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What Strengthening Integrity And Transparency Means For Us

By Kon Joseph Leek,

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September 21, 2016(Nyamilepedia) —— “Transparency and integrity leads to the operationalization of governance.” – Hon. Yien Oral Lam Tut, Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology.

“Transparency is not said, it is done. It is important to know how the money has been spent and in which area…We need to share financial statements such as account statements in order to enhance transparency.” – Prof. John A. Akech, Vice Chancellor, University of Juba.

“Sometimes we think that we are too clever, identify what you are good at and always work on your weak part, choose good friends not those ones who do not work, listen and communicate to people you work with. Give yourself timeline and keep records.” – Prof. Julia Akeer Duany, vice chancellor Dr. Garang University of science and technology

“University is a knowledge centre, a place where many different thinkers think – a place for intellectuals, a place where to discover knowledge, produce, refine, transmit and apply. Universities base themselves on knowledge, science and profession.” – Prof. Julia Akeer Duany, Vice Chancellor Dr. Garang University of Science and Technology

“In our context, laws came out when policies were not out.” – Prof. Arop Leek, Dean of Graduate Studies University of Juba on Understanding of Human Resources Policies Institutions.

It was a two days [15-16/2016] seminar at star hotel attended by many speakers from the public universities and opened by the Minister of Higher Education, Hon. Yien Oral.

Attended by over 50 participants from the five public universities, the seminar was all focused on strengthening integrity and transparency in South Sudan’s Public Universities.

Funded by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs [ECA], office of Alumni Affairs through world learning and implemented by Mandela Washington Fellows, the seminar is envisioned to strengthen the capacities of human resources offices, bursars, accountants as well as academics in regard to integrity and transparency in Public institutions.

The seminar will cultivate new leaders and strengthen the capacities of the existing ones to implement appropriate human resources and financial policies for public institutions through training, information exchange and mentorship.

The same seminar will be conducted in John Garang University of Science and Technology in Bor Town from Sept. 21-22/2016 and again in November 23-24/2016.

The seminars’ goal is to charter, empower and support faculty, accountants, human resources officers and student leaders to embrace the culture of transparency and demonstrate outstanding public integrity

Now, what does it mean for us? What does it mean to other public institutions? Is there a lesson learned from it? Can’t any experience from it be applied in any other public institution?

Universities are public institutions as any, and any experience in accountability, transparency and integrity anywhere is necessary to be applied elsewhere and therefore the workshop was paramount

It helps in capacity building which is a cancer to many public institutions in our country fortunately enough; our Universities are fresh out of that for they are developing more through external scholarships and maintained best performing students in the universities as Teaching Assistants

No doubts that it was an important seminar where participants extensively discussed and debated on integrity, transparency, ethics and other key important issues that affect our performance to meet the needs of public universities.

I wish other public institutions learn from it!

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