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Who Will Lead The Joint Supreme National Liberation Leadership Council (JSNLLC) ?

By Yien Lam Tot

Ghetts would rather lead the way for other rappers than follow them. He's independent and different, two traits which are reflected in his music...(Photo credits: genius.com)
Ghetts would rather lead the way for other rappers than follow them. He’s independent and different, two traits which are reflected in his music…(Photo credits: genius.com)

Jan 03, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —- On 29th of November 2015, the SSNDP/SSNDF formally called for the formation of the Joint Supreme Liberation Leadership Council (JSLLC) which should be charged with planning, organising, controlling and the monitoring of the political-military activities in the rebel held territory. The idea was highly welcomed by the vast majority of the freedom fighters. Too many people said that the SPLM/SPLA-I.O. which is headed by Dr. Riek Machar Teny completely failed to liberate the enslaved, marginalised, forcefully kiirised and the dinkanised ethnic groups in South Sudan because it accepted to sign the Addis Ababa Comprise Peace Agreement (ACPA on 17th August 2015.

The freedom fighters added that they withdrew their support from the SPLM/SPLA-I.O. because the upcoming Transitional Government of the National Unity (UTGNU) will be led by Gen. Mayardit of the (SPLA) who authorised the massacre of unarmed innocent civilians in Juba from 15th-17th December 2015 in the present of the International Community (IC).

It is very clear that the overwhelming majority of the South Sudan’s freedom fighters strongly support the establishment of the Joint Supreme National Liberation Leadership Council (JSNLLC) in order liberate the whole country from the SPLM/SPLA and its allies faster and safely.  The big question is who will preside over the awaiting Democratic Transitional Government for the National Salvation (DTGNS)?  The SSNDP/SSNDF has proposed that the person who will lead the Joint High National Liberation Leadership Council (JHNLLC) must meet the following leadership requirements:

  1. Must have attained a University Decree from the recognised educational institution;
  2. Have previous satisfactory political and military experience;
  3. Physically and mentally fit to run the (DTGNS);
  4. Can match his /her leadership style with the current situation to get the job done faster;
  5. Able to bring advanced modern military weapons communication equipments, uniforms, boots, vehicles, medical supply, sleeping materials, and other army needs;
  6. Ability to build strong diplomatic relationships with the foreign nations;
  7. Can work closely and cooperatively with all supporters;
  8. Ability to combat against all forms of corruption;
  9. Demonstrated high level of commitment in the liberation of South Sudan from the SPLM/SPLA;
  10. Ability to compete with Gen. King Mayardit of the (SPLA) politically and military;
  11. Demonstrate honesty /integrity;
  12. Good communication skills;
  13. Can listen to his /her followers;
  14. Ability to investigate the root causes of the conflicts before solving the problems;
  15. Able to mediate between the two parties;
  16. Demonstrate high level of counseling and empowerment;
  17. Ability to build an effective team;
  18. Inspire the the followers and thier associates;
  19. Ability to influence the stakeholders;
  20. Make ethical decisions consitently;
  21. Couragious and tactiful person;
  22. Good at time management;
  23. Able to delegate the tasks in professional manner; and
  24. Other leadership skills and qualities.

In summary, the Head of the rebel movements should hold a joint formal meeting  by January 2016 to elect the person who will lead the Joint Supreme National Liberation Leadership Council (JSNLLC) of the Democratic Transitional Government for the National Salvation (DTGNS). There is no good reason to delay the formation of the (DTGNS) beausee the overwelming majority of the freedom fighters highly welcomed the creation of the (JSNLLC)  to free the  enslaved, marginalised, forcifuly kiirised and the dinkanised ethnic communities in South Sudan.


Commander Yien Lam Tot

The author is an Advocate for Situational Leadership theories and he holds Asso. Dip. of Sustain.; Asso.Dip. of Admin; Dip. of Bus.; Dip. of HR.;  Dip. of Mgt.; and Post Grad. Leadership Degree.

The writer is also the President of the (SSNDP) and Commander-in-chief of the (SSNDF) South Sudan, Liberated Area. He can be reached at totTottot2014@hotmail.com or yien.military1991@hotmail.com or + 249 -96 5060 624

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GatNor January 3, 2016 at 5:09 pm

At this point we should come to terms and accept the harsh reality that the sheep’s on both sides are tested to by groups of lions, henna, and packs of wild dogs.

GatNor January 3, 2016 at 5:11 pm

Tested or guarded

Beek January 4, 2016 at 12:05 am

Dinkas are proud of what they do. For those who hate cattle and other livestock should be ashamed of themselves. There is no country in the GLOBE without livestock. Richest are private sector and Farmers.

Tollio January 4, 2016 at 8:07 am

The whole world wants no continuation of war in South Sudan,because the civilians who can’t protect themselves from the militaries are the casualties of war. It is the reason why the peace was imposed on the warring factions. That call has never changed. The war between the government and the oppositions is not important than the safety of civilians in South Sudan who are actually the majority than the total number of all the armed forces in South Sudan. No more war associations needed.


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