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By Chuol C. Puoch,



SPLA soldiers drive to the frontline at Mathiang from their military base in Bor, South Sudan, January 26, 2014. The government and rebels in South Sudan traded accusations on Saturday of breaking a ceasefire deal supposed to calm violence that has driven half a million people from their homes. Picture taken January 26, 2014. REUTERS/George Philipas (SOUTH SUDAN - Tags: CIVIL UNREST POLITICS CRIME LAW)
SPLA soldiers drive to the frontline at Mathiang from their military base in Bor, South Sudan, January 26, 2014. The government and rebels in South Sudan traded accusations on Saturday of breaking a ceasefire deal as IGAD talks wait to resume(Photo: REUTERS/George Philipas)

Sept 12, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — I would rather say it is disgusting having this turned-criminal political group calling itself a political party and insidiously run the affairs of the Country. SPLM party has failed beyond reasonable explanation, and its failure has absolutely been our severe pain that we have been enduring for the last 9 years after the CPA. SPLM is a party of former rebel commanders who have acquired little civil leadership system apart from their commanding political ruling. Really disgusting!

It’s worth mentioning that when you walk with a thief, it’s obvious that you can become a thief. The same applied to walking with criminal, murderer and so on; you would sooner than later become criminal and murderer or whoever you follow and walk with. Most of the SPLM members and leaders are patriotic, but have been affected by their walking together silently in gullible manner. As we speak, there are those greedy and corrupt ones calling themselves SPLM-G9, and the other disgraceful group running the Country calling itself the SPLM-Juba. There are also the transformers under the name SPLM-IO. Not to forget to mention that there are also SPLM-In-neutral and SPLM-in-nowhere. All the above mentioned groups are currently in hostile and bloody confrontation politically and militarily. As stated above, not all are bad in the SPLM, but most are really not only bad, but also worse.

The most dangerous group is the SPLM-Juba which has the resources of the Country in their hands, deceiving the world and the ordinary citizens that they are the government of South Sudan, claiming that they were democratically elected.

In this article, I am only going to narrate my heartfelt disappointment by the arrogant acts of the SPLM-Juba and their allies in the government. I have tried as much as I could to make this article very short and brief, in spite the fact that the bad deeds of those people that needs to be mentioned are numerous

Right after the outbreak of the incident of December 15th in Juba, the SPLM-Juba has chosen a deceiving politics over the world and South Sudan; bloody propaganda, war mongering and war escalation is in their utmost interest. They tried as much as a human being can do to sell their coup narrative almost all over the world, but fortunately no single person or Country ever accepted their version; they have always been coming back to Juba with embarrassments. The Salva Service Television (SSTV) (as its broadcasting explains) has been used to sell their coup version to the citizen of South Sudan in the Country and abroad. They use their unfounded statement like “One People, One Nation” Guffaw! are we one people?

How can we be one when you disgracefully massacred our families and relatives in Juba? How can we be one when our innocent civilians are suffering in UN bases while you keep shipping in some more deadly machine guns to kill us? How can the nation be one when you are denying education to our Children in Akobo, Maiwut, Leer and Fangak?

A devil in an action is just as fast as its messy disappearance at the end of its action. That is exactly the case of our brothers in Juba. We should and must understand that they are working messily toward their ending. They will do as worse as they can to utilized and destabilize this Country before their last minutes as it’s always the case with devils.

They have currently hired some youths and adolescents from the streets to go and collect the names of oblivion civilians in their villages as SPLM members. Especially in greater equatoria, it’s clear that once you refuse to submit your names as a member of the SPLM and a supporter of Salva Kirr, you are suspected to having a link with the SPLM/A-IO and your life will be in danger. In greater Bahr el Gazel, it’s done on the basis that Nuer wants to take our leadership and we must all register to vote for Salva Kirr in 2015.

It was just few months ago when Salva Kirr himself came up and openly said that the election wouldn’t happen in 2015 as scheduled, due to the security situation facing the Country. It was accepted because it was/is the only choice we should choose about the election schedule. How possible it’s to conduct an election in this destabilized and unfreidnly environment? Are people going to vote only in Bahr el Gazel and not in Upper Nile? Is it a mean to loot and waste the Country’s resources or a trick to get rid of SPLM-IO?

In Juba, innocent civilians are disappearing almost every single hour and especially at night. Who is kidnapping and killing people? Why kidnapping and killing them? Ask anybody in Juba and they will only tell you that; better those days of 1992 when they were under inhumane torture from the Khartoum regime during the struggle. Why victimizing our very own people inhumanly like that again this time?

Innocent Nuer civilians that are scattered almost in the whole of South Sudan are subjected to frequent harassment, detention, torture and killing. The security agent of the government ask them some ugly question like: Do you know Riek Machar? Do you know Taban Deng Gai? Do you know Husein Mar Nyuot? And do you know Charleman Chawaj? Most stupidly, they expect you to say NO! I don’t know any of them before they can let you go. Frankly speaking, those serving under Kirr’s government are nihilistic to any other thing in this universe with an exception of money, alone.

As a matter of fact, there will never be an election in 2015 and the SPLM-Juba is finally coming to its ending. It’s you and only you who will say enough are enough! So that killing, torture and kidnapping of our innocent civilians is stopped. Our children and women are badly traumatize by the government we call ours; they are hopeless and helpless with tears dropping daily and uncontrollably from their eyes.

The above mentioned points about what is happening to our people are obvious indications that the devil is finally coming to its ending. However, I would like to also stress that there has never been a shortcut to freedom and democracy from any form of system a Country or society underwent through like dictatorship. Look at how South Africa was finally and hardly freed from apartheid by Nelson Madella and take a look at the story of Tanzania as well. Liberia is enjoying democracy after long struggle for independence and self governance which was followed by bad governance. We can say by now that freedom and democracy is just a few miles from now. The devils are disappearing messily as soon as you would imagine. We will then practice the real and honest expression like “One people, one nation”

Chuol C. Puoch is a South Sudanese living in South Sudan; he can be added/follow on Facebook with his name mentioned above, on twitter @ChuolChot and via email: chuolchotson@gmail.com . You can also access and follow his words on www.chuolchotson.wordpress.com

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