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The Greater Dok Nuer Community Paramount Chief Dies in Exile

By James Nguen,

A graveyard in Kenyan's Kakuma Refugee Camp where many South Sudanese have been buried over the years.(Photo: memoryisimortal)
A graveyard in Kenyan’s Kakuma Refugee Camp where many South Sudanese have been buried over the years.(Photo: memoryisimortal)

May 10, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– They say “God give and God take.” On May 1st, 2016, the Greater Dok Nuer Community learned the passing of her Paramount Chief (PC), Gideon Bading Jagei Geen. PC Bading dies in exile in Kukama, Kenya possibly of heart attack.

He was reported to have had spent the rest of the day with friends on May 1st without complaining from any ailment, but at around 10 PM Kenya’s local time, trouble was heard when Paramount Chief’s young wife came out from the hut crying reporting that the chief Bading was not breathing.

When people attended the scene, the Paramount Chief was still unconscious and not breathing. He was rush to Kukama’s hospital but was later pronounced dead on arrival.

With this untimely death and others of similar like it, the Great Dok Nuer Community worldwide is heartbroken and saddened by this irreversible death of wise man and respected elder and leader of our community.

Sadly so, the passing of Chief Bading came in no less than three weeks when the Greater Dok Nuer Community has lost a respected elder, Dang Yuot Kuong, in exile, in Nairobi, Kenya. These are irreparable and great loss not only to the Greater Dok Nuer Community but also to the Greater Nuer Community and South Sudan as a nation at this critical time of great need of such valuable assets.

The Greater Dok Nuer Community is one of the most affected communities by the recent civil war and the community needs these wise men and respectable elders to steer the community to rightful path of forgiveness to those who have committed horrific crimes against this community.

Chief Bading and Elder Dang have witnessed their subjects burned alive after rape, young girls and women abducted at gun point, boys castrated and left for dead, women burned in form of torture to disclose livestock whereabouts, cattle looted, homes stead burned to ashes and 65 men and boys were suffocated to death in shipment container by government soldiers and allied militias. These sad events and saddest that we loss Chief Bading without witnessing rule of law prevails and seeing those who committed these gruesome crimes face the full force of the law.

It’s also sad to remind ourselves (Greater Dok) that as South Sudanese embrace peace to pick up themselves, the Greater Dok Nuer Community is instead burying its elders. As we mourns for these great loss of wises men, the Greater Dok Nuer Community calls on the Transitional Government of National Unity in South Sudan to help the immediate family of Paramount Chief Gideon Bading Jagei Gien wherever deemed necessary.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the immediate family members of Chief Bading in these difficult times.

Best regards,

Signed by

James Nguen,

Greater Dok Crisis Management Council.

Should anyone have any question or how to help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at1403 603 604 1851 or jamesnguen@gmail.com.

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