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The Introduction of The 28 States Will Cause Deadly Tribal And Factional Conflict In South Sudan

By Yien Tot  Lam  Padiet

Khartoum, Sudan.

Map of the 28 states decreed by President Kiir
Map of the 28 states decreed by President Kiir

May 30, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- In 2015, Gen. King Mayardit of the (SPLA-IG) introduced 28 States into South Sudan to keep himself in power for several decades. This unethical decision will caused deadly tribal and factional tensions in the newly created country. The expansion of the ten states was first proposed by the Dinka National Council of Elders (DNCE) to the so called President of the new nation last year and was approved by the self-appointed King of South Sudan. The (DNCE) is a lawless tribal body which was deliberately designed by the SPLM/SPLA-Dinka-extremists to advance the newly founded religion titled (Kiirism) and also to protect the (Dinka Kingdom).

The South Sudan National Democratic Party (SSNDP) which is one of the powerful revolutionary movements totally rejected the newly introduced 28th states for the following main reasons;

  • Too many South Sudanese will die of hunger, thirsty and treatable diseases;
  • The ongoing tribal and factional conflict in South Sudan will not come to an end;
  • It will cause the awaiting second phase of the South-South civil war. The new nation will lose its central government as a consequence of long-lasting tribal and factional violence;
  • The introduction of additional 18 states will result in Africa-Africa long-lasting civil war. Some of the nations will decide to fight alongside with the so-called Government of South Sudan and some with provide their political-military support to the New South Sudan Revolutionary Force (NSSRF);
  • The International Community (IC) will automatically withdraw its support from the newly founded nation due to reckless authoritarian leadership;
  • The wildlife habitat will be badly destroyed as the result of exchange heavy artillery between the rebels and the government troops; and
  • Others causes.

In conclusions, the International Community (IC) should advise Gen. King Mayardit and his lawless regime before it is too late. The expansion of the ten states will soon result in severe tribal and factional conflict in South Sudan. The increase of the number of the existing regions will also lead to Africa-Africa long-lasting civil war in the near future.

The removal of Mayardit of the (SPLA) from power through maximum military campaign and intensive political mobilisations of people via media will bring permanent peace and security into South Sudan. The existing unethical regime in Juba must be brought down through the barrel of the gun and be substituted with an ethical government. There is no point to delay the intensive formal uprising against the SPLM /SPLA-IG) and its lawless allies because Mayardit and his corrupt regime were rejected by the vast majority of South Sudanese.


2nd Lt. Gen. Yien Tot  Lam  Padiet

The author is an Advocate for Situational leadership theories and he holds Asso. Dip. of Sustain., Asso.Dip. of Admin., Dip. of Bus., Dip. of HR., Dip. of Mgt., and Post Grad. Leadership Degree.

The writer is also the President of the (SSNDP) and Commander-in-Chief of the (SSNDF)

South Sudan, Liberated   Area. The author can be reached at totTottot2014@hotmail.com or yien.military1991@hotmail.com

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MrUniteUs June 1, 2016 at 5:39 pm

There was deadly tribal and factional conflicts before the 28 states. Why? You don’t like Black people?
What are the problems? What are the solutions that would benefit your family?


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