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Opinion: Enemies of Peace’s attempt to derail Government’s Mega-Road Construction that connects Equatoria and Upper Nile Regions with East Africa. 

By Prof. Simon Arop D Ring 

Sep 21, 2020(Nyamilepedia) — It is quiet disturbing to see a bunch of frustrated individuals circulating concocted,  falsified  documents  on  social  media  outlets  aimed  at  tarnishing  the  image  of  the  Government with intention of wooing the UN Security Council to impose additional  sanctions on patriotic citizens working  to bring about development in  the country.    

Road constructors in an unidentified location in South Sudan (File/Supplied/Nyamilepedia)

As if this is  not  enough,  the  same  enemies of  peace  are  working  day  and  night  to  thwart the ongoing road construction earmarked to connect Central Equatoria and  Eastern Upper Nile Region (i.e. Jonglei and Upper Nile States).      

Generally,  the  people  of  greater  upper  Nile  region  applauded  the  Government  of  South  Sudan  for  initiating  such  a  multi-million  dollars  road  that  shall  not  only  enhances  efficient  development  but also  improves  economy,  create  jobs,  for  the  whole country; a move that has also restored people’s hope in their Government and  specifically  to  the  President H.E  Salva  Kiir Mayardit. The  people of  Greater Upper  Nile view this project as a dividend of peace as well as a pay back for oil extraction  in the area. 

H.E Salva Kiir ’s love for the people of Greater Upper Nile is historic and undeniable.  This noble relationship could be traced back to his previous deployment in the same  region in  his early age as  young, energetic, military  Intelligence Officer  during  the  days of the struggle. More specially during the operation of Blue Nile and Bright Star Campaign with great men fighting side by side with him, like the Late Cdr. Isaac Tut  Dhayier and many other officers from Upper Nile 

Unfortunately in the last couple of days, a web of outlaws who are also opposed to a  better  legacy  of  H.E  Salva  Kiir  sat  down  and  unleashed  their  ill-motive tarnishing  images  of  some  businessmen  and  equally  falsified  documents  of  the  companies  contracted to undertake the road construction. All these attempts by these economic  mercenaries were engineered to sabotage the ongoing construction of the road that shall bring beam-lights of development  to  the people of Upper Nile. One can easily  conclude  that  these  crooks  could  be  the  same  cartels  who  almost  destroyed  construction of Bhar el Ghazal Highway by working beneath the clock and forged a  shoddy  partnership  with  inexperienced  Chinese  Company  and  the  result  was  so  frustrating in  the eye of  the public and  to  the value of  the resources committed by  the  government. But  the  question  is  why  did  they  not  disclosed  or  shared  the  exemption letter or any other related documents of Speedo Nile Company? This is a  clear  act  of  deliberate  sabotage  to  deny  people  of  Greater Upper  Nile  Region  the much-needed services initiated by Government. 

In  Comparison,  the  engineering  design  of  the  Juba-Bor-Malakal-Renk  Highway  obtained by  the author is modern, professional and does meet  the standard of  the  universal road construction compared to what Speedo Nile Company did along Bhar el Ghazal Road that was washed away  by  drop of  ten minutes  rain. Maybe,  that is  what  angered  these  enemies  of  state  to  discredit  the  work  of  ARC  by  faking  documents.  If  these  enemies  of  State  have  personal issue  with  some  businessmen  like Dr Bol Mel et al who are also not connected to ARC in any way; then they should  seek  other  proper  channels  to  express  their  grievance  instead  of  destroying  Government programs in Upper Nile Region. 

One  of  the  best  components  of  the  ongoing  road  construction  along  Juba-Malakal  Highway is the Stone Crusher Site designed to be the second largest producer in the  whole of East Africa which shall create over 5,000 jobs for Youth of South Sudan. Are  these enemies  of  peace against  such  potential  opportunities  taking  roots in Upper  Nile and Central Equatoria Region? 

Importantly, the author would like to categorically make it clear to the readers that,  accountability  and  transparency  measures  are  essential  ingredients  of  services  delivery at all times; but the process of validating the same should not be acquired  through  falsifications,  doctoring  and  forgeries  neither  through  unlawful  or  illegal acquisition of documents. 

In conclusion, the direct and immediate beneficiaries of the mega Road construction  project in the duo regions, friends of South Sudan plus the diplomatic corps should  not  allow  their  conscience  to  be  misled  by  these  individuals  who  are  not  only  against  the  Government  programs  but  against  anything  that  benefit  the  people  of  Upper  Nile  and  Equatoria. We  all  know  that,  the  country  had  been  at  war  within itself over the last seven years and is struggling to implement the 2018 Revitalized  Peace Agreement with some challenges, but such challenges shouldn’t be narrowed down to sabotage and destroy Government’s effort to build the most affected region.  South Sudanese should not allow these negatives forces to derail this noble project  that will enhances better opportunities for South Sudan and connect it to the rest of  the world. 

About the Author: 

Prof. Simon Arop D Ring is a south Sudanese citizen and resides in Nairobi, Kenya.  He is a Political Analyst, part time lecture at Juba University, Moi University-Kenya,  and CEO& Founder of African Centre for Governance and Public Policies. He can be  reached via: SimonA.DRing@gmail.com

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