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Survivors of Ugali and Other Areas in Wau County Report Gender-based Violence and Killing of Civilians Including Children By The SPLA

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May 30, 2016(Nyamilepedia)—– Latest assessments by Humanitarian partners along the Greater Baggari areas in Wau county alleged that South Sudan army loyal to President Salva Kiir has committed gross atrocities on civil population in Wau county.

“The assessment found that people are living deep in the bush because of fears of further attacks. There were reports of sexual and gender-based violence and killing of civilians, including children.” reads part of a report published in Humanitarian Bulletin by OCHA.

“Homes in the assessed areas had been burnt and people reported that their food stocks and household items had been looted.” OCHA report continued.

South Sudan Army rapping, torturing and burning girls alive in Unity State(Photo: supplied)
South Sudan Army rapping, torturing and burning girls alive in Unity State(Photo: supplied)

Based on their need based assessment, the humanitarian partners estimated that about 21,400 people were displaced in various locations after fighting erupted in February 2016, including Ugali, Ngo Halima, Tadu, Ngisa, Faragalla, Natabu, Bringi, Baggari center, Ngodakala and Ngo Sulugu.

According to OCHA, “an unconfirmed number of people were displaced following skirmishes between armed actors in Bussere and Moimoi, Bazia payam, close to Wau town on 10 May, and fighting from 15 to 17 May in Menemba A boma, Raja, reportedly displaced more than 700 people to Diem-Jalad and Menemba B.”

The displaced minority said they were surviving by eating wild roots – which they have to soak in water for three days then dry and cook before eating – and picking cassava leaves and roots.

Asked of whether they could return home, the IDPs regret that an army deployed in the area is hunting them down in the bush.

The report confirmed that while the health facilities in Wau county had been vandalized by the army, there were no health workers on the ground during the assessment.

According to OCHA,  the displaced people do not only lack basic needs, they sleep in the open due to fear of attack

“Displaced people reported to be sleeping in the open and indicated that they are in need of food, shelter, basic household items, health services and nutritional support.” OCHA reports.

The report also confirmed that more people were displaced in Raja and Aweil west by clashes between the two warring parties.

“This added to the more than 3,900 people already displaced into Raja since skirmishes in February 2016. Of these, about 1,600 were originally from Aweil West, while about 2,300 were from Wau County.” OCHA report reads.

While denying presence of SPLA-IO forces in Bhar el Ghazal region, SPLA-IG deployed battalions of troops to Wau and Aweil in February this year to crush rebels around Wau and Aweil towns.

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