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Evil Infiltrates The Hearts of My People.

By Bol Luak,


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Sept 12, 2014(Nyamilepedia) — South Sudan is indeed been cursed by no one other than the leader currently controlling the country Salva Kiir, the leader who felt so powerful beyond measure has set the wrong precedence for future generation. Should the relative calm and peace return to greater Upper Nile Region without resignation of President Salva kiir and through addressing of the root cause of problem in justifiable manner, then one must be sure there is ticking time bomb within the country. The mindset and attitude people of south Sudan acquired from this war will have negative connotation, otherwise unless the miracle intervene to lower the exaggerated pride and superiority of south Sudan leader, so salva kiir can start to think like human, have sense of compassion and abandon the helm.

Unfortunately for some reason, real meaningful peace is unlikely to be achieve because some of hardcore supporters of salva kiir has proven to the world that they’ve lost complete sense of compassion for other people by standing on the side of oppressor. South Sudanese has witnessed a very well organized hate campaign toward UNMISS Head Mss. Hilda Johnson for allegedly being accuse of supporting rebel by providing protection to civilians. This demonstrations are historical mistake and they are act of betrayal of human dignity to see humans protesting not for president resignation but to condemn UNMISS for proving refuge to civilians. It was obviously a very well organized campaign with massive demonstration headed by well-trained evil Pual Akol Kordit on 10 March 2014 in Juba. These event can serve as a prove that people has indeed lost the value of humanity to the point where they cheer on the killing of people because their subconscious mind is completely overcome by superior of feeling of “born to rule”. Instead of organizing to condemn the well-organized massacre, our brothers and sisters has found the courage to make Salva Kiir a hero and overwhelmingly approved the tragedy salva kiir inflicted on nuer people by turning up in full support of Killer in Melbourne federation square, Wau and Juba.. etc.

In mid April 2014, government forces dress in civilian clothes storm the UNMISS compound in Bor town where Nuer civilian were seeking refuge, killing more than 150 people including children and women in cowardice act. The Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General of United Nation Toby Lanzer has condemn the incident and describe the killing as exceptionally bad and displeasing.

“It was totally unprovoked and I think that meting out violence on a group of civilians who are sheltering and seeking protection from the United Nations is not only cowardly, it is abominable,”

Yet despite the UN Deputy Special Representative respond, there never been real condemnation from government instead they accused the civilian of provoking the attacked. The terrorist government resorted to blame game because it was business as usual, part of their ethnic cleansing campaign policy. Again in August 2014 the government forces went on rampant targeting and deliberate killing of Nuers Aid worker in Maban County, yet there never been condemnation either from government or their intellect supporters, as some were busy contemplating what to criticize about rebel.

In the light of all this incredible evidence, our brothers and sisters would strongly oppose the call for president resignation which can be beneficial for all south Sudanese, but unfortunately they are only interested on suffering of Nuers people as long as war is only fought in Upper Nile region, the talk of Kiir resignation is beyond reach on their thinking capacity and because they are overcome by ignorance, and they are not willing to invest time to seek out the truth about failed government, as they are willing to rely on information provided to by Minister of Misled information Makuei Lueth, a man well trained to intimidate journalist and propagate lie for fail government of salva Kiir.

For Salva Kiir Mayardit south Sudan is so cold “where you live you must kill “to protect the leadership in the name of Dinka, and seeing so many young people standing up and demonstrating in support of salva Kiir without being consciously aware of all possible implication of their action, is in fact a result of misinform decision their community had taken to preach hatred and smear campaign against anyone deem to have presidential ambition. The hope that scholars and other intellectual members in the community can help educate the people and lighten the mood of disparity has faded and is no longer existing, the intellects has set for difference path, some are busy contemplating what to criticize about propose federal system of governance and other set on their own proxy war on behalf of government on “neutral Ground” classic example is Jok Madut Jok from sud Institute.

Some time in politics you don’t have to trust no one, not even your parents but to invest time and observe but the cycle of curse is set to replicate and continue if miracle doesn’t intervene, but luckily there is still light of hope in the end of tunnel as we are witnessing the leadership character of Mabior Garang De Mabior continue to manifest under supreme guidance and mentor of Dr. Riek Machar and Dr. Adwok Nyaba. The gate way to peace and harmony can lie in the heart of real nationalist and patriots like Mabior and Dr. Dhieu Mathok Diing, men who stand tall against aggression for love of nation and people.

The author, Bol Luak, a political advocate and chairperson of SPLM youth League Queensland chapter, can be reached at Luak_bol@hotmail.com

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