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Salva Kiir Men and JCE Should Be Held Accountable For The Deadly Attacks in Gambela, Ethiopia

BNFA Press Release

By Sam Simon Mayen Tut,

Maiwut-Adar State.

Gambella Regional President H.E. Mr. Gatluak Tut Khot welcoming the released children in Gamebella, Ethiopia(Photo credits: UU Dialy)
Gambella Regional President H.E. Mr. Gatluak Tut Khot welcoming the released children in Gamebella, Ethiopia(Photo credits: UU Dialy)

May 11, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– I am taking this opportunity to pass this press release to the media houses in regards to the South Sudan Murle ethnic that annihilated thirteen villages belonging to Ethiopian Nuer; I visited the victims at Maiwut Hospital in my capacity as Chairman of BNFA with my officials namely; Elizabeth Nyayual Gatkuoth-Chairperson of BNFA Women Union and Isaac Buor Bol-BNFA Chief of Finance.

First and foremost, on behalf of BNFA and on my own behalf, I hereby conveying my heartfelt condolences to the families of the more than two hundred children, women and elders killed in this barbaric attack. I also wish the wounded at Maiwut Hospital and various health facilities a very quick recovery.

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Secondly, I condemn this barbaric but well-coordinated attack in the strongest terms possible and the perpetrators must face the justice. The April 15th, 2016 on Ethiopian 13 villages was well-coordinated: the assailants possessed modern weaponry with adequate ammunitions, were all in SPLA uniforms in good forms and were coordinating and synchronizing their attacks incumbent to that of military tactics. The nature of attack also suggests that these assailants were meant to further Kiir regime ethnic cleansing agenda on Nuer because they carried massacre indiscriminately targeting children, women and elderly.

They abducted more than 100 children and also looted the more than 2,000 heads of cattle after their carnage and thereafter headed towards Pibor County in South Sudan. At this juncture, I would to declare to the media houses that the incidence carried out on 13 Ethiopian villages was clearly overseen by Kiir and JCE in Juba. They trained these hoodlums around Pochalla and Pibor areas and armed them to the teeth and further instructed them destroy those villages because they are adjacent to Pagak of South Sudan-which is the HQs for SPLA-IO. In this light, Kiir and JCE are criminally responsible.

Thirdly, I call on Ethiopian government and their Defense Forces to hold Kiir and JCE responsible for the aggression of Ethiopia territory; therefore, it is a duty to pursue these thugs to recover the abducted children and looted cattle wherever they are taken. The Ethiopian should take Kiir and JCE to ICC for crimes against humanity and aggression.

Finally, I wish to tell the Ethiopian Nuer to be vigilant because Kiir and JCE know no borders in ensuing their ethnic cleansing and this incident epitomized it. Our prayers are always with you and may the souls of those deceased rest in eternal peace. May God also bless their families. We also commended the swift and timely response of Ethiopian authorities in regards to this incidence.

Best regards,

The author of this article, Sam Simon Mayen Tut Lam, is the chairman of CCN BNFA. He can be reached at pursolomon@gmail.com

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John May 11, 2016 at 4:36 am

Saliva Kiir shouldn’t be held account for your Nuer uncivilized behavior period. Murle are paying you in kind for what you Nuer have historically done to them.

chol y May 11, 2016 at 11:55 am

The nuers are hard-headed animals I mean people . you haven’t learned your lesson fighting Dinka. Murle might be small tribe but cannot defeat them either.

chol y May 11, 2016 at 11:58 am

You cannot defeat murle tribe.

GatNor May 14, 2016 at 10:39 am

Chol be reminded that in the recent past as several years prior to the civil war, White Army of Lou Nuer youths alone occupied Pibor defeating Murlei only for the nation to beg the Lou Nuer elders to recalled back their youth. I am telling you right now to stop your nonsense. Lou Nuers have hard time fighting Gaajaaks if they could defeat Murlei at a lightening speed. Gaajaaks sharp shooters would find Pibor abundant and would refers to any confrontation with Murlei booooring. Thanks for sticking your empty head out. I have shut you down once again, so go piss and squad you biatch.

James Mulbah May 12, 2016 at 3:28 am

If you want to fight the Nuers , do the fighting in South Sudan instead of Ethiopia. The Nuers in Ethiopia are under different soverienty. And attacking them in Ethiopia is a calculated mistake that the Murle and South Sudan will pay dearly.
You don’t attack indocent citizens for any political gain. There are international laws governing us as sovereign states. And the United Nations is there to help or solve problems involving border issues.

Tolio May 12, 2016 at 11:05 am

Sam Simon Mayan Tut

Ethiopian government can disagree with you that attackers from Murle tribe are neither affiliated to government of South Sudan nor SPLM in opposition. You are out of mind to associate President Kiir and JCE with what those attackers did in Ethiopia. Both the president and JCE, like other educated South Sudanese, know that Nuers and Anyuaks of Ethiopia, are foreigners and therefore got nothing to do with the political instability which South Sudanese have. There is no ethnic cleansing ever going on in South Sudan that has Kiir or JCE against Nuers. Some Nuers are allies of the president and they wouldn’t have been safe and still loyal if Dinkas from which the president and JCE come from had the so-called ethnic cleansing as their agenda.

With exception of educated Murles, their illiterate tribesmen have been abducting children, killing adults and looting any tribe that shares borders with them before there was even a government of South Sudan in office. It is something in their culture that could be changed through giving them better education and making sure there is good security mechanism to control borders between them and their neighbors . Ethiopian army should control its borders. The government of South Sudan should work in the future with Ethiopian government at the borders between their countries, ensuring that no body is crossing borders to commit crimes, while the goverment of South Sudan internally in the case of Murles who are uneducated be given better education in Schools and in their grassroot levels. Political stability in South Sudan should make this possible.

Just so you know, saying that the attackers were wearing South Sudanese army’s uniforms doesn’t make your claim legitimate. There were SPLA’s uniforms nation wide before rebellions and chances are that the attackers could have used them to commit crimes in disguised, suggesting they were linked to government. Before rebellions, some soldiers who revolted were parts of the national South army and they revolted wearing their national army’s uniforms. All spare uniforms and weapons in stores they had in their regions or tribal hometowns became their possessions after rebellions.

Take for instane, when Americans invaded Iraq and Libya their major concerns were not to let terrorists get possession of chemical weapons or anti-aircraft missiles that could be used to bring down civilian passenger airplanes, hence they talked about Concerns of chemical weapons getting into the wrong hands. Well, the same is true of national army’s uniforms and weapons which got into the wrong hands of rebels in South Sudan. Criminals now used the national army’s uniforms and weapons they had in their towns before they revolted to commit deadly crimes such as the ones which they did in Ethiopian villages and elsewhere in South Sudan. Was this a mistake of President Kiir or JCE? No it wasn’t. The president trusted them that they were parts of the national army but they chose not to conform as results of their tribally motivated political ideologies that ate in no way better than the path which the president and citizen majority follow.


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