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Public Fear and Apprehension About Jieng Council of Elders, JCE

By Deng Vanang,

Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs in Bor UNMISS Protected Camp, South Sudan. [photo credit: Nyamilepedia]
Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs in Bor UNMISS Protected Camp, South Sudan. [photo credit: Nyamilepedia]
March 19, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —– Since its emergence from behind the deadly operation room immediately following infamous 15th December 2013 violence, JCE has been on receiving end of angry public: individuals, national and private based – institution.

The rationale behind the wagging tongues of its sworn critics may not be necessarily as to why an ethnic institution like JCE should in the first place exist.

The ruthless purpose for which it has been formed and its execution are what rubbed its devoted critics the wrong way as widely seen as detrimental factors to national unity and required sustainable peace.

Part of the problem is close proximity of the group to the country’s President, constitution views as symbol and glue sticking the nation together. Besides sharing ethnicity with the President whom the group advises.

Even more perplexing than that is the President’s steadfast movement ever closer to the dreaded group in each passing day since the civil war broke out nearly three years ago away from the country in blatant fulfilment of one ethnic group’s interests at total expense of the other 63 tribes’ as generally well placed public concern.

However, the opposite would have been true had South Sudan been peacefully stable and economically progressive under Kiir and probably such commendable stability and progress got to do with the wise counsel of the Jieng elders.

There could be no high pitched level of blame games as seen today flying between the Council and the concerned members of the public who would rightly feel their vested interests were well taken care of by the former.

The Council could as well pat itself on the back for a job well done that is worth the appreciation from the grateful public.

Misplaced belief on the part of the public couldn’t be overlooked too. Their total opposition to the existence of the ethnic council of such kind and magnitude can be faulted.

Like any other pressure groups that want their personal points of view heard and interests taken care of, JCE’s legitimate right to exist cannot be contested.  Provided it is duly in harmony with others’ and consistent with sustaining law and order in the country.

Similarly, the Council like any others that may be closer to the President and whose views are wholesomely taken at face value, whether detrimental or beneficial to all or some, is not accountable to its actions and inflammatory public statements for which it is roundly blamed, but President is.

Allowing the country to be hijacked by a sizable self-interest group which is not even the microcosm of all South Sudanese ethnic groups, but one ethnic group from which he hails makes him morally and legally liable for their misdeeds.

Such as the abominable misdeed of allowing himself to be used as a tool by some to either destroy or deprive others of their lives and property.

An act which resultantly delegitimizes as equally compromises the sanctity of his legal authority emanating from social contract [constitution] he signed under oath of respecting it in pursuit of common interest with the people.

With far reaching consequences of an impeachment and subsequent prosecution before competent court of law if the country were a true democracy.

Taking the President to the said court and now that of public opinion, are alienated ethnic groups of 63 which have turned against him for in their own innermost and genuine feelings are no longer his responsibility.

Away from legal dire consequences, the President continues to receive blow by blow political battering accounts courtesy of JCE’s failed ethnic policies that are herding people to the armed opposition, IO.

With Juba and more big cities to change hands into IO’s new strong holds once Dr. Machar’s plane touches down here, making Kiir to be just the respected Presidential quest of IO in Juba.

JCE pushing Kiir to drive ethnic agenda continues to greatly alienate from their ethnic constituencies political appointees in an increasingly crumbling government under the unbearable weight of economic meltdown.

These political orphans are lost in hot chase after blood stained empty titles and Konyokonyo’s illegally printed fake notes in salaries away from ethnic constituencies they erroneously believed to represent.

All the aforementioned negatives are apparently the very reason that made SPLM/A-IO’s leader, Dr. Riek Machar to shed off Nuer Council of Elders whose aim was to hijack national democratic reforms agenda to be that of Nuer.

Apart from being the objective realities President Kiir failed to grasp in JCE and ones which Machar before the war erupted was quoted to have said Kiir by his own unwitting acts would campaign for him in the forthcoming 2015 elections.

JCE together with some members of Nuer Council of Elders who defected to Kiir following sudden retrenchment, effectively handed him pretty two sets of elders’ councils enough to boast about, but ironically becoming an albatross heavily tied around his neck to weigh him down from high pinnacles of power.

After failing the President as they did to once better performing Abel Alier in 70s and 80s, JCE’s most notable members in the name of Bona Malual Madut and Aldo Ajo Deng, when their time comes, will have to take a lesser rosier report to their friend, Dr. Justin Yac Arop, the alleged author of ‘’Dinka – born – to – rule phrase’’.

The underlined not so good read piece of dossier will include the self-inflicted wrong doing among many others for having betrayed innocent members of Dinka community.

Presiding over ethnic genocide, failed ethnic domination and miserable leadership that has brought both shame and anguish to the countless South Sudanese aside.

Deng Vanang is the Journalist and author, he can be reached at:dvanang@gmail.com or at thevisionnewspaper@gmail.com

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