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Originally posted on May 03, 2014

By Amer Mayen Dhieu

Dear Dr. Bior Kwer,

As articulated by the title of your article and my own understanding, I am aware that you were clearly responding to Butrus Ajak’ insight of the Bor political alliance. However, that won’t prevent me from responding to your response of his article.

Given the claim that you were a young boy during the 1991 Nyarweng, Hol, Twic East and Bor’s Massacre, and with me being an infant at that time, the level of brain development may assume that more of the history lies within you than within me.

But I can assure anyone else that the knowledge of what happened in 1991 is widely known as it has been seared into the heart and brain of Elders, Adults, Youth, Infants, Toddlers, Children of 1991 and those born in the post ‘91 era. Therefore, we need to be aware of the faults and rightful comments we put as a reference.(…)

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