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Members of Chollo Community in Uganda Congratulate Gen. Yoanes Okej For His Bold Decision To Defend Cholloland!

By Omojok Obac and Mark Fidel Nyika,


The country is inhabited by about 60 different Nilotic and Bantu-speaking communities including the Dinka, Shilluk, Nuer, Azande, Bari, among other tribes. Above are members of Chollo(Shillukc) tribe of South Sudan(Photo: file)
The country is inhabited by about 60 different Nilotic and Bantu-speaking communities including the Dinka, Shilluk, Nuer, Azande, Bari, among other tribes. Above are members of Chollo(Shillukc) tribe of South Sudan(Photo: file)

Oct 31, 2015(Nyamilepedia) — We, the members of Chollo community in Uganda send our congratulations to our brave comrade, Gen. Yoanes Okej, for his bold decision to defend his people and their land from the Dinka government of Salva Kiir Mayardit. Congratulations General and your troops for defecting from a tribal regime that alienate minorities’ land and marginalize them on their ancestral lands.

We thanks Gen Yoanes Okej for his commitment to protect Chollo land and the people of South Sudan against the dictatorial government of Selva Kiir Mayardit. Now our enemy has become one and that is the Government of Salva Kiir.

Under Salva Kiir Mayardit South Sudan has no future. His government works against the dreams and aspirations of the citizens of South Sudan and against Chollo Kingdom. We have notice profoundly that our people must desert the enemy whether today or tomorrow, thus we welcome and congratulation Gen. Yoanes for making this decision in time. You can’t serve an enemy that kill your people and alienate their land to his people.

For once, the division of Chollo Kingdom into two states in Salva Kiir’s 28 states was done intentionally to ensure tribal domination and annexation of other tribes’ territories, including the Cholloland in the eastern bank and their historical city of Malakal to the newly established Dinka community. Chollo people never deserve this since time memorial. We have reject this bad influence in the strongest terms possible and for such we stand firmly behind our sons and daughters in uniform who have declared their positions to resist Salva Kiir, Jieng Council of Elders and their bloody generals.

Land is given by God and once it’s created and given, it has to stay with the owners. This is the reason our forefathers across the continent rose up in large numbers to resist supper powers from Europe. We must resist and defeat illiterate tribal government of Salva Kiir for every child to grow up and have peace on his ancestral land. This is our God given right and we stand tall to protect it. Our Chollo Kingdom shall never be divided by our enemy in our watch!

We must also clarify that we or our movement is not against the dinka or any tribe in south Sudan. Our movement is a natural uprising against the evils of Salva Kiir Mayardit and his tribal advisers. When these evils are defeated, South Sudan will be once united and live in peace. We refused Salva Kiir and we will never tolerate anyone who comes to alienate our land. South Sudan is for all!

In this regards, we are requesting all the Chollo forces any where in the country to come together under the umbrella of SPLM- IO and fight our true enemy off our skins. Our objective is one and we must forget and forgive any misunderstanding in the past because it was the work of this one enemy that work day and night to break families, clans, and tribes apart to weaken and rule them with iron fist. Until we realize, we shall all persist. Let’s unite and stand tall against our common enemy as we did in the past against arabs and their arabilization.

Given our current situation and the suffering of the South Sudanese people, we need each other to bring change and equality and justice in South sudan. The Nuer have been ethically divided in Unity State and the Dinka divided in Warrap state. We are all suffering and bleeding because of Salva Kiir and his small group who identifies themselves as Jieng Council of Elders. These groups must be defeated and disciplined. For this to happen, we must all come together. Each of us can make a difference but together we can make a change.

  • Together for peace
  • Together for the Unity of our people
  • Together for the justice and equality in South Sudan
  • Long live South Sudan

Signed by Omojok Obac and Mark Fidel Nyika, activities and members of Chollo Community in Uganda. For more, contact us at omojok787@gmail.com.

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Deng II October 31, 2015 at 6:39 pm

What about if President Kiir gives Chollo the land they claimed, would they celebrates and congratulates the President Kiir for giving them State and then quit SPLA-in Opposition? or quit fighting? Chollo need to bases their claimed on being divided and they need all Chollo People to be put in their Own Statehood. It will not be necessarily good if we assume that President Kiir should put all Chollo people in one State, but they still fighting the government because they(Chollo) an opposing of 28 States.

goweng Torbaar October 31, 2015 at 8:45 pm

All opposition forces will be under SPLA-IO if Dr. Riak will not allow 28 State to be established.

Albino Kosti October 31, 2015 at 11:26 pm

Yes, you’re right writer of this little article that all Chollo forces should be united under umbrella of SPLM_IO because our common enemy of South Sudan is one, Salva Kiir Mayar, and his Dinka Council of Elders. Unity is the power and we can defeat the enemy of South Sudan in short time. Fighting independently is meant you’re giving chance to your enemy to defeat you. I know Shilluk people are smart people and will fight the enemy in very smart way to get rid of it.

Bentiu Ramaran November 1, 2015 at 10:35 am

I would to congratulate you Chollo community for supporting Gen. Yoaness Okij. Salva Kiir lost legitimacy since he desired to murder innocent people in 2013. Let us unit we all the opposition and get ride of this insects, clueless, visionless, and full time drunkard president.


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