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The Nuer Massacre: A Man We Trusted As Our President Killed Us Like Flies

  • In Memory of December 15, 2013 Juba Genocide

By Isaac Thok Moses ,


Two masses graves found by the Human rights group to contain the bodies of the Nuer Ethnic massacred in the capital city by the presidential guards (photo: file)
Two masses graves found by the Human rights group to contain the bodies of the Nuer Ethnic massacred in the capital city by the presidential guards (photo: file)

Dec 15, 2016(Nyamielepedia) —— In the early December 2013 tension began to rise between the SPLM leaders. This occurs as several actions being taken by president to silence his opponent in within their political realms. The outcome of president Salva Kiir Mayardiit action against his colleagues was ugly, disservice and harmful to Nuer people and the entire South Sudan. The president was apoplectic and made the decision, which have torn our social fabric part as a nation.

Today, we are remembering the massacre of Nuer people on the 15 December /2013, this atrocious act committed by the President of South Sudan the world youngest nation deliberately ordered his private trained militia to execute killing spree targeting civilians who where simply enjoying their life after hard earned independent of their nation from North Sudan, their lives will always be remembered.

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As we are remembering and mourning the lost of love one, the South Sudan leaders are still repudiating the massacre which has been committed before their watch.

The innocent Nuer were methodologically, systematically killed by their own government simply because they are from the same sub-clan with a man who thrown his hat on the ring to contest for the nation presidency in 2015 election. Therefore, in my own jurisdiction, the massacre wasn’t motivated because of Riek Machar willingness to contest for the country leadership. Why? Well, Riek Machar was not only the one who had thrown his hat on the ring for the top job. There were other two potential candidates; Madam Rebecca Nyandeng De- Mabior and Secretary General of SPLM party Pagan Amum Okiech was also a main contender. Why Nuer people were target and not shulluk were Pagan Amum come from? Why Nuer people were targeted and not Dinka Bor where Mama Rebecca Nyadeng come from? In this case, if President Kiir motive were to protect his presidency by killing the supporters of the candidates he should not have only killed one sub-clan. These questions have to be answer on the judgment day. The December 15/2013 will be memorized for generations to come and the lives of more 20,000 innocent Nuer will be embedded in our hearts forever and ever. The Lest We Forget!

There will be a time to open a new chapter in our country story.

For our nation to over comes this darkest day in story, our president Kiir must have a gut to admitted his wrong deeds. Peace without holding any culprits accountable will not heal the wound of this nation. Our president must stop disavowing the mistake he have made, and be the president for all who abided by the rules of laws and respect the human rights of all fellow citizens

We shouldn’t have to live in a country where our tribal and political affiliation is questioned and dismissed. We shouldn’t have to live knowing that many of our community members are on the streets or in the cemetery simply because they are from different tribes. And we shouldn’t have to live in country where we have to mourn the deaths of our brothers and sisters from the unknown gunmen who are breaded by our own government.  We shouldn’t have a live in country where our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters are feared of being rapes simply because they from another tribes. As the citizens of south Sudan we all fought, wrote, talk and voted for that country. No tribe could claim that they brought us this country. We all deserve better from our government, from our society, and from the President.

As a whole, us humans like to distance ourselves from the past when it is ugly. We like to convince ourselves that we’ve reached some sort of fairy-tale ending, so that no one has to deal with feelings of guilt or accountability. This kind of approach is easy and it’s comfortable as it happened now in Juba, but it’s beyond dangerous. It does not fix the situation at all; it simply perpetuates the cycles of violence in place like South Sudan. We do this so we can wash our hands of the atrocities committed in our country on a daily basis. We do it so that when things like this horrific killing of equatorial people happened we can simple chalk it up to unknown gunmen instead of the government of South Sudan acknowledging that their leadership played a role in shaping the culture needed for this type of crime to occur.

“We die for claiming our inherent rights as human being, it is worth it to die for no one deserved to be slave of another on that land”.

I’d like to end on a quote from The Laramie Project, a documentary theater piece about the murder of Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming. The quote is by Zubaida Ula, a Muslim woman who was in college during the crime.  She speaks to how we need to own crimes when they occur and not distance ourselves from them. Eighteen years later and this quote is still painfully relevant:

And we have to mourn this and we have to be sad that we live in a town, a state, a country where shit like this happens. I mean, these are people trying to distance themselves from this crime. And we need to own this crime. I feel. Everyone needs to own it. We are like this. We ARE like this. WE are LIKE this. 

Freedom and justice will reign 

May God bless South Sudan..

Isaac Thok Moses is a concern South Sudanese living in Australia. He can be reached at isaacthok@hotmail.com

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