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By Yien Lam,

 South Sudan territory in Jonglei state(photo: File)UPDF senior commanders relaxing and holding meetings inside South Sudan territory in Jonglei state(photo: File)
UPDF senior commanders relaxing and holding meetings inside South Sudan territory in Jonglei state(photo: File)

Nov 2nd, 2016(Nyamilepedia) ——- Since the December 2013, South Sudan became the hub and the No man land that is being used by anyone in East Africa Particularly Uganda and Kenya. These two neighbors claimed whatever they may want without a rational question being asked by leader of JCE and Kiir Mayardit in term of trade and organizational leadership in South Sudan.

Many of organizations if not most on such magnitude that were based in South Sudan are being led by foreigners instead of south Sudanese origins.  this is shameful.Wake up South Sudan! It is not a bush era where NGOs were walking randomly without questions being asked. South Sudan now is a sovereign nation  where everyone enters it must  abide by the law of the nation if there are any at all in which I truly doubt.

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As the matter of fact, the nation has been the economical center of Kenya and Uganda since its independence on July 9 2011. These two countries are running the South Sudan economic as their own because the country leadership does not know how to run it. I think that is the good think if you’re JCE type of person. If not, South Sudan should have its own business people that would be running it without intrusion of the said countries because Ugandans and Kenyans were not born as proportional business people. They learned it through the skills that everyone should have earned in the course of their lives. If that is right as it may absolutely be, why would it not be South Sudanese to pave the way in the beginning?  Are we not fit to regulate and run our country affair?

Of course not, we truly are able to run our country affair. But base on JCE leadership with kiir, South Sudan becomes weak as hell and everyone is playing with it. With such a regard, I sincerely believe under Kiir and his kin group, the nation of South Sudan will never be ready to row its boat to the shore. This is a concrete evidence because there is no way for the country whose people are dying with hunger to pay 41 million to outsider as the compensation. This is ridiculous and the horrible news came into my attention when I read its article on Nyamilepedia about business people who were reimbursed by the government of South Sudan. In that matter, my initial reaction was, who started the war in South Sudan? Is it the same government or who is it?  what a shame folks ! In this case, Why should South Sudan government pay such amount to Ugandans businessmen while its people are desperately hunting for food and the destitution is beyond the repair in the country?This is absurd on the side of the rogue regime. Is it not in your view?  Digest it if you can.

In this regard however, should anyone still believe in this reprobates government that value the commodities of another country than its own people? Try to be the one if you put yourself on the shoes of this government. Can you really pay 41 million for the reimbursement of the Ugandans businessmen as this regime calls them? Absolutely not! Unless your patriotic is questionable.

In addition, can you not agreement with me on the point of South Sudan as the no man land? I think if you are not blindfolded by the government money and tribalism, you should agree decently with my assessment because there is no single country on earth that does not care with   lives of its people other than South Sudan ever. One cannot get such a nation on earth with the exception of this great nation of ours. The only example I could find on the map of the world is our nation that is being led by the JCE and leadership of the gullible president of its kind.

Nevertheless, in this case, you need not to talk about equatorians, Nuer, shilluk and countless other tribes who are dying daily with hunger in South Sudan.JCE and kiir are only focusing on their kin, killings and the power that they used against the people of South Sudan through the credulous folks that they have been using. The question is, how long is it going to last? Be the decipher of the South Sudan future

Moreover, if you’re the maverick person in your life, do you really think South Sudan has the government or a future of its own while kiir and JCE are still running it? To me, it is absolutely zero when it comes to visibility unless one has psychological issue that may need physician.  But in reality, South Sudan now is left with nothing other than a group of gangsters who gangs themselves up to loot the country resources. This is my sincere believe and it is no longer the government for all and will never be ones in the future until kiir and his kin are gone.

In this juncture, believe it for certain, this is reason why South Sudan government is rewarding the Ugandans business people with such an amount on expense of South Sudanese because the leadership of kiir and JCE have close tied with M7 which worth the business goods than the lives of south Sudanese Weather they are dying or not, what keeps it in power is paramount. This is all about the no man land. South Sudan will be ruled by outsiders as long as the JCE still the alternative parliament of ours. Things will never change as far as JCE concerns. This group does not care about the country interest rather than its. It will continue to do what is best for it to prolong its power with loggerheaded president of its kind. Nothing will ever change and the best thing this group will continue to pursue is to kill the people of South Sudan in order to stay in power for the decades to come. But this will never be the case as prognosticated by Ngundeng with in its one of his song that said “Duol Jaani ba dak ba dak ge baa dak e thiay bi neyke bathpan yoata thony bi walk e duothe kathrode nhiam deng ke taath mi boor, wecwal ruacke han kuur lapa nuerby lape yueli caa ruacke ye————————-” in translation it said “Unity of JCE will be destroyed and  I will beat the circumcised individual that will lead into recovery of his medication then that eventually lead  Nuer  to lead the 10 states of south Sudan.” This is a reality whether you believe in it or not, it will materialize in the years to come if not months.

Finally, believe it for certain, South Sudan is a no man land country that is being led outside of its border. its leadership has no absolute interest of  the country rather than the interest of the JCE. Therefore, we must fight for our rights to bring our country back from the intruders. But this will not be easy. We need to fight as hard as we can.As  we all know, the road for freedom is bitter, rough, difficult and most of  takes lives but victory is an inevitable at the end of the tunnel

The author is a concern South Sudanese. He can be reached at Lam981@hotmail.com

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