; especially in parliament.

Am particularly concerned with the performance of the “right honorable”, speaker of parliament,  Magok Rudial and the wide rage of other characters in the parliament.

I have insisted the temptation to comment on the impunity engulfing the office of speaker, especially the objectionable position taken by Magok Rudial that he is a whistleblower. Personally,  the right honorable cannot be a whistleblower because he is part of the mechanism of the fraud that occurred in the parliament. Magok should have been treated as a ” blood seller”. You cannot authorized a thief to preside over country’s matters for a long time and then become a whistleblower. That is called outright incompetence or negligence of duty and should be punished or be dismissed with disgrace from public service.

The Magok kind of impunity is widespread in the SPLM government and perhaps, in parliament and it has been socially normalized through patronage. People in authority like Magok Rudial don’t take responsibility for their actions. This dishonesty is a cover for incompetence or outright contempt for the will of voters. It only make us appeare of less intellect when all we do is to vehemently deny the obvious facts.

Magok Rudial, has taken to act like the original twenty-five rogues if he has many transgressions were to be scrutinized. He is showing utter contempt for civilized parliamentary decorum and acting like parliament is part of the executive.

He always step in to do all the dirty works the SPLM regime for which the speaker has seen no logic in pursuing. For instance, Magok worked tirelessly to pass the illicit supplementary budget for the 3th anniversary independent’s day. Worse still, he shamelessly stood firm denying the massacred of the innocents Nuer civilians in Juba; among which his bodyguards inclusive.

This kind of attitude only illustrate that Magok is a man who has lost the most significant attributes of integrity and good conscience required for independently duties in the office of the speaker of parliament.

The political implication is that Magok not for independence of Parliament but to lap dance to the tune of the President. It is abvious that Magok is no longer serving of his constituents or that of Parliament in its pursuing of just Law and policies in South Sudan.  Clearly,  Magok Rudial is more engrossed with the whispers of the President Kiir at the expense of the people of Unity State and South Sudanese.

The people of South Sudan are losing patience with the dishonest leaders like Magok. This is not the man we emulated and looked up to for guidance a while ago! If the Mps cannot question the dishonorable acts of Magok Rudial, we the voters will!

Gai James Kai; is an independent writer and a Law student at Nkumba University-Kampala. He can be reached through; gaijames11@gmail.com

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