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An Open Letter to Gen. Kuol Manyang et al: a Call for A Revitalized, Rejuvenated SPLM! 



Compatriot, Cde Lt. General Engineer Kuol Manyang de Juuk

Member of SPLM Political Bureau

Senior Presidential Advisor to RTGoNU

Juba, The Republic of South Sudan

CC: All SPLM Structures and Organs, media,

 If your comradeship may allow!

Your Comradeship,

By Acuil Banggol,

March 26, 2021(Nyamilepedia) — It is without any prejudice to constitutional jurisdiction that I solemnly with humility and esteem regard that I am seeking from your comradeship to allow me to obligingly make the  following submission. 

Acuil Banggol, SPLM Technical Advisor on Popular and Syndicated Organizations SPLM National Secretariat, Juba, SSD(Photo credit: courtesy image)
Acuil Banggol, SPLM Technical Advisor on Popular and Syndicated Organizations SPLM National Secretariat, Juba, SSD(Photo credit: courtesy image)

Guided and enthused by my commitment to realize SPLM Constitutional mandate that: In  accordance with my membership rights under article 8(7) of SPLM Constitution 2008 amended  2016, I could suggest proposals, raise questions and submit petitions either verbally or written  to appropriate organs of the SPLM and to receive timely answers.  

Cognizant, compassionate and unwaveringly dedicated to disseminate and promote  awareness amongst my comrades at all levels and/or of SPLM at relevant party’s leadership,  structures and organs to remind anyone and collectively that: Article 9(18) of SPLM  Constitution 2008 amended 2016 mandates on SPLM member that: When holding a  constitutional, executive or legislative position at any level of government, he or she shall be a  member of the SPLM caucus at that respective level. Article 24(9) mandates SPLM National  Secretariat roles; mandated under respective provisions on roles of states, counties, payams and  bomas secretariats to: Regularly provide guidance and coordination to the SPLM leagues and  the SPLM caucuses in the legislature, the executive; Article 8(9) of SPLM Constitution 2008  amended 2016, allows me to request where necessary the implementation of constitutional  provisions, directives and resolutions by the party and its leadership. 

Steadfast to realize the Constitutional provision of: Article 30:(1) The Technical Advisors  shall: (a) Provide technical advice to the Secretariat on matters pertaining to their respective  areas of expertise; (b) Assist in developing SPLM basic documents, policies and strategies; (c)  Provide technical support to the various committees and working groups of the Party; and (d) 

Liaise with the relevant National Secretariat and respective secretariat at all levels of party  structures and organs; on issues related to their respective areas of competence.

Letter to Cde Lt. Gen. Engineer Kuol Manyang de Juuk, March 24, 2021 Page 1 of 4 

My Senior Compatriot 

Having keenly listened to your interview by Mathiang Cirilo Show, March 2021; I stand to  agree with most of your statements identifying challenges now bedeviling South Sudan and  hindering SPLM political party efficiency and effectiveness to accomplish its mission. It is  only through such honest and precise identification of the challenges when amicable solutions  could rightfully and timely be identified. Likewise, would there be a chance for correct  identification of accurate causations. Divergent views wouldn’t be uncommon; but it is  patriotic and it is a leadership responsibility not to allow non-basic contradictions to become  basic. Mutualism and dialogue are the answer. 

You are not alone! There couldn’t be any two members at any levels of SPLM who wouldn’t  echo your patriotically stated status of SPLM and its mission. This is not your first time nor  would anyone expect it to be the last time. Chairman Kiir didn’t mince his words during the  Lobonok Retreat 2020. At SPLM Lobonok Retreat identified challenges and resolved solutions 

could be equally judged as is echoing your stated views. Chairman Kiir’s speech on Martyrs  Day, July 30, 2013 was explicit on the same. Chairman Kiir directives during the inaugural  opening of SPLM House in Juba talked about the same challenges and the way forward. His  comradeship explicitly directed SPLM National Secretariat to dedicate designated weekdays 

for SPLM caucuses in legislature and executive and National Secretariat to separately or jointly  meet with SPLM Chair and leadership. I recall your comradeship scheduled weekly meetings  with SPLM State Secretariat in Jonglei State under your SPLM State Chairperson leadership.  Hon. Governor Engineer, Amb. Chol Tong Mayai adopted scheduled weekly meetings at  Lakes State SPLM State Secretariat. Your leadership implemented SPLM National Secretariat  guidance advising SPLM State Secretariat positions to be assigned to SPLM constitutional  position holders. Your leadership and that of Western Bahr el Ghazal and Central Equatoria  States implemented SPLM National Secretariat advice and guidance to appoint SPLM State  Secretary as Senior SPLM Advisor to the governor. At the National Secretariat it is selectively  being implemented. SPLM Secretary General could have been, in accordance with globally  acceptable best practices, appointed as Senior Presidential Advisor to an SPLM-led Presidency  or a President. I have no explanation. Time alone is now telling us. 

Let us call for mutual and collective responsibility to rejuvenate SPLM by adhering to party  basic documents, resolutions, and directives by SPLM leadership. Calling for SPLM  reorganization or restructuring is doable within legal provisions governing SPLM structures at  national to boma and their respective organs. These are conducted every five years or via extraordinary meetings. What is needed is a mental transformation, from rebellious, revolutionary,  personified loyalty, dedication, reward, and entitlement mentality, whose time is gone, into systematic methodical, institutional structures, constitutional mentality, knowledge-based  pragmatism, professionalism and patriotism. This is achievable only if our senior cadres at any  level of leadership would be ready to become party cadres instead of this entitlement mentality  suffering from acute cluelessness about what a party institutional culture entails. 

Letter to Cde Lt. Gen. Engineer Kuol Manyang de Juuk, March 24, 2021 Page 2 of 4 

A party institutional culture could be measured by intensity and level of inter and intra SPLM  party discipline in adherence to SPLM party institutional culture. In that any SPLM caucus  member at respective level of the executive, legislature, and civic engagement must adhere to  mandated provisions under articles 9(9), 9(18), and articles 24(9) read together with  responding articles on roles of SPLM Secretariat at national to the boma and article7,8,9 and  10 on membership. Provisions of article 8(2) of SPLM Constitution 2008 amended 2016  mandates that: Without prejudice to the provisions of sub-Article (1) above, a person joining  the SPLM in accordance with the provisions of Article 7 of this Constitution, shall be subjected  to screening and political orientation by the appropriate Party Organ prior to nomination for  election or appointment to any leadership position in the Party. This should include SPLM  members joining SPLM caucuses at executive, legislature, leagues and any SPLM-led civic  engagement. This is missing. Any pretend not to read, understand, own and adhere too is  indiscipline. A patriotic genuine SPLM member is to do a self-assessment to rejuvenate SPLM.  

Senior Compatriot  

Your appointment as the senior presidential advisor to RTGoNU was and is being celebrated but explored to maximize SPLM institutional capacity. For me my expectation was not met. I  am humbly sharing with you my expectations. My expectation is in this humble appeal to  your comradeship to take leadership in this process in enforce SPLM National Secretariat roles  to guide and coordinate SPLM-led endeavour to liberate individuals and the society from any  vulnerability and to adopt institutionalism and constitutionalism within SPLM perspectives. 

I stand to be corrected however, SPLM political party is inflicted with noticeable (a) acute  cluelessness and, leadership power distancing exacerbated by grave disconnectedness within  and across party leadership, structures and organs, (b) dysfunctional party institutionality  caused by non adherence to mandated, rules, regulations, procedures supposedly 

institutionalized guidance and coordination, (c) ineffective party political work in public  administration and in SPLM-led civic engagements and (d) worst still is the pitiful caused by  those trusted members of SPLM who contested, won elections and/or appointed as SPLM flag  bearers to implement SPLM’s agenda and supported by SPLM but would not be abiding by  SPLM basic rules and regulations. This has surface as an institutionalized indiscipline 

committed against provisions of article 24(9) mandates SPLM National Secretariat, read  together with respective articles on roles of secretariat at states to bomas on mandate to  regularly provide guidance and coordination to the SPLM leagues and the SPLM caucuses in  the legislature and the executive at respective levels countrywide. Your comradeship reputation, leadership trait and quality is an asset that could enable SPLM National Secretariat to establish  institutional culture supportive to SPLM party roles as a governing political party. This could  without fail enable the party to effectively and efficiently translate SPLM agenda, resolutions  and directives into methodical knowledge-based SPLM programs and actions. This is doable! 

SPLM National Secretariat could invest to explore your leadership traits and quality. Through  SPLM National Secretariat and SPLM caucuses any needed expertise and knowledge-based 

Letter to Cde Lt. Gen. Engineer Kuol Manyang de Juuk, March 24, 2021 Page 3 of 4 

research, programs and actions could be passed into SPLM-led leadership and components  countrywide. With this in place; it is expected that your roles as senior advisor to the presidency in  RTGoNU could be pragmatic, professional within SPLM’s perceptions, perspectives and  interpretations. Through scheduled training, orientations and briefings transformational  leadership could systematically be enforced. 

If Your Comradeship May Allow! 

As a contribution towards departing from the disconnectedness past, SPLM National  Secretariat for Planning and Economic Affairs, supported by a team of consultants, is seeking to  meet with your comradeship as soon as your comradeship may allow. This is to brief your  comradeship on a draft South Sudan National Economic Policy (SSNEP) 2021 framework.  This process is suggested to seek accreditation and validation from the then interviewees and  relevant secretariats. Following this, the proposed policy framework, as mandated, shall be  presented to SPLM Political Bureau for approval and implementation. However, alongside this  the team is aware of needed one-on-one engagement of SPLM leadership, members and rank  and file. The purpose is to wider ownership, inclusivity while ensuring the much-needed backup and support during mandatory SPLM Political Bureau briefing, discussion and approval.  

SPLM led SSNEP 2021 Framework is methodically designed with awareness to depart from the previous path when SPLM liberation and elections manifesto could only be made into policies  and hopes. A four-tracks strategy is now adopted. This communication with your leadership is  one such a track. SSNEP2021 Framework aims at creating wealth, jobs to meet increasing  population of job seekers, productivity and improved infrastructures through enhanced  indigenous and direct foreign investment. The policy framework is a response by SPLM and a  commitment to translate provisions of chapter four of R-ACRSS 2018 into policies, legal,  regulatory and institutional frameworks to govern desired knowledge-based programs and  actions. SPLM leadership, rank and file in collaboration with like minded political parties and  signatories to R-ACRSS shall be mobilized within new literacies putting South Sudan above  all. SSNEP 2021 framework is designed within SPLM perspective responsive to global,  regional and national changing contexts and demands for modernity, sustainable development  goals (SDGs) by ways and means to seek collaborative strategic partnership towards a peaceful  and prosperous world. 

Allow me of this opportunity the assurance of worthy high regards and obedience

SPLM Technical Advisor on Popular and Syndicated Organizations SPLM National Secretariat, Juba, SSD 

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