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The People’s Movement Needs To Have Its Eyes Keenly on Juba Regime’s Partial and Suspicious Manner

By Kutei Jnr

Nairobi, Kenya.

Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the former Vice President, Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLA/SPLM[Opposition] addressing a forum in the past(Photo credits:  ZACHARIAS ABUBEKER/AFP/Getty Images)
Dr. Riek Machar Teny, the former Vice President, Chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLA/SPLM[Opposition] addressing a forum in the past(Photo credits: ZACHARIAS ABUBEKER/AFP/Getty Images)
April 20, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– I said it times and again that I am not satisfied with manner in which the Juba regime is conducting itself in implementing its side of the peace agreement. Starting from their “failure to demilitarize the national capital as provided in the peace pact, refusal to allow opposition forces to assemble in cantonments in both greater Bahr el Gazel and Equatoria respectively and above all, the suspicious refusal to declare how many security forces they have in Juba.”

In addition, the current attempt by Juba to deny the opposition leader’s own security personels reception of their boss, tending to allow only five members of the opposition officials to go and receive him alongside hundreds of government’s security officers disguised as civil officials is in itself a suspicious move.

This event is subsequently followed by another attempt to deny coming to Juba of opposition’s army chief of staff Gen. Simon Gatwech Dual.

The government has however gone as far as breaching the agreement by denying additional forces of the opposition who through the agreement should deploy at least 2,920 soldiers. Claiming a number of 1,370 which was transported by TROIKA is enough to provide security for Dr. Riek even as they are only carrying light weapons while they (regime) has presents of hundreds of thousands of troops with heavy artilleries and more sophisticated areal might.

Why do they refuse to allow only a few tanks and some sort of compulsory military armaments to be brought for opposition forces in Juba? Is that not speaking volumes?

Unilateral creation of 28 unconstitutional states under establishment order no. 36/2015 is another which must not be played down and I would like to request Dr. Machar and the entire opposition leadership not to accept being mudded by succumbing to the unconstitutional decision by president Kiir.

With all these developments happening, our movement must extensively prepare for any eventuality as we cannot clearly tell what the regime has in mind regarding the future of transitional government of national unity, or underestimate the level of preparedness the regime is, we must not be victimized again and that is why I want to appreciate Gen. Simon Gatwech for maintaining that he goes to Juba before his Commander-in-Chief.

Furthermore, Juba must know that, Simon Gatwech is a Chief of the opposition forces which is recognized by the agreement and his office is in Juba and not Pagak. Therefore, government’s claim to deny the coming to Juba of Gen. Gatwech is uncalled for and can easily be misconstrued as plotting a secret agenda.

Failure by the opposition chiefs to prepare and equip their security forces in Juba, failure to establish the cantonment areas in greater equatorial and ensuring their forces in Jonglei are cantoned in the state capital Bor will be a very tragic catastrophe should anything unleash in the near future.

However, American government through its embassy should be made to understand the depth this conflicts has created in this country, I request the US government to study and have a better knowledge of the events not only how they begun but rather, how they are happening.

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure” I plea to our chairman not be tricked and blindfolded by calls that the economy is collapsing whatsoever so that he rushes to Juba. Peoples’ lives including your own, matter most, and thus must be given the top priority.

Future of soon to be formed transitional government of national unity is so opaque but good luck and God bless the Federal Democratic Republic of Sudan.

The author can be reached at kutei2015@gmail.com.

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