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Opinion: Will sanctioned officials be re-appointed to new unity govt?

By Tito Anthony,
Photo: Information Michael Makuei and Cabinet minister Martin Elia Lomoro
Photo: Information Michael Makuei and Cabinet minister Martin Elia Lomoro

February 23rd 2020 (Nyamilepedia) I asked myself this questions on 20, Feb, 2020 will I see Sanctioned Individuals or official back to R-TGoNU again? I actually fail to answer it, but I wonder if they parties could consider sanction as one of criteria it for nominating their candidate for any particular seat in the new government.

I concluded that I shouldn’t be surprised to see all Sanctioned officials from all the parties back to the new coalition government. For the following factors;

1. SPLM party consider that only some cadres in their file could be able and have the capacity to push thier agendas and Vision to secure thier success during the transitional period

2. SPLM/A-IO Which is a giant movement with most of it members consider only few are capable to confront Kiir government.

3. SSOA (Come We Go Group or Alliance) which is one subject of my interest in days to come, i found a lot to worries about, because they are a confused coalition and it’s leadership rarely to come into one decision all the time since it inception, and here i can describe them in one word “man-made disaster”.

In what I narrated above I found my answer is “yes” i and we will see Sanctioned individuals in new government, but again what is raising alarm is the following question.

Do we need Sanctioned individuals in R-TGoNU? My answer was we don’t need Sanctioned individuals or officials to participate the R-TGoNU because thier participation will have some negative impact at some point, and by this I mean that they may not travel for official duties in line with their appointment to a country which Sanctioned them and other countries which cooperation with country or international entities which sanction them in this context we are losing business and diplomatic relationship as a country, so we therefore need to agree as citizens and do away with this Sanctioned individuals or officials until thier record is clear by either court of law at national level (Juba) or at Hybrid Court of South Sudan to be establish according to the peace agreement.

Why am putting them into two groups, because there are some types of Sanctions placed on them can be handle by two different entities South Sudan government and Hybrid Court of South Sudan. Their sanctions are the following;

1. Officials sanction for human rights violations (To be handle by Hybrid Court of South Sudan).

2. Officials sanction for corruption cases (To be handle by Law of South Sudan(Anti-corruption Act)) and other relevant applicable laws of our Republic.

3. Officials & Military personal sanction for war crime( To be handle by Hybrid Court of South Sudan).

Now out of these individuals you find no one is suitable to be constitutional post-holder because these are major offense that are committed within less than seven year which also our South Sudan Transitional Constitution 2011 as amended talked about and these are constitutional facts. Some fellow citizens will not agree with me because they are either members of SPLM, SPLM/A-IO, SSOA or Other Political Parties who will in a way or another must support decision of his or her party.

My opinion and let us agree that Sanctioned Individuals or officials to be kept out of R-TGoNU till they are proven innocent by both court of law in South Sudan for corruption cases and Hybrid Court of South Sudan for cases of human rights violations and war crime, and after they can participate in government or upcoming election by the end of transitional period.

Finally I congratulate the parties to the peace agreement for partially forming the government leaving with question as my simple note to you.

Does sanctions give more credit to your respective party member and grant him appointment in R-TGoNU? Or it one of criteria that you will consider in their nomination to any of provide seats in government? Happy day!.

The author is a rights activist & a writer, formerly Executive Director for Centre for Peace and Justice. He is reachable via anthony.tito@tutanota.de/

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