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Segregation in South Sudan is the trend of a failed Government!

By Panoum Kor,

Nuer-Dinka sign in the UN camp in SouthSudan, which The Washington Post debates here, is also explained here by the UN: The United Nations has defended the decision to erect the sign as necessary for security and at the request of those seeking help. “As you know, when the UN supports large numbers of displaced persons in this sort of situation, UN personnel work closely with the community leaders of those in the bases,” a U.N. spokesperson told Foreign Policy’s Colum Lynch. “UNMISS informs that UN staff working with the displaced people at the base were told by community leaders that tensions between communities were high and they requested to the UN that community members from each of these two ethnic groups be allowed to gather in separate areas for security reasons.”
Nuer-Dinka sign in the UN camp in SouthSudan,  The United Nations has defended the decision to erect the sign as necessary for security but that is not the case with the warring factions.  As IDPs remains at the UNMISS camps within the cities, neither the government or Opposition visited the suffering groups to apologize.

Sept 11, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — There is no country without a proper viable governing body as someone would argue that, such country must uphold positive principles with correct measures in place to serve the people of that nation. Cornell quote,  “You can’t lead the people if you don’t love the people. You can’t save the people if you don’t serve the people.”
-Cornel West-

Individually, we have heard the slogan of One people, One nation from time to time aired on national television (SSTV). We have seen individuals who are doing their part as peace ambassadors, healers, working day and night for unity of our people in South Sudan such as much or little can this contribution bring. Anyone would not be wrong if they argued that Government is to be held accountable for the failures that South Sudan had witnessed for nearly the past 9 months since the start of the conflict. Statistically, over 1.3 million were displaced during this crisis, and over unimagined lives were also lost and to be exact, the majority who were affected were from the Nuer Ethnic tribe of the Greater Upper Nile region. The controversial issue surrounding this mess is that, Government officials and concern leaders of SPLM and their military wing had made up their mind in order to be in power, some certain people and ethnic group must be eliminated a ‘segregation’ era at its best.

This recent conflict in South Sudan prove to be the worst but yet I believe there is worst to come if such tendencies for example ‘born’ to rule for ever also known as tendency to be a dictator, or employing one over the other because there is immediate relationship over the other are not swiftly dealt with or better off scraped. We have seen and witnessed those nations who seem to have rule of law and authority under one person ‘authoritarianism’. They do not yield good fruits nor they have the ability to flourish in development and economic empowerment because such power thirst does have immediate affect on visitors or investors who are part of contribution toward economic development. So would it be good to dictate and choose who or what particular tribe you would want to serve as the leader or president?.

Coming back up to the topic, segregation occur when uncertainties over particular thing/s arises. The current president of the Republic of South Sudan who double as CinC over the military power and Chairman of the SPLM the dominant political party in South Sudan does need an immediate self-cleansing, self-reconciliation within himself and his household before he can come and beg voters to vote for him as their leader when such democratic national election time arrive even thou the majority of the population combined do not want him to ever run this country preferably. You can never be certain to be followed if your followers do not have your full trust. The leadership of South Sudan has totally failed in many occasion, just to name few,
1. The current leadership under its able Chairman failed to reconcile,
2. Civil society paid the price of failed leadership,
3. Segregation imposed by the current leadership SPLM is the disease that is finishing the people of South Sudan,
4. Large population left the country to seek shelter elsewhere,
5. Our country, resources have been infiltrated by our enemies who doubled to be our friends like Uganda.

This opinion of mine serve to reveal that ‘segregation’ not only is a wrong trend toward the development of South Sudan as a democratic federal republic, but this is the worst habit South Sudanese will have to cure or eliminate in order to peacefully coexist. I want to remind everyone home and abroad that unless people unite and point fingers at the wrong doers, such change needed might never come in time. The recent conflict that shocked the world youngest nation is brought to light by one person who had wrong advisors. The current leader need to self-cleans and forgive himself as a hope in order within the community because a lot of mistakes took place under his watch.

The author/contributor Panoum Kor Chagai is a concern South Sudanese born residing in Australia. He can be reached via panoumkor@yahoo.com alternatively, Facebook account!

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