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Intelleaks: South Sudan Government Plans Imminent Attacks On SPLM/SPLA Cantonments Sites in Mundri and Maridi.

South Sudanese SPLA soldiers are pictured in Pageri in Eastern Equatoria state on August 20 where they fought an armed group identified as SSAF(Photo: Gehtti Image)
South Sudanese SPLA soldiers are pictured in Pageri in Eastern Equatoria state on August 20 where they fought an armed group identified as SSAF(Photo: Gehtti Image)

April 20, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Latest intelligence reports of SPLM/SPLA in Opposition indicates that the government has planned to launch new attacks on SPLA-IO cantonments areas in Maridi and Mundri as soon as the first vice president, Dr. Riek Machar Teny, takes oath in Juba.

According to Girma Apaya, the Spokesman of the Commander of SPLA-IO forces in Mundri,  the rebels have intercepted government plans to launch multiple attacks on SPLA IO strongest holds in Western and Eastern Equatoria “very soon”.

The reports indicates the plan is to weaken the peace agreement and to detach Equatorians support of SPLM/SPLA-IO as soon as Machar returns to the capital.

According to the inside reports,  there shall be a multiple attacks which “shall be lunched at the same time from all directions to clear the SPLA IO forces in Mundri and Maridi once and for all”

The government forces in Maridi were ordered to assemble at the barracks yesterday evening and await for an instructions to start the operation on the same day with their counterparts in Mundri.

“This is a clear indication of the violation and a way of provoking the leadership of SPLM/A IO to act in response to such violations something which we don’t see it important at the moment as the chairman and Commander in Chief of SPLM/A IO Dr. Riek Machar is due to arrive in Juba.” Said Girma Apaya, the spokesman of SPLA-IO Commander in Mundri.

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“We called upon the JMEC and the international community to note that the government is not willing to implement the signed agreement and still considering to continue killing our people when the transitional government of national unity is due to be formed. We condemn in strongest terms possible these act of valuations and request the government forces to respect peace.” Apaya continued.

Girma stressed the SPLM/A IO remained committed to implementation of the agreement on resolutions  of conflict in South Sudan.

Girma assures the opposition will continue to work hard to bring the most wanted lasting peace to restore the world’s youngest nation.

The SPLM/SPLA-IO in Mundri calls on the people of Equatoria to remain united and work for peace on both sides.

“We urge the commanders of the government forces in both Maridi and Mundri and the two Governors of the proposed Amadi and Maridi states to work for peace other then prolonging the suffering of our people.” Girma said.

The spokesman assures supporters and sympathizers of the armed opposition that their forces are prepared to repulse any attack should the enemy provoke their commitment to peace agreement.

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1 comment

GatNor April 21, 2016 at 2:51 pm

As expected of Juba Faction. Should there be any attacks, Juba Factions(forces) will be forced to retreat to Juba the capital and it will escalate from there. The clear and present danger is in continued hostility? Peace has lost it meaning.

To those who think I am anti-peace, I should tell you again that I am not. I am skeptical though due to lack of faith in Juba Faction’s commitment to the signed doc. It will simply not last like an arranged marriage done for all the wrong reasons.


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