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Nyirol Youth Association of Lou Nuer Rejects Establishment Oder 36/2015 and Calls on Salva Kiir to Abolish 28 States for the Sake of Peace

By Thiep Jock Kuony,

Lou Nuer Meeting
28 appointed Governors for the newly created 28 states take oath in Juba (Photo: Supplied).

Jan 02, 2016 (Nyamilepedia) —- Nyirol Youth Association of Lou Nuer has rejected the Establishment Oder 36/2015 that created 28 states and calls up on President Salva Kiir Mayardit to abolish the whole excercie of implementing them.

The Republic of South Sudan was founded on the existent of ten (10) states in the Republic, Salva and his group, especially Jieng Council of Elders, unconstitutionally increased 10 states to 28 states in order to award his tribe with large chunk of land grabbed from other tribes. The Nyirol Youth Association of Lou has condemned in strongest terms policy this barbaric of intimidation and land-grabbing policy that has no place in South Sudanese lifestyle.

By the same token, Nyirol Youths of Lou Nuer will never allow their ancestral land or any inch of their holy land to be annexed to their neighboring Dinka under the disguise of 28 states. The courageous youth of Lou Nuer community will always stand by their people to defend their land from Jieng Council of Elders who have lately gone wild inciting tribalism, grab any land from any tribe in a designed mechanism that is seen in the Establishment Order 36/2015. The intruders, moles, and sellouts will be scrutinized and be weeded out within our territory because doing so will keep Kiir and his evil Jieng Council of Elders at bay.

The appointment of 28 States Governors by President Salva Kiir is a clear violation of the Compromise Peace Agreement which was signed on 17th August 2015 between the Government of South Sudan and Sudan People’s Liberation Movement in Opposition dubbed as (SPLM-IO), the IGAD-Plus initiative brought in to fold many stakeholders, such as Former Political Detainees (FPDs), Civil Society and Faith based organization together, to be part of the larger peace process.

Nyirol Youth Association of Lou Nuer takes this opportunity once again to call upon President Salva Kiir Mayardit and cohorts to reverse both the establishment of 28 states and the implementation process; we need more actors to peace, not more tribally inclined states. On the same spirit, the youths of our community has rejected the appointment of Gen. Peter Bol Koang Nguoth as Governor of unrecognized Eastern Bieh State. Gen. Peter Bol emerged from Nyirol County, to which this community belongs, and he was in Juba flattering by killing his beloved relatives, daughters and sons in order to seek the political recognition from Jieng Council of Elders. Self-seekers as Gen Bol Kong and others in Lou Nuerland are deemed outcast.

Gen. Peter Bol celebrated with Jieng Council of Elders when Salva Kiir and UPDF killed our people in Lou Nuerland using aerial bombardment in 2014 and Nuer Genocide in Juba on 15th, 16th, 17th, 18, December 2013.

Nyirol Youth Association of Lou Nuer has to make it clear that terrible past history will not be allowed to repeat itself. In 2006, the Government sent Lou Nuer’s sons and daughters to carry out a forceful disarmament that ended up with lots of loss of lives, and that disarmament campaign was spearheaded by none other than Gen Bol Koang Nguoth himself who is now trying to come back to kill in different outfit. That history will not be allowed to repeat itself!


This community is not ready to be led by Judas Iscariots, we don’t accept leaders to be imposed on us. The world has revolutionized and the people have a say on who to rule them, imposition leadership has no place in this age.

As we usher in to a new year 2016, we are here to send our new year 2016 best wishes to the people of the beloved people of the Republic of South Sudan, that SPLA-IO as the people’s Movement, under the wise leadership of Dr..Riek Machar Teny Dhurgon, is committed to the compromised peace agreement and will not let us down.

We also acknowledge the contributions and the sacrifices of Greater Lou Nuer sons and daughters, who had been in the bushes in order to defense our Land and the dignity of our people.

Nyirol Youth Association of Lou Nuer community would like to pay the respect to our civilians who were killed in cold blooded in Juba and may the almighty God rest their souls in eternal peace!

The writer is Nyirol County representative to Nuer Youth Union’s Council (NUYU) leader in Nairobi, Kenya, and can be reached via thiepjock@gmail.com

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1 comment

Iual deng January 3, 2016 at 12:10 am

Mr Thiep joak
We keep writing a lot of article about condemnation of 28 states ,but the thugs in juba who are advise by jieng elders of council they did not care about anything and there is no another way else except war because war some time is a solution to kleptocracy government who refuses to recognise any agreement and they didn’t want existing of tribes that was what motivated them to launch carnage in juba. I think south Sudan will never be the same AGAIN and no matter what agreement will be put in place we will never forget what happened to our brothers and sisters mothers fathers in juba in 2013.


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